Chapter 123: Speed Killing

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The next morning, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist arrived at the mission hall

Soon enough, Li Fuchen found a high-tier mission that was suitable for himself.

The mission: Chase down and eliminate the three Wang brothers, and retrieve the jade buddha.

The three Wang brothers were all ninth level Origin Realm martial artists.

Cultivation technique: yellow class, peak-tier Blood Qi Technique.

Martial arts: Blood Saber Style, Blood Print Palm Style, and Blood Form Secret Technique.

(TL note: Secret Techniques will be explained a few chapters later)

Mission reward: 20,000 contribution points.

“This mission is interesting!” Li Fuchen was rather intrigued.

The Wang brothers were martial artists of Lin Sha City. Under a chance encounter, the three of them received an opportunity to learn from an Earth Realm martial artist. After cultivating the yellow class, peak-tier: Blood Qi Technique and three other formidable martial arts, they had made great progress in their abilities. Even ten Origin Realm martial artists wouldn’t be able to deal with the Wang brothers.

“This shall be the mission.”

Tearing down the mission documents, Li Fuchen took big steps while leaving the mission hall.

“He has left the mission hall. He must be out for a mission.”

Outside of the mission hall, a few inner sect deacon apprentices were acting in a weird manner.


Lin Sha City was one of the border cities of the Cang Lan region. It was just a few hundred miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters from the Tian Sha region that was controlled by the Tian Sha Sect, which appeared to be slightly more dominant than the Cang Lan Sect.

This time, Li Fuchen chose not to temper his light body technique, but instead chose to ride a horse.

The horse was a class 2 demonic blood horse which had great speed and a shocking endurance.


With both legs clamping onto the abdomen of the horse, the class 2 demonic blood horse carried Li Fuchen and shot out like an arrow. It’s speed was at least a few folds faster than a class 1 demonic blood horse.

“Follow him!”

Not long after Li Fuchen left, a group of inner sect deacon apprentices chased after him on their class 2 demonic blood horses too.

“Interesting, this little bastard has so much enemies.”

Following behind the group of inner sect deacon apprentices was another figure.

After observing his qi presence, he was obviously at the Earth Realm.

“Doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t be fun to sentence this little bastard to death so quickly. I’ll wait till their fight is almost over and shall intervene to break his dog legs, then bring him back to the Liao Clan.” The shadow grinned and with a flash, his body floated off like a puff of green smoke.


“This fella sure provides a lot of trouble. It has been sometime since I left the sect. Taking some time for sightseeing is not bad either.”

High up in the sky was a middle aged man standing in mid-air, over seeing everything.

If Li Fuchen was here, he would have recognised this middle aged man,  he was the inner sect trials’ main evaluator, Elder Qiu.

Elder Qiu’s name was Qiu Hua. He is an inner sect elder who has an esteemed status. He normally spends his time cultivating in seclusion and would only take on a sect mission occasionally. The reason why he exited seclusion this time, was due to a request from the inner sect grand elder Zhao Wujin. He requested for Qiu Hua to protect Li Fuchen this time while he was out for a sect mission.

Had it been any other disciple, Elder Qiu would have immediately rejected the request. Afterall, why should he care about the safety of an inner sect disciple?

But Li Fuchen was different, he regarded Li Fuchen highly. If not, he would not have proposed for Li Fuchen to be promoted to an inner sect prodigy.

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With his body ascending, Qiu Hua was like a huge avian, gliding in the sky.


“A total of eleven martial artists who are at the ninth level of the Origin Realm. I should be able to handle this.”

Li Fuchen had long realized that he was being followed.

But he didn’t notice the existence of the Earth Realm expert.

Li Fuchen was currently beside a small forest. Passing through the forest was a large river, which had many winding bends like a white divine dragon that headed towards the ends of the heaven and earth.

On the road beside the forest, Li Fuchen gradually slowed down.

“He noticed us?”

From afar, the group of inner sect deacon apprentices slowed down as well.

“So what if he noticed us? Does he think he can go against all eleven of us?” One of the inner sect deacon apprentices snorted.

