Chapter 432: Weapon Spirit

In comparison to human experts, demons had inferior combat skills and simple moves. If four You Lie or four Ge Yun attacked Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist instead, the situation would be much worse for Li Fuchen and Li Fuchen would be suppressed completely.

Most of the time, demons relied on their overwhelming innate abilities to contest against humans.

“Get further away from him and exhaust his qi.”

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was standing very far away and using his trunk to attack Li Fuchen from a distance.

His elephant trunk could be extended and shortened. It was abnormally durable and when in the tyrant body state, the trunk’s toughness was close to an earth class low-tier weapon.

The Devil Pattern Tiger had also pulled apart a distance and had been using the Tiger Devil Growl to lock down Li Fuchen.

As an existence that was neither demon nor demonic beast, the Tiger Devil Growl was also a kind of innate ability. In fact, the Devil Pattern Tiger had more innate abilities than the Petrified Queen and the Mountain Shaking Elephant.

After consuming the demon treasure, the Devil Pattern Tiger awakened three innate abilities. The Tiger Devil Growl was the most fearsome ability while the other two abilities were rather useless and could only be used to deal with enemies much weaker than him.

The Horn Devil King and the Power Devil King were already afraid after getting beaten up by Li Fuchen. The Mountain Shaking Elephant didn’t even need to say as they had already set a distance between themselves and Li Fuchen.

Their attack power might decrease from a distance, but it was better to be oppressed by Li Fuchen.

It was a pity that such a battle tactic was useless against Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen locked onto the Horn Devil King and killed over.

Li Fuchen didn’t even bother dodging the attacks from others and simply endured them forcefully.

In any case, it wouldn’t exhaust much of his qi power even if he forcefully received the attacks for a few times.

As getting its shoulder split by the sword, the Horn Devil King roared and burst in retreat.

“I am not a match for him. I shall leave first.” He was truly afraid.

Since the start of the battle, the Horn Devil King’s demon qi had been severely depleted and his vitality had been used quite substantially. He would need at least half a year to replenish everything. If this battle carried on, even if Li Fuchen didn’t have the intention to kill him, he wouldn’t be able to endure it.

Once the Horn Devil King left, the three others had a great increase in pressure.

Soon enough, the Power Devil King had also left.

“Only the two of you are left.” 

With two fewer opponents, Li Fuchen had a much easier time. Even if he exerted his full strength, he might not be able to kill the Mountain Shaking Elephant and the Devil Pattern Tiger.

But it was too risky.

Firstly, he didn’t wish to start an all-out war.

Secondly, he didn’t wish to take too much risk and exert his full strength as he would be greatly affected too.

The core blazing flame power, Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern, and the Sect Origin Bronze Swords would be used up and they weren’t suitable for extended fights.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant and the Devil Pattern Tiger had stopped. They naturally understood that they wouldn’t be able to deal with Li Fuchen.

They were being oppressed by Li Fuchen when there were four of them, let alone the fact that they only had two now.

“You shall be allowed to be arrogant for a period of time.” The Mountain Shaking Elephant grunted and had pent up anger in his heart.

Apart from the time when he was injured by the Evil King, he had never suffered such rage before.

“Li Fuchen, an outstanding tree will surely be blown down by the wind. I hope that you can still be so composed the next time.” The Devil Pattern Tiger had also given a harsh statement.

Li Fuchen replied, “I, Li Fuchen will wait for all of you. But the next time we meet, I might kill all of you.”

Finishing his statement, Li Fuchen laughed and left unhurriedly.

Li Fuchen believed that after this incident, the Demonic Ten Regions would definitely be vigilant. Without absolute confidence to deal with him, they wouldn’t provoke him. Unless they united with one another for eternity, Li Fuchen would be able to enter whenever he pleased to kill a few of them.

In a few days, Li Fuchen returned to the Wind Snow Sect.

“Young Hero Li, you are back!” Mu Hanxin heaved a breath of relief.

