Chapter 162 – Royal Sword Grounds

. Mother departed the Royal Grove of the Fairy King with baby Tiana in her arms in the Month of Full Snows of the Imperial Ostish Year 3247. She once told me that the woods were glistening white in the moonlight and it made her sad to think her daughter would grow up without this beautiful sight. Fourteen years and ...

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Chapter 162 – Royal Sword Grounds
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Dueling at mountaintops or crossroads at midnight is my personal invention. But supernatural events in general at these locations or this time appear in the legends of many different cultures.

By the way, I usually shake my head when I see a fantasy writer pontifically explaining how the 'elves' of Ireland are properly called 'The Sidhe'. No, the mounds of Ireland may be 'Sídhe', but the 'elves' that live under them are 'the people of the mounds' (in modern Irish, it's spelled Aos Sí. Aes Sídhe is an archaic spelling.). Also, the 'fair folk', or any other number of epithets. Or, you can use the more ancient name 'Tuatha Dé Danann', which means the 'Folk of Goddess Danu'.

I came up with the term 'fairborn' and 'fairling' after I had already used 'half-fairy' too many times to go back and change it. So, I decided to make them the 'older-fashioned' terms.

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