“He may have defeated Liao Tianjun and is stronger than any one of us here. But with the combined strength of all eleven of us, even three Liao Tianjuns wouldn’t be able to defeat us.”

“If that is the case, onwards! Kill him and end it all.”


The eleven of them clamped onto the abdomen of their horses and galloped at Li Fuchen.

“Who are you people?” Li Fuchen sized up all eleven of them.

At first he suspected that the enemies were from Liao Clan. But with the Liao Clan’s strength, they wouldn’t send ninth level Origin Realm  martial artists, but Earth Realm experts instead.

He obviously knew that once he exited the sect, he would be targeted. But he had no other choice, as sect missions must be completed. The only thing he could do was purchase some life-saving items and with these items, even an Earth Realm martial artist would find it difficult to kill him.

“Who we are isn’t important. You just need to know that on this day next year, would be your death anniversary. Kill him!” All eleven inner sect deacon apprentices patted their horses uniformly and rushed at Li Fuchen.

“If I didn’t guess it wrong, you guys are from Shen Tu, Yang, and Guan Clan right?”

Li Fuchen narrowed his eyes and let out a chilling glare.

“Kill him!”

Hearing Li Fuchen, the eleven of them got anxious. They never would have thought that Li Fuchen would be able to guess their identity.

The eleven of them were like huge birds, each attacking Li Fuchen from eleven directions. At one moment, the intense amount of sword lights were extremely intimidating.

If it had been Liao Tianjun, he would have been turned into a honeycomb in an instant.

Staring at the eleven of them like dead men, Li Fuchen drew his sword.

Once the sword was out of its sheath, three streams of light concurrently appeared.

Pfff, pfff, pfff!

Three of the inner sect deacon apprentices stopped in midair with a puncture wound in their chest.

With his body close to the ground as he slid, Li Fuchen shot three more blades into the air.

Pfff, pfff, pfff!

One had his lower body punctured, the other got his waist broken into two, and the last got hit on the spine.

It was only after all those attacks that the sound of bodies landing echoed. In this short period of time, Li Fuchen had already killed six out of eleven men.

“Damn… His blade is twice as fast and thrice as powerful than when he fought against Liao Tianjun.”

The five were left hesitant from fear.

They had never seen such a fast sword. The execution speed has long exceeded their vision’s limit and reaction time.


The five of them lost all will for battle and suddenly scattered and fled.

“Can you escape?”

Stomping on the ground, Li Fuchen utilized his light body technique and leg arts to the extreme. He was like a phantom as he passed in between the five of them. What happened next was the five them falling to ground with eyes wide opened. Some were facing the sky, some facing the ground, while others dropped like a ragdoll after shuttering.

Returning the black iron sword to its sheath, Li Fuchen gradually let out a breath.

“With eleven inner sect deacon apprentices dead, it will definitely deal a blow to the Shen Tu, Yang, and Guan Clan!”

The three major clans of Yunwu City wasn’t the Liao Clan, they only had a handful of Earth Realm experts and ninth level Origin Realm martial artists that formed their main forces. With so many ninth level Origin Realm fighters dead, Li Fuchen believed that the three major clans would feel the pinch.

Li Fuchen who intended to search the bodies, suddenly froze in place with sweat dripping off his forehead.

“Interesting, you actually hid your true ability on the Feng Yun Stage. Since this is the case, I can’t let you live.”

Not knowing when, a veteran appeared a few dozen meters away.

The veteran was dressed in a grey robe and mask. His eyes were sharp.

“Earth Realm martial artist?”

Li Fuchen didn’t turn around but could use his qi senses to feel. He knew that the incoming threat was definitely someone of the Earth Realm. As for which level of the Earth Realm, he was still unable to determine that yet.

“Don’t worry, I will not immediately kill you off. That would be too easy for you.”

The grey robed veteran slowly walked over, his expression was filled with confidence.


At this moment, Li Fuchen tossed from behind his back, a few white looking bombs. A large amount of white smoke bursted with the explosion and spreaded a few dozen meters in the blink of an eye.

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