Chapter 161 – Private Dining

Thank you, Readers for two hundred thousand views! . So, I ended up in a private room after all. It was a fancy room, as expected at that price. The accommodations included a canopy bed and a dining table, but also a couch, tea service and even a little balcony, screened from neighboring rooms but overlooking the woods behind the ...

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Chapter 161 – Private Dining
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For the record, lamb's testicles are a real gourmet item, and they are indeed referred to as 'Lamb fries'. I don't know the reason why.

I don't know how many readers will recognize 'The Duchy of Grand Fenwick'. It's from a classic series of political satire books, beginning with 'The Mouse That Roared'. Muc h of the humor is dated, since it was mostly topical to the Cold War era, but the series, and the two movies made from it, were great (Although I still think they should have brought Peter Sellers back for the second movie.)

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