Chapter 12: Shen Tu Clan

Facing Guan Peng’s subtle and brilliant palm strike. Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist rose up mid-air with his legs like a chaotic cyclone, his kicks pouring down at Guan Peng.

Cyclone Kick against Soft Flowing Palm!

Pop! Bang! Pow!

As palms and kicks were exchanged like aggressive torrents, dust started to build up in the surrounding.

Guan Peng and Li Fuchen both stepped back, no one had the upperhand in this exchange.

“Fifth rank Water Moon Technique!”

A radiant flash was seen in Li Fuchen’s eyes.

His Cyclone Kick was at the completion stage, his foe’s Soft Flowing Palm obviously wasn’t at the same stage as his. His technique rank was the same as his own, yet Guan Peng’s cultivation level was higher than his by one level.

“A 2 star bone frame is nothing much.”

Li Fuchen gracefully floated back to the surface, emitting elegance in every movement.

“He actually withstood it…”

The sight of the a self-confident Li Fuchen brought revelation to the audience. Although they didn’t expect him to fall with such grace, seeing that he actually did it, surprised them.

“To be able to block my Soft Flowing Palm, not bad at all. But how long can you continue this? Silked River!(a palm move)”Guan Peng’s face twitched. With the activation of the fifth rank Water Moon Technique, his palm force brought about some gum-like moisture within the air wherever his palm cut through.

The Soft Flowing Palm was one of the Guan Can’s mid-tier, yellow class palm arts. There was one time where Guan Yue used the Soft Flowing Palm to attack 4 Origin Realm experts together and got rid of them.

“Violent Storm!”(a kick move)

Li Fuchen’s combat skills were heavily sharpened for the past few days. Against Guan Peng’s palm strike, Li Fuchen revolved his form like a tornado, rising to the sky, then throwing it against Guan Peng. It felt as if the space around them was covered with shadowless kicks.

“S***!”Guan Peng shouted. Li Fuchen’s kicks seems to hold an advantage against the subtle characteristic of his Soft Flowing Palm. The gum-like moisture generated earlier was broken, causing anger to cloud Guan Peng’s decisiveness.

Peng peng peng…

Guan Peng had no choice but to retreat again and again. Now both his arms were worn out.

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Not caring for whether he was righteous or not, Guan Peng drew the steel sword by his waist and slashed at Li Fuchen.


The edge of Li Fuchen’s sleeve separated cleanly.

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Guan Peng took over with his despicable lead and made use of the fact that Li Fuchen was unarmed to seriously wound him.

“How shameless can you get.”

Still in mid air, Li Fuchen used an inhuman speed to draw his steel sword, then wielded the Shao Shang Sword Style to cleave at Guan Peng who was underneath him.


Sparks were sent all over as Guan Peng raised his sword to defend, the force from Li Fuchen caused his knees to buckle.

Clink, clang, clank!

Using the force from the repel, Li Fuchen was back in the air. He brandished 5 strikes against Guan Peng’s sword.

A mouthful of blood spilled as Guan Peng was kneeling under the pressure. His hair was scattered and face as white as a sheet.

“You dared to seek revenge for your sister with weak skills like this. You are just making a fool of yourself.”Li Fuchen gave a heartless speech.


Hearing Li Fuchen’s mockery, Guan Peng coughed up blood again, this time, with his eyes staring at Li Fuchen.

The people around were jolted. This display was exactly the definition of strength. Who cares if you had a 2 star bone frame, you still have to kneel before me. The streets were silenced, all eyes were on the dazzling Li Fuchen.

“Forgiveness is a virtue, the people from the Li Clan should learn to be magnanimous. Unless you want trouble to follow.” A voice travelled from a place not far from here.

“It’s Shen Tu Liang.”

Everyone look towards the direction of the voice. Once they recognised him, none dared to utter a sound.

Be it the Li Clan, Guan Clan, or the Yang Clan, debates were always heard about them. But the Shen Tu Clan was the only one that these peasants dared not debate about, at least not in front of them.

