Chapter 325: Astonishing Combat Ability

Below them, there were more than a thousand black-robed individuals who had arrived at the western suburbs of Cloud Mist City.

These black-robed people were just like the ones that set up the array. Most of them were at the middle to higher levels of the Origin Realm. Of course, there were also Earth Realm and Heaven Realm practitioners. The leader was wearing an owl mask and behind him was another black-robed man with a centipede mask who didn’t seem to have inferior status.

‘Two high-leveled Heaven Realm Evil Dao practitioners?’ Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist frowned.

He who had astounding awareness could sense the cat-masked and centipede-masked men’s cultivation levels easily.

The cat-masked man was at the 8th level of the Heaven Realm, while the centipede-masked man was at the 9th level of the Heaven Realm.

But he was unsure if it was a misperception, as Li Fuchen felt that the cat-masked man was stronger than the centipede-masked man. Furthermore, the difference wasn’t small.

‘Two high-leveled Heaven Realm martial artists. The situation isn’t good!’ Li Fuchen’s brows furrowed even more tightly.

The strength of this wave of Evil Dao forces was much more formidable than he had imagined. If they were able to gather all the Azure Water Sect’s members in the seventh minor area, then would they have the certainty to go against or repel them.

“Surround Cloud Mist City.” The cat-masked man waved his hand while ordering the black-robed people.

Swish, Swish, Swish…

Over a thousand black-robed individuals split up into two groups, one went to the left and the other to the right. They started to surround Cloud Mist City and one hour later, Li Fuchen could hear the panicked voices in Cloud Mist City.

More than ten miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away, nine figures skimmed across the sky.

Two hours was a sufficient amount of time for the Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elders to hurry over from Golden Cloud City to Cloud Mist City.

There were a total of nine inner sect elders that had arrived.

Elder Mao Qiuhai was the same as Zhao Wujin, as he too cultivated the Sect Origin Swords and was confident that he could neutralize the danger at Native Peace City. Thus, he only led five inner sect elders with him.

The leader of the inner sect elders here was Lin Kun3Lin KunAzure Water Sect's Inner Sect Elder (8th level of Heaven Realm), who was at the 8th level of the Heaven Realm.

When he saw over a thousand black-robed men surrounding Cloud Mist City, he knew that this was the true face of the Evil Dao forces and Native Peace City was just a pretense.

Without any hesitation, Lin Kun smashed the child token. But he was clear that, for the next two to four hours, they had to rely on themselves. Elder Mao would need at least one hour to rush over from Native Peace City.

“Bastard, how dare you!”

Lin Kun yelled out and brandished his sword when he was still a distance of eight miles away. Countless sword qi engulfed the black-robed individuals like a storm. In an instant, at least 20 over black-robed men were sliced up into pieces.

“They are here so quickly?” The cat-masked man’s eyes revealed an astonished expression.

Thousand Feet4Thousand Feetcentipede-masked man (Evil Dao practitioner) , you go stall them.” The cat-masked man spoke to the centipede-masked man by the side.

“No problem.”

The centipede-masked man led a group of Heaven Realm black-robed men and flew over to obstruct Lin Kun and the inner sect elders.

“Elder Qin, Elder Xu, let’s go down too.”

Li Fuchen didn’t bother if the two of them agreed or not, as he already ordered the Giant Sickle Terror Bird5Giant Sickle Terror BirdFlying spirit beast that Ouyang Wentian gave to Li Fuchen to descend.

The Giant Sickle Terror Bird was extremely fast and most middle leveled Heaven Realm martial artists weren’t even faster than it. In terms of speed, only higher leveled Heaven Realm martial artists would be able to compete with it.


There was a sharp piercing sound in the air, as the Giant Sickle Terror Bird moved like an artillery shell. Using the momentum from the descent, it closed up its wings and used its razor-sharp claws to ruthlessly claw a lower leveled Heaven Realm practitioner.

The black-robed individual was shocked. It was pitch-black and even though he was a Heaven Realm martial artist, if he didn’t pay attention, it would be hard to detect any movement in the sky.

Being caught off guard, he didn’t have time to gather any qi and simply forcefully brought out some qi and punched at the Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s claw.


There was a giant explosion, as the black-robed man spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and fell from the sky.