Li Fuchen commented, “The Demonic Ten Regions are stronger than before, especially the Mountain Shaking Elephant. He has already excavated two kinds of demonic beast innate abilities and his strength is above You Lie. Had it not been for the Evil Dao to establish the balance of forces from the three factions, the Demonic Ten Regions might just invade the Hundred Sects Alliance and start an all-out war.”

“What? The Mountain Shaking Elephant is so powerful?” Mu Hanxin was shocked.

In the previous war, only the Demonic Ten Regions’ Petrified Queen and Blood Devil King were stronger than You Lie. As for the Mountain Shaking Elephant, he was still slightly inferior to the Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder.

“That’s right. The Mountain Shaking Elephant possesses a trace of the bloodline from the Demon King, Mountain Pulling Elephant. It might only be a trace, but it was enough for him to awaken two incredible innate abilities.” Li Fuchen nodded.

Mu Hanxin asked carefully, “I wonder about the outcome of Young Hero Li’s trip?”

Li Fuchen chuckled and said, “On this trip to the Demonic Ten Regions, I challenged the Horn Devil King, Power Devil King, Devil Pattern Tiger, and the Mountain Shaking Elephant. None of them is a match for me. If they are sensible enough, they will be a little more reserved for the moment.”

“Young Hero Li has matchless and incredible strength. This old one is filled with admiration.” Mu Hanxin took a deep breath and was filled with respect and admiration towards Li Fuchen.

Among the four sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions, even the weakest Horn Devil King was stronger than Mu Hanxin. But in the face of Li Fuchen, they had all been defeated. Mu Hanxin had to admire Li Fuchen.

Just as Li Fuchen expected, the Horn Devil King, Power Devil King, Devil Pattern Tiger, and the Mountain Shaking Elephant were much more reserved. They might not have acted accordingly to Li Fuchen’s words and withdrew their demons and demonic beasts, but their subordinates didn’t dare to brazenly consume humans. It was unlike before when the demons and demonic beasts were absolutely unrestrained and when they had an impulse, they might just wipe out an entire city or town.

Right now, they only dared to abduct humans and consume them secretly.

After all, the sovereigns like the Horn Devil King were truly afraid that Li Fuchen might be enraged from the humiliation and would kill his way over.

Furthermore, they didn’t wish to gather in a group either.

As a sovereign of the Demonic Ten Regions, if they were so frightened by Li Fuchen that they had to group together, it would undoubtedly be a joke for the entire world once the news was made known.

Of course, this was just temporary.

Once the Demonic Ten Regions felt they had the ability to deal with Li Fuchen, all these circumstances would vanish. By then, they might just do all kinds of time to infuriate Li Fuchen and to force him out.


Blood Devil Region…

In the Blood Devil Palace, the Blood Devil King had an ashen expression.

He had already found out about the incident when Li Fuchen visited the Demonic Ten Regions.

He didn’t expect for Li Fuchen to be so formidable. The Mountain Shaking Elephant had worked together with three other sovereigns and were still defeated by Li Fuchen. Even the Blood Devil King was apprehensive of such strength.

“This child must not be allowed to live. He has to be eliminated as quickly as possible, otherwise, he will become an unknown variable.”

To be honest, the Demonic Ten Regions was very satisfied with the current situation. The Hundred Sects Alliance was weak and they could brazenly consume humans. With the Evil King around, they weren’t able to conquer the entire East Unicorn Continent either.

Hence, it was best to maintain this situation.

But the emergence of Li Fuchen wasn’t part of the plan. With Li Fuchen, the Hundred Sects Alliance would catch up to them in strength. By then, the Demonic Ten Regions wouldn’t be able to be so unrestrained.

“I need to have a discussion with the Petrified Queen.”

In the Demonic Ten Regions, he and the Petrified Queen governed half of the regions each. As long as they had the same opinion, the rest of the sovereigns would listen to them.

The Blood Devil King flew to the Stone Region like a blood rainbow.

