Chapter 430: Consecutive Warnings

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t wish to have a war with the Demonic Ten Regions now. Therefore, he must not kill the Horn Devil King. Once he killed the Horn Devil King, the Demonic Ten Regions would surely unite and invade the Hundred Sects Alliance.

Li Fuchen might be able to protect himself, but the others wouldn’t be able to endure the attack. Without You Lie, Ge Yun, and dozens of Reincarnation Realm experts, there would be an impact, more or less.

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t regret as the two of them deserved to die and he wouldn’t accept to compromise as it was something that weak people would do.

With strength that was comparable to the Evil King, no one could make Li Fuchen compromise.

“Li Fuchen, do you know what are you doing?” The Horn Devil King held his horn and asked with vigilance.

Li Fuchen said, “Ask the demons from your Horn Devil Region to return to your territory. Otherwise, I will kill you the next time I see you.”

This might be a talk, but it was actually a warning from Li Fuchen.

Before the Horn Devil King replied, Li Fuchen left with a flash.

“Damn it.”

The Horn Devil King vented his anger by swinging his horn. The small mountain peak that was a few dozen miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away had been exploded.

One day later, Li Fuchen arrived at the Power Devil Region.

The Power Devil Region was ruled by the Power Devil King who was a class 5 demon with powerful strength. In terms of physical power, it wasn’t inferior to the Mountain Shaking Elephant who was the sovereign of the Mountain Shaking Region.


A small mountain that was hundreds of feet tall had been uprooted. The Power Devil King who was only a few dozen feet in height used his strength to throw the small mountain at Li Fuchen.

The rapidly flying small mountain had burst into flames after the friction with the air. It was like a huge meteor that was smashing at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s clothes were fluttering while he thrust at the burning mountain.


The small mountain burst into millions of pieces, resulting in tons of pits in the ground while smoke was rising.

“Green Sun Absolution!”

After his thrust, Li Fuchen executed his finishing move. A blinding green pillar of light blasted on the Power Devil King’s body.

But Li Fuchen was rather surprised that the Green Sun Absolution could only make the Power Devil King slightly injured. The Power Devil King’s defenses were obviously tougher than the Horn Devil King.

When the demon qi was circulated, the Power Devil King’s injuries were healed. He grinned and said, “You cannot do anything to me.”

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In terms of defense, among the Demonic Ten Regions, only the Mountain Shaking Elephant was able to compare with the Power Devil King. Both of them had extremely powerful physical strength and extremely tough physical defenses.

“Is that so? What about this sword?”

Activating the core blazing flame power, Li Fuchen blasted another sword at the Power Devil King.

The Power Devil King was a live target and couldn’t even dodge if he wished to.

He was immediately struck.

This time, the Power Devil King suffered more injuries. His chest had caved in and his wounds were charred.

“What do you want to do?” The Power Devil King had a change in expression. His entire body’s demon qi were surging as his injuries were recovering.

“Ask the demons from your Power Devil Region to leave the humans’ regions. This time, it will be a warning.”

Li Fuchen turned around and left without hesitation, leaving behind the Power Devil King with an ashen expression.

While flying, Li Fuchen was sighing silently, ‘I might have formidable strength but too much qi is being used. I cannot fight in an extended battle.’

Be it the Green Sun Absolution or the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern, they both required high amounts of qi.

Green Sun Absolution used 20% of Li Fuchen’s qi, while the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern used up 30% of his qi. In order to deal with the Power Devil King, Li Fuchen had used 40% of his qi. It also meant if he didn’t use the Clear Sky Sword Art, he wouldn’t be able to kill the Power Devil King.

Most of the sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions might not be a match for You Lie and Ge Yun, but they were definitely harder to kill. The demons had tough defenses and resilient vitality.

Even the Evil King would need to put in a lot of effort to kill one of them.

“I have to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent to the trance stage. Afterwards, my regular sword move would be comparable or superior to the Green Sun Absolution.”