The Giant Sickle Terror Bird was a class 4 low-tier demonic beast. In general situations, it was originally stronger than a lower leveled Heaven Realm martial artist. Now that it had the element of surprise, a single claw strike was enough to injure the black-robed man.

But this wasn’t finished yet. Just as the black-robed man was falling, two shadows skimmed out from the back of the Giant Sickle Terror Bird. Wielding their artifact sword, one attacked from the left and the other from the right. They instantly slashed apart the black-robed man’s body.

These two figures were naturally Qin Ming and Xu Chang.

Seeing this scene, the cat-masked man’s eyes flashed with a vicious light as he pounced at the two of them.

“It’s Elder Qin Ming and Elder Xu Chang. Not good. This cat-masked man has an extremely formidable ability. Elder Qin Ming and Elder Xu Chang probably aren’t his match.” Lin Kun used a single sword strike to force the centipede-masked man to back off and shouted out, “Elder Qin, Elder Xu, let’s swap our opponents!”

As Lin Kun was speaking, he obstructed the cat-masked man.


Qin Ming and Xu Chang’s body flashed as they obstructed the centipede-masked man who wanted to attack Lin Kun from behind.

“Courting death!”

The cat-masked man was equipped with steel claws. As he brandished the steel claws, countless claw lights burst out and enveloped Lin Kun.

Lin Kun laughed out and battled it out with the cat-masked man.

“Evil Dao practitioners have exceptional progress during the early levels and have extremely strong abilities too. But once they reach the Heaven Realm, the advantages that the Evil Dao practitioners have would diminish. Elder Qin and Elder Xu should be able to go against the centipede-masked man. But Elder Lin Kun probably isn’t a match for the cat-masked man.”

Li Fuchen might not be at the Heaven Realm, but his awareness was better than most Reincarnation Realm martial artists. He was naturally able to identify in a single glance, who had a stronger and more dangerous qi presence.

In his eyes, the cat-masked man had the most dangerous qi presence, while Elder Lin Kun was around the same level as the centipede-masked man.

“I will go kill some Heaven Realm Evil Dao practitioners first.”

After including Li Fuchen, they had a total of 12 individuals that had Heaven Realm combat ability. On the Evil Dao’s side, there were 15 individuals with Heaven Realm combat ability. They had just killed one of them earlier, leaving 14 behind. They had the absolute advantage.


Crouching on the back of the Giant Sickle Terror Bird, Li Fuchen order it to fly to the nearest black-robed individual who as at the lower level Heaven Realm.

“Lost Soul Spear!”

That black-robed man was wielding a blood-colored spear which he thrust over. There was a spiraling spear trajectory that appeared in the air.


The Giant Sickle Terror Bird brandished its claw to block the spear.

“Extreme Heat Blaze.”

A figure rushed out from the Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s back. In the next moment, a blinding and blazing sword which felt like it was burning the air, was shot towards the black-robed man.

“Not good.”

The black-robed man didn’t detect that there was someone on the back of the Giant Sickle Terror Bird. Mainly because Li Fuchen concealed himself very well and didn’t emit any qi presence at all.

After Li Fuchen’s spirit soul evolved to the blue grade, his qi presence concealment ability got even more dreadful. If he desired it, not even higher level Heaven Realm martial artists would be able to detect his qi presence.

Circulating the 18th rank of the True Inferno Technique, activating the Pure Yang Dipper Qi, activating the Black Iron Sword Essence, and executing the Inferno Sword Art.

Apart from the Bronze Sword Essence, Li Fuchen had brought out all his ability just to kill this black-robed man in a single sword strike.

The black-robed man’s eyes were wide opened. He drew a shortsword from his waist and slashed at Li Fuchen.


The shortsword was knocked away, while the black-robed individual vomited blood while falling back. He was instantly dealt with serious injuries.

“He isn’t dead?”

Li Fuchen was a little surprised, as this sword strike was 30% stronger than the one he used against Situ Lei. He might not be using the whole power of the Bronze Sword Essence, but his True Inferno Technique was already at the 18th rank.


The Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s vicious nature burst out, as it flapped its wings, while both claws interweaved like ten sharp swords as it clawed at the black-robed man.

Li Fuchen then coordinated with the Giant Sickle Terror Bird perfectly and slashed with his sword.