As the Shen Tu Clan was the clan of the city lord, who controlled the destiny of Yunwu City. So long as the Shen Tu Clan existed, the spot for being the number one clan of Yunwu City would always belong to them.

This youth was around the age of 16, clothed in silken robes, and carried the air of a nobility. He tended to tilt his head upwards, giving off an almighty feeling.

“My respects to young master Shen Tu Liang.”

Li Fuchen made out who he was. He was none other than the nephew of the city lord.

An expert at the sixth level of the Qi Realm at the age of 16, with a 1 star bone frame. Because he cultivated the secret technique of Shen Tu Clan, the Shao Yang Luo Technique, his actual strength was on par, if not better than Guan Peng’s.

Satisfied with the respect given by Li Fuchen, Shen Tu Liang began to speak, “Li Fuchen, is there a need to make one kneel while sparring? Besides, the relationship between the Guan and Li Clan was good in the past. You didn’t need to drive them into a corner right? How about this? Apologise to Guan Peng. I believe you won’t reject my goodwill?”

Li Fuchen’s expression turned sour once he hear what Shen Tu Liang had to say. It seems he was right when he thought that the city lord and the Guan Clan were on good terms. Looking at how Shen Tu Liang sided with the Guan Clan.

“Apologies, that is the only thing I can’t do.” Li Fuchen rejected with a straightforward reply.

“Why? Is brother Fuchen not giving me any respect?” The eyes of Shen Tu Liang narrowed.

“It’s not about respect but he doesn’t deserve my apology. I have affairs to tend to, I shall take my leave.”


Shen Tu Liang was unhappy. He presumed he had given Li Fuchen enough courtesy, yet Li Fuchen treat it as nothing. This made him uncomfortable and threatened.

Just when he wanted to initiate an attack, Li Fuchen interrupted, “Young master Shen Tu Liang, you can’t win against me. I had only utilized 70% of my power during the fight with Guan Peng.” Even as Li Fuchen spoke, he wasn’t even facing Shen Tu Liang.

Hearing what Li Fuchen said, Shen Tu Liang froze. His expression turned awkward, he didn’t know if Li Fuchen was telling the truth, but if it is real, Shen Tu Liang really had no chance against Li Fuchen. He didn’t want to be humiliated along with Guan Peng, even if he knew Li Fuchen wouldn’t dare.

“I will remember this day, Li clan and Li Fuchen.” Shen Tu Liang spoke with hatred.

With blood still on the edge of his lips, Guan Peng struggled to stand, he glared at the back of Li Fuchen, thinking of revenge then reached out his hand to Shen Tu Liang, “Thanks for helping, young master Shen Tu Liang.”

“What’s going on? How did you get defeated by him?” Asked Shen Tu Liang.

Guan Peng’s face cramped, “I wasn’t familiar with his moves and let my guard down.”

“He shouldn’t be underestimated, the Li Clan has been on the decline for so many years. It seems they are preparing to return to their prime.”Joked Shen Tu Liang.

“Back to their prime? Hmph, just a normal bone frame. He may have been able to keep up with us now. But in the later stages, a normal bone frame will still just be inferior goods.”

Guan Peng looked down on Li Fuchen. He couldn’t figure out what made Li Fuchen so tough. But in his eyes, there’s no path to the future for Li Fuchen. But in his case, he had the chance to breakthrough to the Earth Realm. By then, Li Fuchen would be like a dog, perhaps not even worth to be a dog in front of him.

“That makes sense. No matter the case, disrespecting me, Shen Tu Liang is like destroying his future.”

Shen Tu Liang was a narrow-minded man. Today Li Fuchen insulted him, so he would find ways to find trouble for Li Fuchen till the moment Li Fuchen entered the grave.

Li Fuchen who was already long gone, naturally didn’t heard the conversation between the two. Even if he did, one can guess that he wouldn’t even bother with it. So what if the Shen Tu Clan have control over Yunwu City. The Li Clan wasn’t just for show, each of the major clans had descendants in Cang Lan Sect, it was just a matter of numbers.

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