Chapter 431: One Against Four

When facing the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s slamming impact, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist could only weaken it with his ardent sun field power before his sword move to injure the opponent.

Disregarding the sword wounds, the Mountain Shaking Elephant continued to rush at Li Fuchen. He would also swing his trunk and try to restrain Li Fuchen.

But Li Fuchen wouldn’t allow his opponent to succeed. Li Fuchen roamed around and would always narrowly escape the elephant’s trunk.

“As expected from the human’s absolute prodigy, but you are definitely going to perish today!”

The Mountain Shaking Elephant yelled out while the thin and long hair on his body had suddenly lit up. A portion of the hair fell off and were shot at Li Fuchen with astounding speed.


The Scarlet Blood Sword was placed horizontally in front of Li Fuchen’s chest before it burst out with green radiance that enveloped Li Fuchen.

The Green Sun Sword Intent didn’t have any moves or stances, as long as Li Fuchen thought of it, every move and stance would be the Green Sun Sword Intent.

In an instant, the bright hairs darted over.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The green radiance was very powerful and had extinguished the bright hairs, strand by strand.

But there were too many bright hairs, furthermore, they were thin and long, giving them the ability to penetrate every little gap.

Over a dozen strands of hair had forcefully broken the Green Sun Sword Intent’s seal and landed on Li Fuchen’s body. 

Frail echoes of clanking sounds were heard.

“The bloodline power of the Demon King Mountain Pulling Elephant is truly extraordinary.”

These strands of hair weren’t able to injure Li Fuchen, they weren’t even qualified for Li Fuchen to move away.

But Li Fuchen could imagine if You Lie or Ge Yun was standing in his place, the two of them would suffer at least light injuries. With the attack methods that they had, it would be praiseworthy for them to eliminate 90% of the hairs. They could only rely on their physical defenses to endure the rest of the hairs.

“Eh!?” The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s expression turned dark.

Li Fuchen’s sword art was much more superior than the Mountain Shaking Elephant had imagined. That sword move earlier was simply impenetrable, even his innate ability, Rain of Needles had been almost flawlessly defended.

Among the Demonic Ten Regions, only he and the Petrified Queen had awakened innate abilities. Furthermore, he had only awakened it last year.

“Battle Heaven Tyrant Body.”

Since his first innate ability didn’t work, the Mountain Shaking Elephant burst out with his second innate ability.

That’s right, in just two short years, he had awakened two kinds of innate abilities, one was the Rain of Needles, the other was the Battle Heaven Tyrant Body.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s body burst with a thick halo that was dark yellow in color. With a flash, he smashed towards Li Fuchen with indescribable speed.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s current speed was too fast and several times faster than normal. During the battle with the Hundred Sects Alliance, if the Mountain Shaking Elephant exhibited such speed, he would be unstoppable. Back then, speed was the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s only flaw.

But Li Fuchen had heaven-defying awareness and before the Mountain Shaking Elephant moved, he had already executed evasive maneuver.


A mountain peak behind Li Fuchen was smashed and shattered.

It wasn’t the end yet. The Mountain Shaking Elephant had an extremely long trunk and it had suddenly extended and thickened. It was like a celestial whip that was glowing with a dark yellow halo and was lashing at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen evaded again.


The ground split open with a ravine that was over 100 feet deep.

In the sky, a human figure descended as quickly as a meteor.

Li Fuchen’s sword slashed on the Mountain Shaking Elephant, blasting the elephant into the ground and also breaking the Battle Heaven Tyrant Body.

Jumping out from underground, the Mountain Shaking Elephant spoke with confidence, “Li Fuchen, you are much stronger than I imagined. It is a pity that you will not escape death today.”

“Base on the likes of you or on the three of them?” Li Fuchen looked around.

“You knew we were here?”

The Horn Devil King flew over from a few dozen miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away, together with the Power Devil King and the Devil Pattern Tiger.

These four individuals’ regions were next to one another, hence, they were able to unite in the shortest amount of time.

“What? Do you think you can fight against all four of us alone?” The Power Devil King sneered with disdain.

“Your strength is merely slightly stronger than the Elephant King. If the four of us work together, you will definitely perish.” The Devil Pattern Tiger’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s body shook as he entered the state of Battle Heaven Tyrant Body again, “Li Fuchen, you should have never provoked us. You are too arrogant and your imminent death is the price for your arrogance.

“I might not be able to do anything if two more arrived. Just the likes of the four of you aren’t enough for me to be apprehensive.” Li Fuchen spoke calmly in this chaotic moment.


The Horn Devil King pulled out the horn on his head and imbued it with demon qi. The horn illuminated with light before cleaving at Li Fuchen.

The Power Devil King’s body swelled up several times. He bent his knees and with a spring, he had arrived in front of Li Fuchen instantly.

The Devil Pattern Tiger used his Tiger Devil Growl to envelop the place that Li Fuchen was standing in.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant swung his trunk at Li Fuchen.

The united attack of these four individuals was enough to suppress anyone.

“Good timing.” Li Fuchen’s battle intent was surging towards the clouds.

He didn’t really know what was the exact limit of his strength.

The so-called strength wasn’t just offense, it also including defense, awareness, combat skills, and the ability to adapt to various situations.

A person would only be able to estimate their own strength. Without multiple battles, it was impossible to find out one’s own limit.

The ardent sun field power burst out to weaken the Tiger Devil Growl. Li Fuchen used his sword to deflect the Horn Devil King’s horn and used his left fist to sent the Power Devil King flying.

