Chapter 277: Dark Horse or King

Bu Qingsong sized up Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and smiled, “Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) has some great skills. Exceeding three levels to defeat Liu Yuan shidi was truly a surprise for me.”

Bu Qingsong had heartfelt admiration for Li Fuchen. In the Earth Realm, three levels weren’t something that could be exceeded so easily. In addition, the three levels were from the 6th to the 9th level of the Earth Realm.

“Bu shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) has flattered me.” Li Fuchen let out a faint smile with a calm expression.

Seeing this reaction, Bu Qingsong’s eyes turned serious. Li Fuchen’s expression made him feel uneasy. ‘But the arrow was already nocked on the bowstring and had to be released’. He just hoped that it was his misperception.

(TL note: It means that it was a situation of no return and had to be done)

“Li shidi, please give me some pointers.”

Bu Qingsong burst out with a yell, while his peak level Earth Realm cultivation burst forth. There was a qi explosion on the stage. The intense wind blew caused Li Fuchen’s hair and clothes to flutter so violently, that they looked as though they might just get blown off at any moment.

The cultivation of a peak level Earth Realm martial artist was too dominant and when complemented by a 3-star secret technique, Bu Qingsong’s qi presence was near the Heaven Realm. Regular low leveled Earth Realm martial artists would probably crumble from the qi presence, let alone having any battle intent or fighting spirit.

“Too powerful. Is he Li Fuchen’s opponent?”

Everyone held their breaths, such level of combat wasn’t something that they could judge. Li Fuchen’s ability could speak for itself, but Bu Qingsong’s ability seemed to be stronger.

“This battle has already been decided.” A tall and slender man standing beside Zhao Wujin shook his head.

Hearing as such, Zhao Wujin laughed and commented, “Protector Luo, that might not be the case.”

Protector Luo looked at Zhao Wujin with surprise, “Elder Zhao seems to be very confident with Li Fuchen?”

Zhao Wujin let out a mysterious laugh, “This child isn’t as simple as you think.”

After a few interactions, Zhao Wujin had some understanding of Li Fuchen.

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Li Fuchen wasn’t like some disciples who were flamboyant. He was like a deep pool that was massive and immeasurable. In normal times, no one would be able to know of his depths.

Bu Qingsong was indeed very strong, but it was a pity that everyone knew clearly about his trumps.

But for Li Fuchen, no one knew about his trump.

“Hurhur, then we shall wait and see!” Protector Luo let out a faint chuckle.

“Take this move!”

Bu Qingsong instantly drew his black gold sword and immediately after, a massive sword shadow was blasted at Li Fuchen like a violent thunderbolt.

Mystic class mid-tier sword art—Violent Thunder Sword Art.

The sword was like thunder and lightning, which was extremely violent. Bu Qingsong was very confident that there were only a minority of people who could withstand his blade. Even if they could withstand the first blade, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the second blade.

“A peak level Earth Realm cultivation is still far beyond the ordinary.”

With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique activated and the 16th rank True Inferno Technique circulating, Li Fuchen’s qi presence burst into the sky, resisting against Bu Qingsong’s qi presence. At the same moment, Li Fuchen executed his second mystic class mid-tier kill move, Sword Burst.

“This qi presence?”

The other protector beside Protector Luo had his eyes widened extremely.

He, who was at the first level of the Reincarnation Realm could obviously see that Li Fuchen True Inferno Technique was already at the 16th rank.

“Incredible, among the direct disciples in our Azure Water Sect, only Li Xiangru, and a few others could cultivate a mystic class peak-tier technique to the 15th rank. The rest of them are all below the 14th rank. It is beyond expectation for this child to surpass from behind and reach the 16th rank.” One of the Supreme Elders nodded.

If Li Fuchen only had a high perception for the sword dao, then he might be able to dominate the Azure Water Sect, but if his other perception in other areas were also high, then it was truly incredible.

“This child is worth nurturing.” Ouyang Wentian’s smile was growing even more intense.

The stronger Li Fuchen’s perception, the brighter his future and the smaller the chance of suffering mishaps.

He reckoned that Li Fuchen should at least be able to reach the peak level of the Heaven Realm.

