Chapter 182: Divine Wind Faction

Sitting at the stone table, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was patiently tasting some tea.

This tea is named Refreshing Heart Tea, it costs 10 thousand contribution points per kilogram. Li Fuchen redeemed a few kilograms and would have one pot everyday.

“Now that I am left with 9 million contribution points, I have to use them for equipment and not recklessly spend it.”

Although he possessed a massive amount of points, Li Fuchen didn’t think he had unlimited amount of contribution points.

The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain was a once in a lifetime opportunity and there wouldn’t be another similar opportunity anymore.

As his ability improved and he passed every floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower, he would be qualified to redeem another true art.

Those that were titled true arts, would be worth at least a few hundred thousand contribution points.

Especially secret techniques.

A 3 star secret technique required around 500 thousand contribution points.

A 4 star secret technique would instantly rise by ten fold to 5 million contribution points.

A 5 star secret technique would cost one 50 million contribution points.

Grand Elder Zhao Wujin took several tens of years to accumulate enough contribution points to redeem the Sect Origin Swords. Of course, he would still need the approval of the Sect Patriarch and Chief Elders. If not, it would be useless even with enough contribution points.

Knock, knock, knock…

The sound of door knocks came from outside the courtyard.

“Come in.”

Li Fuchen was rather curious, as his courtyard never had any visitors.

When the doors opened, a youth walked in.

“Is it Li Fuchen shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple)? I am Xiang Tianqiang, a clansmen of the Silver Rich City’s Xiang Clan.” Xiang Tianqiang looked at Li Fuchen while smiling.

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“Sit.” Li Fuchen gestured with his right hand.

“Thanks.” Xiang Tianqiang sat opposite of Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen poured a cup of tea for Xiang Tianqiang. The tea was amber in colour and crystal clear, it gave off a feeling of a thick texture.

Xiang Tianqiang lifted the tea cup and took a sip, “Indeed worthy of being called Refreshing Heart Tea. It refreshes the mind and seems to erase all frustrations.”

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He didn’t get to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain and had a limited amount of contribution points. There wasn’t enough for him to redeem resources, how could he afford to redeem tea leaves. Even this Refreshing Heart Tea was something that he has only had a few times.

Li Fuchen then refilled another cup, “I wonder why Xiang shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) came to see me?”

Li Fuchen knew about the relationship between the Li Clan and Xiang Clan.

Xiang Tianqiang replied, “Inner sect disciples need to complete one mission a year, but direct disciples do not have to do so and can remain within the Azure Water Sect for as long as they wish. But I think it is rare that no one wants to go out. So my visit today is to ask if Fuchen shidi is interested in heading towards the Divine Wind Faction branch or the Iron Blood Faction branch to hunt demon dao martial artists and clean up the remnants of the Evil Fist Sect.”

“Demon dao martial artist and remnants of the Evil Fist Sect?” Li Fuchen thought deeply.

Demon dao martial artists were people who cultivated martial arts which seeked to destroy humanity.

Although the Heaven Fiend Sect was neither righteous or evil, they weren’t considered demon dao martial artists. Their cultivation arts may seem terrifying but wasn’t meant to destroy life.

But demon dao martial artists were different. The arts that they cultivated were all extremely cruel and ruthless.

Like blood sucking techniques. The more human blood they consumed, the faster they could advance their cultivation level. If they consumed the blood of an expert, it would be even faster. It was a kind of fast completion technique.

There were some demon dao techniques that used the ying to nourish the yang. Countless women died because they were harvested by these demon dao martial artists. There were techniques that required the blood of a newborn in a ying year, ying month, and ying day to cultivate. In summary, all these demon dao techniques were techniques; which seek to destroy humanity. Even the most subtle demon dao techniques are extremely ruthless and are unacceptable to normal people.

As for the Evil Fist Sect.

They are a horrifying sect.

During the third sect war of the East Unicorn Continent, the Evil Fist Sect had taken part in it. After the East Unicorn Continent’s third sect war ended, the Evil Fist Sect collapsed and fell apart, but they weren’t eradicated. They were only separated and became shadows of the Evil Fist Sect in various regions.