The Green Sun Absolute was formidable due to the ability to launch a large amount of qi in an instant. If the Green Sun Sword Intent was at the trance stage, he wouldn’t have to utilize so much qi and the sword moves would still be profound and could still burst out with stunning lethal power.

After looking for a place, Li Fuchen started to absorb the qi within the low-grade spirit stones to recover his qi.

Two days later, Li Fuchen arrived at the Tiger Devil Region.

The Tiger Devil Region’s sovereign, the Devil Pattern Tiger was originally a class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts. But it had consumed some demon artifact, allowing its body to evolve and allowing it to possess both traits from demonic beast and demon. It had also developed various horrific abilities. Its strength among the best among the Ten Demonic Regions and it was just inferior to the Petrified Queen and the Blood Devil King.

“Tiger Devil Growl!

In the chaotic battlefield, there was a black-furred tiger demon that was close to a 1000-feet tall and covered in dark golden patterns that released a sky-shaking growl.

In the next moment, a tiger demon shadow appeared in the air and growled at Li Fuchen at the same time.


The void was shaken and time seemed to stop.

“This is the void power?”

Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted as the Devil Pattern Tiger’s growl obviously contained the void power and the nearby few miles had been frozen.

Of course, it was just a slight trace. If the Devil Pattern Tiger had full control of the void power, a single thought was enough to stop the entire continent from moving, allowing all the living beings to be slaughtered. It was something that Primary Sea Realm monarchs and demon kings were unable to do.
(TL note: Reminder – Demon Kings are class 7 demonic beasts)

If one had control over the void power, it would be a godly ability.

The growl had stunned Li Fuchen while the Devil Pattern Tiger pounced over and slammed with his claw.

If this claw had hit, even Li Fuchen would suffer injuries.

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But it was apparent that the Devil Pattern Tiger’s Tiger Devil Growl could only stun Li Fuchen for an instant. After an instant, Li Fuchen’s sword brandished to block the claw attack.

The Devil Pattern Tiger growled again as he wished to stun Li Fuchen continuously.

But Li Fuchen had already seen through this move. His ardent sun field power burst out and condensed into a circle.

This time, Li Fuchen felt his body getting a little sluggish but he wasn’t stunned.

The field power actually contained traces of void power too. It might not be comparable to the Tiger Devil Growl, but it was still able to resist it.

With the execution of the Green Sun Absolution, Li Fuchen sent the Devil Pattern Tiger flying in a single move.

The Devil Pattern Tiger was superior to the Power Devil King in physical strength but in terms of defense, it wasn’t tougher than the Power Devil King. It wasn’t able to block this sword move and one of its legs had nearly been severed by Li Fuchen.

After leaving behind a warning, Li Fuchen left the Tiger Devil Region and headed for the last place… the Mountain Shaking Region.

Li Fuchen didn’t intend to warn all the sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions. Four was already his limit.

After all, he was worried that the Demonic Ten Regions might work together.

In the Mountain Shaking Region, a giant elephant’s trumpet was echoing nonstop.

A 1000-feet giant elephant was fighting with a tiny human. Each collision would cause the ground to split open, mountains to explode. It was as though two giants were in an imposing battle.

Li Fuchen realized that the Mountain Shaking Elephant was stronger than he imagined. When the elephant slammed over, there was actually void power that could cause the void to freeze. It might not be as powerful as the Tiger Devil Growl, but the Tiger Devil Growl required time before the execution, while the Mountain Shaking Elephant only required to slam with its body to activate it in an instant.

“It seems like the elephant had excavated more of the King Beast, Mountain Pulling Elephant’s bloodline power.”

The King Beast was naturally a demon king.

Demon King Mountain Pulling Elephant was an extremely fearsome existence in the ancient times of the East Unicorn Continent. It was rumored that a swing of its trunk would be able to lift up a mountain, no matter the size of the mountain.

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