My current combat strength still isn’t strong enough. If I can kill the Mountain Shaking Elephant without relying on the core blazing flame power, Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern, and Sect Origin Bronze Swords, that will be considered truly powerful.”

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“Also, Green Sun Absolute uses too much qi. Unless it is a crucial moment, it will be best not to use it to avoid getting my qi depleted.”

Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation was his weakest flaw. Once the battle was extended, his qi would run out easily.

It was something that Li Fuchen had to consider.

“I wonder how can I undo the first seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword.”

Li Fuchen thought about all the methods to undo the first seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword, but even the fastest method would require a lot of time.

But time would never wait.

Since Li Fuchen comprehended the Mystic Heaven Sword Intent, he felt the first seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword shaking. But he was still lacking that last step.

“Why don’t I ask Elder Mu.”

If it was in the past Li Fuchen would never expose the Joint-Heaven Sword.

After all, in the East Unicorn Continent, earth class low-tier weapons were rare, let alone one with multiple seals that could upgrade the Joint-Heaven Sword. Once it was exposed, it would surely cause a bloody contest and he wouldn’t be able to protect it.

But now, Li Fuchen didn’t have to worry about it. If someone wanted to snatch his Joint-Heaven Sword, they would have to ask if he agreed.

“An artifact sword that can be upgraded by undoing the seals?” Mu Hanxin revealed an envious and shocked expression.

“I wonder if Elder Mu has any method to undo the seal?” Li Fuchen asked.

Mu Hanxin muttered before replying, “I heard that weapons with seal would normally have weapon spirits. Perhaps Young Hero Li can attempt to communicate with the weapon spirit.”

“Weapon spirit?” Li Fuchen said, “Didn’t legends say that only heaven class weapons contain weapon spirits?”

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Mu Hanxin smiled bitterly and said, “Young Hero Li, I think that even if your artifact sword isn’t a heaven class artifact, it should almost be that class. I also heard that earth class peak-tier weapons might contain weapon spirits too.”

“I see.” Li Fuchen was enlightened.

It seemed like the Joint-Heaven Sword was indeed exceptional.

Originally, Li Fuchen assumed that undoing the first seal would increase the Joint-Heaven Sword by one tier, but right now, it seemed like it might not be so simple.

“Young Hero Li, it is best that you don’t expose this Joint-Heaven Sword. This sword is too precious.” 

To be honest, had it not been for the insufficient strength, even Mu Hanxin would want to snatch the sword. It didn’t matter if he was a swordsman. Having an artifact sword that could upgrade would definitely bring him great combat strength in the future.

Li Fuchen didn’t really bother. In the East Unicorn Continent, he truly wasn’t afraid if anyone was able to snatch it from him.

“Elder Mu, I have implicated the Wind Snow Sect recently. This set of gloves shall be considered compensation.” Li Fuchen took out a pair of silver-threaded gloves from the storage bag and tossed it to Mu Hanxin.

When Mu Hanxin received it, he had an immediate change in expression and was extremely emotional.

It was actually a pair of earth class low-tier gloves.

His strength was inferior to You Lie, Ge Yun, and the Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder, mainly due to the fact that he only cultivated half the earth class low-tier martial art. He was innately weaker than the trio, hence, even if he cultivated a complete set of the earth class low-tier martial art, he still wouldn’t be a match for them. However, they were still of the same cultivation level.

With this pair of earth class low-tier gloves, his strength would surely be able to catch up with the trio and improve greatly.

“Many thanks to Young Hero Li.” Mu Hanxin was so emotional that his body was shaking.

Li Fuchen laughed, “I might have to continue troubling Elder Mu in the future.”

Earth class low-tier gloves were about 2000 low-grade spirit stones and it wasn’t considered expensive to Li Fuchen.

“Young Hero Li doesn’t have to worry. I will not refuse even I have to climb bladed mountains or descend into the flaming sea.” At this moment, Mu Hanxin had acknowledged his allegiance to Li Fuchen and was going to follow Li Fuchen.

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