Chapter 278: Fight Against Sword Maniac

In the fourteen match of the tenth round, Li Xiangru was matched up against Xue Feng.

Xue Feng was defeated in a single blade.

As of this moment, no one was able to force a fourth blade from Sword Maniac Li Xiangru. Only Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu was able to force three blades.

The eleventh round immediately started after the end of the tenth round.

Bu Qingsong went against Xue Feng.

It was crucial whether Bu Qingsong would be able to enter the top four in this battle against Xue Feng. If he was defeated by Xue Feng, it meant that he wasn’t a match for Chen Yuanhu, let alone Li Xiangru. With Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist around, he would only be no.5 at best.

The battle was extremely intense.

Among the five of them, Bu Qingsong and Xue Feng’s ability were closely matched and neither of them were going to back down from this fight. There wasn’t a clear victor and they had to exchange at least a few hundred moves.

First, they competed with sword arts, then they competed with their kill moves.

Finally, they competed with their maneuvers and footwork.

This fight was an extremely satisfying fight.

After 500 exchanges, Bu Qingsong had barely lost to Xue Feng by a single move.

His ability was actually slightly superior to Xue Feng, but his battle awareness was inferior to Xue Feng by quite a margin.

The next match was Li Fuchen going against Chen Yuanhu.

One of them was titled Sword Demon, while the other was Sword Tiger.

This battle might be more intensive than any of the other matches.

Everyone thought so.

“Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple), please!” Chen Yuanhu didn’t dare to belittle Li Fuchen and he was even quite fearful of Li Fuchen subconsciously.

“Chen shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), please!” Li Fuchen looked calm and didn’t show a trace of anxiety.

“Come on, Chen shixiong!”

“Chen shixiong will be the victor!”

In the audience seats, a group of inner sect disciples suddenly burst out with cheers.

Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu had been famed in the Azure Water Sect for a period of time. He naturally had many worshippers and every one of them couldn’t help but cheer on for him.

“Li shixiong is invincible!”

“Li shixiong is peerless!”

If Chen Yuanhu had worshippers, Li Fuchen naturally had worshippers too. Moreover, Li Fuchen’s worshippers were even more fanatic than Chen Yuanhu’s worshippers.

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Unlike Chen Yuanhu who had been famed for quite some time, Li Fuchen had just recently risen up, but he was much more dazzling than Chen Yuanhu.

The world adored martial experts, especially ones like Li Fuchen, who would rise up like a comet.

“Element Tiger Kill!”

Chen Yuanhu immediately executed his kill move. A giant tiger’s image appeared out of nowhere and assaulted Li Fuchen.

“Full Moon!”

A fiery red full moon appeared as Li Fuchen executed his third mystic class mid-tier kill move, Full Moon.


As the two kill moves clashed, shards flew out from the stage, while there were cracks everywhere.

“Split Tiger Kill!”

Chen Yuanhu yelled out while his second mystic class mid-tier kill move exploded.

He created this kill move in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain and its destructive power was stronger and more extreme than the Element Tiger Kill.

There was another image in the air, it was an even more ferocious giant tiger that was shot at Li Fuchen.

This giant tiger’s image was blurry in other areas, but its front claws were fiercely sharp and crisscrossed at Li Fuchen. Once Li Fuchen was clawed by it, he would definitely be split up into pieces.

Li Fuchen had a trace of a smile on his face.

It seemed like he had to expose some of his true capabilities.

Li Fuchen didn’t want to expose his 4-star Black Iron Sword Essence, hence he had to expose the Blaze Devil Sword Art.

(TL note: Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter is 6-star, but the Black Iron Sword Essence which is one of the chapters is 4-star)

The black gold sword in Li Fuchen’s hand was slightly raised and abruptly thrust out.

In the next moment, the scarlet red sword light was like a burst of magma. A single blade was enough to put an end to Chen Yuanhu’s kill move, Split Tiger Kill. The horrific sword move still had leftover forces which forced Chen Yuanhu to be repelled.

“Mystic class high-tier sword intent!” All the upper echelons let out a cold gasp of air.

Not even regular Heaven Realm martial artists could comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intents. No matter how astounding Li Fuchen was, he was only 20 years old and could actually comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent, the Blaze Devil Sword intent.