The black-robed man who was already seriously injured, couldn’t have been a match for the coordinated attack from Li Fuchen and the Giant Sickle Terror Bird. First, he was pierced through by the Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s claw, then his head was decapitated instantly by Li Fuchen’s slash.

A single attack to kill. This man-beast pair then rushed towards another black-robed man.

This black-robed man was appalled. How could he not see the extreme aggression from Li Fuchen and the Giant Sickle Terror Bird? He wasn’t even certain he could win in a solo fight, let alone a fight against two.

“Let me assist you.”

Right at this moment, another black-robed man drew his weapon and rushed over here.

“Each individual shall deal with one.”

There might be two black-robed men, but Li Fuchen wasn’t feeling any fear. He looked at the Giant Sickle Terror Bird which seemed to be excited.

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A demonic beast would ultimately still be a demonic beast. Even though the demonic qi had been transmuted into spirit qi, it merely shaved off the ferocity. Its instinctive desire for battle couldn’t be taken out.

“It’s Li Fuchen. Good, we might not lose in this battle.”

The other inner sect elders revealed a delighted expression.

They were all planning to retreat after being defeated, but when Li Fuchen and his group arrived, it gave them some hope.

Qin Ming and Xu Chang were both at the middle levels of Heaven Realm, the Giant Sickle Terror Bird was a class 4 low-tier spirit beast, while Li Fuchen also had the combat ability of a Heaven Realm martial artist. They were a formidable force and was enough to turn the tide of the battle.

Moreover, they simply had to withstand until Elder Mao had arrived. With Elder Mao’s ability, he could suppress all the enemies with ease.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…

Three humans and one beast started their intense battle.

The Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s eyes had turned red, as it burst out with its extreme ability to instantly oppress the black-robed man.

On Li Fuchen’s side, this black-robed man was also complaining of incessant grievances.

Li Fuchen’s awareness was too powerful and his attack trajectory had completely pierced through the opposition. Every move and form was like a counter move, which was very hard to deal with.

“Inferno Extermination.”

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After a few moves, Li Fuchen had a clear grasp of his opponent’s attack style. He then executed the Inferno Sword Art’s finishing move, the Inferno Extermination.

The black-robed man was horrified.

In his vision, there was a lump of blazing and blinding sword qi that descended like a comet. The attack rushed at him in a frenzy, and when he wanted to dodge, he noticed that no matter which angle he ran to, he wouldn’t be able to dodge it. The only choice was to forcefully resist it.

There was a qi explosion and surging heat waves.

The black-robed man’s arms were charred and his clothes were in tatters.

“Where did he go?” The black-robed man scanned around and couldn’t find Li Fuchen’s figure.


Right at this moment, a figure descended from the sky and penetrated the black-robed man’s body with a single sword.


There was no splatter of blood, as the black-robed man was split into two while he fell towards the surface of the ground.

“Such formidable ability.”

Including Lin Kun, the rest of the Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elders were stunned.

They knew that Li Fuchen had the ability to go against a lower leveled Heaven Realm practitioner, but going against and killing were different. It was two completely different things.

How could they have known that Li Fuchen’s True Inferno Technique was already at the 18th rank and his qi wasn’t inferior to a 1st level Heaven Realm martial artist? With assistance from the Black Iron Sword Essence, his fundamental ability was on par with the black-robed man.

But, how could the black-robed man have the same martial arts and sword arts proficiency as Li Fuchen? It was a crushing defeat.

“Kid, you are looking for death!”

Three Heaven Realm individuals were dead in an instant, making the black-robed men impatient. One of the middle leveled Heaven Realm black-robed man forced his opponent to back away, while his body flashed and burst towards Li Fuchen. With his ability, he was confident that he could kill Li Fuchen in a few moves.

“Not good.”

Qin Ming and Xu Chang were astonished. They were here to protect Li Fuchen and if Li Fuchen got killed, they wouldn’t be able to escape the blame.

“You want to get away? In your dreams.”

The centipede-masked man restrained the two of them and didn’t allow them to grasp an opportunity to break away from him.

“This isn’t a good place to expose my ability. I will go a bit further away from here first.” Li Fuchen retreated quickly and entered the darkness.

“Where are you trying to run to?!” The middle leveled Heaven Realm black-robed man chased after closely.

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