In terms of close combat, the Power Devil King wouldn’t be able to match up against Li Fuchen, not even in his dreams.

Li Fuchen was able to combine his ardent sun qi and dragon elephant power only in close combat.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s trunk was rather hard to deal with. Against it, Li Fuchen kicked with his right leg, using multiple kicks, he had stomped on the dark yellow trunk and flew up.

“His close combat strength?”

The Power Devil King’s mouth was bleeding while he was sent flying. His right arm was twisted beyond recognition.

His right arm might have reverted back to normal in the next instant, but it had consumed plenty of his demon qi and traces of vitality.

“Is this all you got?”

Li Fuchen made the first move this time as he raised his sword and rushed towards the Horn Devil King and slashed.

This slash was an ordinary slash but with the support from the bronze sword qi and the dragon elephant power, this slash felt like it could split the void. This slash had split the Horn Devil King’s stomach. The extreme speed didn’t allow the Horn Devil King to block with his horn.


A few miles to the right, the Power Devil King’s hand was surging with demon qi as he formed a pitch-black spear.

Immediately after, the Power Devil King threw the spear with all his might.

The speed of the spear was faster than the speed of sound. It was a few times faster than the speed of sound as the spear arrived in front of Li Fuchen before any sound could be heard.


Li Fuchen didn’t even look as he brandished his Scarlet Blood Sword. The green sword lights glittered and severed the spear into two before the spear brushed across Li Fuchen’s body.

A shadow assaulted from behind. It was unknown when the Devil Pattern Tiger arrived behind Li Fuchen and had launched the Tiger Devil Growl at close distance.

With the ardent sun field power, Li Fuchen only felt a little discomfort.

But the sense of danger didn’t come from the Devil Pattern Tiger, but the Mountain Shaking Elephant.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was glowing with dense and dark yellow halo as he smashed over with shocking speed.

Li Fuchen might have heaven-defying awareness, but he wasn’t able to evade in advance. He had no choice but to counter with his sword.


The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s tyrant body state had been shattered again, but Li Fuchen was also sent flying.

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The smashing attack with the tyrant body state was certainly the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s strongest attack. Furthermore, it even had a stasis effect.

“He should have suffered some injury, right!?” The Mountain Shaking Elephant looked at the large pit at the front.

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From the large pit, Li Fuchen flew up and grinned, “Again.”

“Damn it, why didn’t he suffer any injury?”

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was certain that Li Fuchen’s counter sword move earlier was executed in a hurry and he didn’t have time to gather all of his strength. In such a situation, it was already praiseworthy to eliminate 50% of the smashing force, the remaining forces should have transferred to Li Fuchen’s body.

50% of the smashing force of the tyrant body state was enough to cause severe injuries to any elite human expert apart from the Evil King. But somehow, Li Fuchen didn’t suffer any injury at all.

How could the Mountain Shaking Elephant know that Li Fuchen’s defense wasn’t inferior to him?

In terms of qi cultivation defense, Li Fuchen’s was indeed weak and it was only at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm. But with the Silver Scale Armor, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation defense was already comparable to You Lie.

With the addition of Li Fuchen’s physical defense, his overall defense wasn’t unmatched.

Of course, Li Fuchen would stand still like a fool without retaliating and allow himself to become a live target. Be it the qi defense or the physical defense, they would be exhausted. The qi defense would exhaust his qi, while the physical defense would exhaust the dragon elephant power or the qi power.

“Go together, I don’t believe that he will remain uninjured forever.”

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was truly enraged. Together with the Horn Devil King and the Power Devil King, they attacked Li Fuchen with close combat.

The Devil Pattern Tiger would also attack occasionally, but most of the time, he would be using the Tiger Devil Growl to affect Li Fuchen.

This battle was truly earth-shaking and chaotic.

The sky would suddenly be howling with violent winds and crisscrossing with thunderbolts, at times the dark clouds would split open and the sun would radiate with brilliance, at times, there would be thunderclouds with the sudden downpour.

Five elite individuals’ battle had affected the weather and environment of over a few hundred miles. The radius was continuing to expand and extending outside.

As for the commotion of the battle, one could clearly feel it from over a thousand miles away. The nearby demonic beasts in the Mountain Shaking Region where all escaping as none of them dared to join the battle. They were afraid if they entered the core area of the battle, they would be instantly turned into dust by the violent qi forces.


The green sword lights radiated as Li Fuchen drew a giant wound on the Power Devil King, causing fresh blood to spurt out endlessly.

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen was getting more valiant as he fought. During close combat, he didn’t exhaust a lot of stamina and his offense was extremely powerful. A casual attack would already have a power that was close to the Green Sun Absolution.

In the first few battles before, Li Fuchen didn’t use his close combat strength at all.

Now that he was going at full strength, not even the united attacks were able to suppress him and they were severely injured by Li Fuchen instead.

Especially the Horn Devil King and the Power Devil King. The two of them were weaker and had suffered multiple slashes from Li Fuchen. They might be able to recover quickly with demon qi and vitality, but their qi presence were getting weaker and they weren’t as haughty as before.

The Devil Pattern Tiger and the Mountain Shaking Elephant were in a better state but they weren’t having a good time either. 


The green sword lights were cold and ruthless. Li Fuchen severed the Horn Devil King’s left arm before piercing the Power Devil King’s body. Immediately after, he slashed a bone-deep sword wound on the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s body. Only the Devil Pattern Tiger who was rather far away didn’t suffer any injuries.

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