It could also be said that only an Earth Realm martial artist who comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent, could have a chance to defeat a Heaven Realm martial artist.

Of course, the prerequisite was for his cultivation to be at the peak level of the Earth Realm.

Otherwise, once the Heaven Realm martial artist burst out with his qi presence, it would be enough to restrain their opponent.

“Mystic class high-tier sword intent?”

Bu Qingsong and Xue Feng’s eyes shrank.

They never expected that Li Fuchen could comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent.

This meant that Li Fuchen was already in a different class than them.

Bu Qingsong was speechless and immediately forced a smile. He even thought he could defeat Li Fuchen before this tournament, now he knew that it was a pipe dream.

The inner sect disciples on the audience seats were all puzzled, but it didn’t hinder them from understanding the power of Li Fuchen’s blade.

Even the powerful Chen Yuanhu was instantly defeated by this blade.

It was imaginable that this blade must have attained an extremely high level.

“This child’s perception is unprecedented since the ancient times of our Azure Water Sect.” One of the Supreme Elder commended.

“Indeed.” Ouyang Wentian nodded.

Zhao Wujin’s was smiling so much that his eyes became small. Despite the fact that he had some guesses, but when those guesses turned true, he was still shocked.

“Mystic class high-tier sword intent, huh?” Zhao Mingyue’s eyes were as bright as the moon.

She couldn’t imagine how Li Fuchen was about to comprehend a mystic class high-tier sword intent.

She couldn’t even comprehend a mystic class mid-tier sword intent at this point.

Once Li Fuchen won against Chen Yuanhu, the no.4 and no.2 of the tournament seemed to be decided.

But, a tournament was still a tournament. Even though the rest of the tournament was meaningless, it still had to carry on to the end.

What’s more, in everyone’s opinion, the rest of the tournament was perhaps the most meaningful.

Because Sword Demon Li Fuchen and Sword Maniac Li Xiangru were about to go against each other.

These two individuals were the Azure Water Sect’s most exceptional sword dao prodigies.

The fight between the two of them would determine the king of the Azure Water Sect’s youth generation.

On the tournament stage…

Li Xiangru and Li Fuchen were ten meters apart.

Li Xiangru had a calm expression and wasn’t really surprised by the fact that Li Fuchen had comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent.

Li Fuchen had this flash of surprise in his eyes as though he recalled something.

“Li shidi. I originally thought that no one would be able to force out my true ability. But it seems like you are the only one who can.” Li Xiangru spoke indifferently.

Li Fuchen replied, “Li shixiong, please give me some pointers.”

“Take this move.”

Li Xiangru didn’t hold himself back and once his black gold sword was out of its sheath, his sword qi was like a torrent, which unleashed itself onto Li Fuchen. For an instant, the sword intent was extremely intense and even the audiences behind Li Fuchen could feel a numbing sensation, as though they were suffocating.

Mystic class high-tier sword intent.

It was another mystic class high-tier sword intent.

The sword art that Li Xiangru executed was the mystic class high-tier sword art, Torrent Sword Art. And the sword intent was naturally the Torrent Sword intent.

It was impossible for Li Xiangru to not have any gains after staying in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain for half a year. Not only did he created his third mystic class mid-tier kill move, he also comprehended the Torrent Sword intent.

“Sincere to the sword, sentimental to the sword. He is indeed the Sword Maniac.”

On the rostrum, Ouyang Wentian and the others had an instant shine in their eyes.

It was shocking when they knew Li Fuchen comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent. It was similarly shocking when they got to know Li Xiangru had also comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent.

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“Li Fuchen seems to be on the edge now!”

At this moment, even Zhao Wujin was frowning.

Both of them had comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent, but Li Xiangru was at the 9th level of the Earth Realm, while Li Fuchen was only at the 6th level of the Earth Realm.

A gap of three levels wasn’t so easy to make up for.

Once the Torrent Sword intent and Blaze Devil Sword intent clashed, it was extremely shocking. The entire tournament stage was split open and to everyone’s surprise, Li Fuchen didn’t fall into a disadvantage, while Li Xiangru didn’t obtain the advantage either.

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