There were people concerned that if a fourth sect war broke out, it may most probably be incited by the Evil Fist Sect.

“Alright then, we shall go visit the Divine Wind Faction branch.”

The Azure Water Sect had many factions, among them were the Divine Wind Faction and Iron Blood Faction. They safeguarded the Azure Water region’s peace and prosperity. They were responsible for hunting enemies and clean up demon dao organizations.

“Sure, let’s go to the Divine Wind Faction branch”

Xiang Tianqiang smiled and took another sip of tea.

The Divine Wind Faction’s headquarters was situated in the Azure Water Sect. They would need to first seek approval from headquarters before visiting the branches.

With regards to a request from direct disciples, headquarters had no reason to reject. So just like that, the two them got a Divine Wind Hall seventh branch pass and would head towards the seventh branch the next day.

The seventh branch was in the north area of the Azure Water region. The two of them rode class 2 demonic blood horses and headed there the next day.

“Tsk, tsk. This is so inhumane. The entire village has been completely slaughtered!”

The closer they got to the north, the more chaotic it got. Compared to the south, it was like heaven and hell.

“How can it be this chaotic here?” Li Fuchen couldn’t understand.

Xiang Tianqiang explained, “To the northwest of the Azure Water region is the Heaven Fiend Sect, to the northeast is the Spirit Hidden Sect. Which is why, to the north is where demon dao martial artists flourish. Once they are routed, they can easily escape to the Heaven Fiend or Spirit Hidden regions, and our Azure Water Sect’s people won’t dare to chase after them brazenly. The only way we can chase them is to do so covertly. With such restrictions, the enemy would most likely be able to escape 8 out of 10 times.”

“Of course, the demon dao martial artists must be very active now and we just happened to catch up. It isn’t often that we get to see this kind of a situation.”

Xiang Tianqiang knew quite a bit about these matters.

Li Fuchen nodded and looked serious.

These were all innocent lives and because they weren’t strong enough to protect themselves, they could only let people slaughter them and offer up no resistance. He didn’t dare to imagine a situation where Cloud Mist City would meet something like this, how would they protect themselves?

“These demon dao martial artists! They deserve death!”

Li Fuchen’s body unconsciously released a killing qi.

Xiang Tianqiang looked at Li Fuchen and sized him up. He thought, ‘Fuchen shidi has such a strong killing qi. But it isn’t good to be rash against demon dao martial artists. There is a need to take caution, if you force it, you may just lose your life.’


A few days later, they arrived at the seventh branch of the Divine Wind Faction.

The seventh branch was a huge manor made from giant monoliths. At the outskirts of the manor were teams of faction disciples patrolling.

These faction disciples were all at the Origin Realm. None of them were at the Qi Realm, but they were all aged.

The Azure Water Sect had countless inner sect deacon apprentices. Knowing that they can never become official disciples, they would either choose to join the Azure Water Army oe become one of the various factions’ disciples. If they could contribute in their time at the factions, they could then rise in ranks and could earn contribution points much faster.

“Who goes there. This is the Divine Wind Faction’s seventh branch.”

A team of faction disciples obstructed their way.

Xiang Tianqiang took out the seventh branch pass and his own direct disciple tablet, “We are direct disciples from the Azure Water Sect. We are reporting here.”

“Oh, it’s direct disciple shixiong.” These faction disciples had some fear on their faces.

Direct disciples had an esteemed status that was not inferior to a faction branch commander. Of course, now that they were reporting to the branch, they needed to listen to the orders of the faction branch commander.

With a pass and tablet in hand, the two of them moved without obstructions and arrived at the faction branch.

On the way towards the faction branch conference hall, they saw a huge stone board. On it was a list of names, behind the names was a number.

“This is the Hunter’s Board. Only direct disciples are listed on it. Those at the top rankings are typically all gold class direct disciples.” Xiang Tianqiang explained.

Li Fuchen nodded and didn’t really bother with it.

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