If he could reach the Reincarnation Realm, it would be terrifying. It was needless to say that he could sweep off regular Reincarnation Realm martial artists.


When the Violent Thunder Sword Art clashed with the kill move, Sword Burst, there was a tremor on the stage. Bu Qingsong and Li Fuchen each took seven or eight steps back.

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“Good. Take another one of my moves. Thunderbolts Violent Dance.”

Bu Qingsong wielded his sword with two hands, cleaving down at Li Fuchen with numerous thunderous sword qi like a lightning strike, that had an appalling qi presence.

“Sword Flow.” Li Fuchen drew his sword across, while dozens of sword qi burst forth and tore through the numerous thunderous sword qi.

“He actually created two mystic class mid-tier kill moves?” Bu Qingsong had a change in expression.

Every kill move was all extreme and it might be powerful in a certain factor, but it was much weaker in other areas.

Like his first move, Clear Sky Thunder wouldn’t be blocked by the kill move, Sword Flow. His second move, Thunderbolts Violent Dance wouldn’t be blocked by the kill move, Sword Burst.

If Li Fuchen only created one mystic class mid-tier sword move, then Li Fuchen would only be able to block one of his moves and there would be no way for Li Fuchen to block his other move.

“Creating two mystic class mid-tier kill moves. Not bad, not bad.” Protector Luo smiled and nodded.

Zhao Wujin nodded as well, “This child’s perception is enough to surpass everything.”

Protector Luo shook his head, “Bu Qingsong has yet to execute his kill move right? Let’s see!”

In any case, he didn’t really believe that Li Fuchen could defeat Bu Qingsong.

Even if Li Fuchen had created the three mystic class mid-tier kill move, it was still not likely.

Bu Qingsong merely displayed his mystic class mid-tier sword arts and it already had such power. Once he executed his kill move, his power would drastically increase and the difference would be significant.

“Li Fuchen, you are indeed very strong. But if this is what you are capable of, then, you shall be defeated by my next move!”

Bu Qingsong was very confident and after the two exchanges, he roughly knew of Li Fuchen’s ability.

Li Fuchen didn’t reply

“Thunder Devour!”

Bu Qingsong burst with qi before he cleaved with his sword. The violent sword qi swelled into a sphere shape and was blasted at Li Fuchen.

This sphere-shaped thunder sword qi was much more dominant and violent than one could imagine, causing cracks on the stage, which was unprecedented.

“Full Moon.”

Right at this moment, Li Fuchen executed his third mystic class mid-tier kill move.

In the air, a fiery red full moon appeared which slashed at the sphere-shaped thunder sword qi.


The horrific sphere shaped thunder sword qi was actually split apart by the fiery red full moon. The scattered thunder sword qi wreaked havoc to the right and left of Li Fuchen. A pity that it couldn’t harm Li Fuchen at all.

That fiery red full moon was still intact and slashing towards Bu Qingsong.


Bu Qingsong stared with his eyes wide opened. He executed his kick arts, while electric arcs flickered in the air, as he avoided the fiery red full moon.

Mystic class low-tier kick arts—Thunderbolt Kick Art.

It was a pity that even though Bu Qingsong was fast, Li Fuchen was even faster. He instantly appeared at the upper right side of Bu Qingsong and executed his Sword Flow kill move. Dozens of sword lights drowned Bu Qingsong.


After being struck by a few sword lights, Bu Qingsong spurted blood and fell off the stage.

Li Fuchen won.

“This kill move is actually so incredible.” Protector Luo was moved.

Regular mystic class mid-tier kill moves wouldn’t have such power. But Li Fuchen’s kill move, Full Moon was extremely profound and had reached the level of a mystic class high-tier sword move. If the sword intent within it had also reached the mystic class high-tier level, then this kill move would evolve into a regular mystic class high-tier kill move. It would then be much stronger than a regular mystic class high-tier sword art.

“This child isn’t a dark horse. He has the ability belonging to the king class!” One of the Supreme Elders exclaimed in admiration.

Among the Azure Water Sect’s direct disciples, there could only be one king. Before today, only Li Xiangru had the qualification to be titled as a king. But now, Li Fuchen seemed to be qualified for this challenge.

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