Chapter 417: Simultaneous Breakthroughs

Limestone City was a city that was constructed with huge limestones.

As the Limestone Region’s regional city, the city was one of the places that had a high concentration of smithing masters, inferior only to the Violet Flower Kingdom’s royal city.

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that nearly 30% of the weapons circulated in the Violet Flower Kingdom’s market were supplied by Limestone City. It was imaginable what was the status of Limestone City.

“Grandmaster Hundred Smelt is actually out. It is truly unfortunate.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist wasn’t very lucky. As soon as he arrived at Limestone City, he found out that Grandmaster Hundred Smelt wasn’t around, meaning he had made a wasted trip.

“Since I am here, I cannot return empty-handed. I have to obtain a body refinement weapon no matter what.”

Originally, Li Fuchen planned to make a request for an earth class low-tier body refinement weapon from Grandmaster Hundred Smelt, but since Grandmaster Hundred Smelt wasn’t around, there was no hopes for earth class low-tier body refinement weapons. But Limestone City had weapon shops and there should be mystic class body refinement weapons. During the Everlasting Youth Tea Party, Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s Wang Jian was using gloves that seemed to be a mystic class peak-tier body refinement weapon.

The Hundred Smelt Pavilion was a weapon shop opened by Grandmaster Hundred Smelt.

“Shopkeeper, do you have body refinement weapons?” Li Fuchen asked upon entry.

“I do, other shops don’t, only my Hundred Smelt Pavilion has it.” When the shopkeeper saw business knocking and he immediately welcomed.

Li Fuchen stated, “I want the best body refinement weapon, let me see it.”

“Come this way.” The shopkeeper revealed a smile.

Body refinement weapons were rare but martial artists who mainly cultivated the body refinement was even rarer. Hence, it wasn’t easy to find a buyer.

On the second floor of the Hundred Smelt Pavilion.

“Young Hero, there is a total of five mystic class peak-tier body refinement weapons. They are the saber, sword, gloves, claws, and anklets.” The shopkeeper gestured with his right hand to introduce.

Li Fuchen looked around and noticed that body refinement weapons had obvious differences from qi cultivation weapons. There were unequal qi waves on the surface, making them like living beings that had their own breaths and veins, giving Li Fuchen a very bizarre feeling.

“Can I pick them up to try them?” Li Fuchen asked.

The shopkeeper nodded, “Of course you can.”

Li Fuchen picked up the sword.

The surface of the sword had patterns of blood and when looked at carefully, they looked like human’s blood vessels.

Qi power was poured in…


A blood-colored sword light extended from the tip of the sword and it was extremely sharp.

“It is a body refinement weapon indeed.”

Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted as this sword had seemingly turned into an extension of his body and was inter-connected with his qi power.

“But swords are really useful to me. I have never learned body refinement sword arts.”

Putting down the body refinement sword, Li Fuchen picked up that pair of gloves.

This pair of black gloves had covered the back of the hand and the fingers with a layer of armor. It looked rather sturdy and when Li Fuchen looked inside with his awareness, he could see blood-colored patterns. When he poured his qi power inside, the blood-colored patterns lit up instantly, giving the black gloves a layer of blood-colored glow.

“With this mystic class peak-tier body refinement gloves, my body refinement strength is increased by almost 30%.”

It was a huge difference with or without a weapon.

Li Fuchen was confident if he wore this glove set, he could clash against the Scarlet Fire Fist with just his body refinement strength.

“Shopkeeper, how much does it cost?” Li Fuchen asked.

The shopkeeper replied, “10,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“10,000 huh? It is rather expensive.” Li Fuchen frowned.

He was able to afford it, but he felt it was very expensive. Even an earth class mid-tier qi weapon wouldn’t cost more than 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, but a mystic class peak-tier body refinement weapon actually cost 10,000.

If it was an earth class low-tier body refinement weapon, wouldn’t it cost more than 100,000?

The shopkeeper shook his head, “This glove is made using qi bloodstones, blood patterned iron, and mithril. Just the cost of the materials will cost one or two thousand low-grade spirit stones.”

“10,000 it is. I will take it.” Even though it was expensive, it wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen to give up on it.

“Young Hero has great resolution.”

The shopkeeper was grinning from ear to ear. As the shopkeeper of the Hundred Smelt Pavilion, he had a monthly task. If this shop’s revenue exceeded a certain value, he would receive rewards. The higher the revenue, the higher the rewards. But if this shop didn’t meet the standard, his spirit stones would be deducted.

After paying the spirit stones, the shopkeeper escorted Li Fuchen out of the Hundred Smelt Pavilion.

Li Fuchen resided at a courtyard in an inn.


The tiger’s growl echoed as Li Fuchen launched a fist into the air.

For a split moment, a fierce tiger spirit soared.

As compared to before, this fierce tiger spirit was 30% bigger, it was more materialized and was more imposing and tyrannical. It looked as though it was going to open up the void.

“This is a mystic class peak-tier body refinement weapon indeed.” Li Fuchen was very satisfied with these gloves.

“It is a pity that I didn’t get to see Grandmaster Hundred Smelt. If I can request for an earth class low-tier body refinement glove, my body refinement strength will increase by at least 60%!”

In regards to qi weapons, the difference between mystic class high-tier and peak-tier wasn’t that much different. But the difference between mystic class peak-tier and earth class low-tier was huge.

“Forget it. Even if Grandmaster Hundred Smelt was in Limestone City, I might not be able to see him either. Even if I could see him, it is unknown if he is willing to forge an earth class low-tier body refinement weapon for me too. After all, the materials are hard to find and he might not even fancy this profit.”

Initially, Li Fuchen was planning to sell some of the items to gather the fees for the production. Right now, he had saved up all the money.

Ignoring the matter of the body refinement weapon, Li Fuchen entered seclusion and prepared to break through to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm.

In the secret room of the courtyard, Li Fuchen sat cross-legged on the meditation mat.

Time elapsed bit by bit.

After a long time, Li Fuchen opened his eyes.

“The effects of the Spirit Heart Elixir is still lacking a little. It isn’t enough for my mental state to break through to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm.”

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As he muttered, Li Fuchen took out the Clear Spirit Elixir and consumed it.

One hour later, Li Fuchen had a closer relationship with heaven and earth qi. Using him as the center, heaven and earth qi were undulating.

“I have finally broken through.”

Li Fuchen let out a faint smile and held onto a mid-grade spirit stone to absorb the qi inside.

Several hours later, Li Fuchen took out two more mid-grade spirit stones.

When the final mid-grade spirit stone had halfway before depletion, Li Fuchen’s body suddenly burst out with a radiance that was like the ardent sun. Surging and scorching qi waves extended out in all directions. In a blink of the eye, the massive secret room’s temperature had increased by at least 100 times, making this place like a scorching hell.

It wasn’t finished yet. Right at this moment, Li Fuchen’s body suddenly revolved with ardent sun radiance. The surrounding temperature burst again while Li Fuchen’s body appeared with an ardent sun halo. When the ardent sun halo appeared, the array in the secret room was violently shaking and it looked like it was going to explode.

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen opened his eyes and withdrew the ardent sun halo.

“I didn’t think that my cultivation and technique would breakthrough simultaneously.” Li Fuchen’s face flashed with delight.

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Earlier on, his cultivation had successfully broken through from the 2nd level to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm. Shortly after, his Ardent Sun Divine Technique had also broken through from the 24th rank to the 25th rank, forming the ardent sun halo.

Once the ardent sun halo was formed, the ardent sun field power was also formed naturally.

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