Chapter 429: Teaching the Horn Devil King a Lesson

“Fuchen, the elixirs that you provided are too amazing. In just a short one month, your mother and I have both progressed by three levels. Furthermore, the qi is very stable and doesn’t feel weak.” In the pavilion at one of the peaks, Li Tianhan exclaimed to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

Before Li Fuchen returned, the duo had consumed an Earth Shatter Fruit each. One of them was at the 2nd level Earth Shatter Realm and the other was at the 1st level Earth Shatter Realm. But one month later, Li Tianhan had reached the 5th level of Earth Shatter Realm while Shen Yuyan reached the 4th level of Earth Shatter Realm.

Li Fuchen laughed, “Father, these elixirs are just the appetizers. These elixirs that I will be giving to you and mother are the main course.”

While speaking, Li Fuchen took out two bottles of elixirs, “This bottle is the Spirit Root Elixir and this bottle is the Star Spirit Elixir. Both elixirs can allow you and mother’s bone frames to reach the 3-star grade. In the future, your cultivations will be much easier.”

“Elixirs that can upgrade the bone frame?” Li Tianhan widened his eyes.

Bone frames were like natural fate that determined the future accomplishments.

The bone frame might be altered but the items that could transform the bone frames were too rare. Not even elite factions would have them.

Li Fuchen carried on saying, “I am unable to find elixirs that could upgrade the bone frame from 4-star to 5-star for now. But I will surely have that opportunity in the future.”

“4-star and 5-star bone frame…” Li Tianhan was stuttered, “It is still too far. Your mother and I are satisfied to have 3-star bone frames.”

Li Fuchen said, “Father, don’t you wish to reach the Reincarnation Realm? After reaching the Reincarnation Realm, the lifespan might extend to 250 years. I wish that you and mother can live for another 200 years.”

After listening to his son, Li Tianhan’s eyes were burning with passion. How could he not wish to reach the Reincarnation Realm? But that hope was too remote and it was nearly close to zero, hence, he never dared to dream about it.

“Don’t worry father. This isn’t a dream, trust me.”

“Father trusts you.”

Li Tianhan nodded repeatedly. His son had created too many miracles, thus, Li Tianhan had chosen to believe his son.

With the Spirit Root Elixir and the Star Spirit Elixir, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan weren’t the only ones that had upgraded their bone frames to the 3-star. Li Xiaodie who was Li Fuchen’s adoptive sister had also enjoyed this privilege too. Her bone frame was also upgraded to the 3-star and she was beaming with joy.

As for the rest of the Spirit Root Elixirs and the Star Spirit Elixirs, they were kept by Li Tianhan and were meant as rewards for the Li Clan’s descendants who had worked hard to earn them.

The Wind Snow Sect was huge and the Azure Water Sect had been temporarily arranged to stay within the Wind Snow Sect. After all, it was safer here and the situation still wasn’t clear, it was best to be as careful as possible.

Arriving at the peak where the Azure Water Sect was situated on…

Li Fuchen transmitted a message to Ouyang Wentian.

“Fuchen.” In a short moment, Ouyang Wentian flew over with a smile that had a trace of respect.

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “Sect Patriarch, I wonder how many years have you been stuck at the 2nd level of Reincarnation Realm?”

Ouyang Wentian had the 5-star bone frame. With such a bone frame, it wasn’t impossible to reach the Battle Spirit Realm in the Seven Color Continent. But in the East Unicorn Continent, due to the thin heaven and earth qi, without any huge opportunities, one would only be able to reach the mid-levels of Reincarnation Realm in this lifetime. It was extremely too difficult to reach the high-levels of Reincarnation Realm, let alone progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm. It was something that even the 6-star bone frames would have a very hard time to achieve.

Ouyang Wentian replied with shame, “About 12 years.”

He spent 8 years to advance from the 1st level to the 2nd level of the Reincarnation Realm. With he would need another three to four years before he could advance to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm.

With a turn of the palm, a Primary Ascension Elixir appeared in his hand, “Sect Patriarch, this is the Primary Ascension Elixir. It can aid you in the advancement to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm. Just treat this as a gift to Sect Patriarch for the preferential treatment that you have provided to me in the past.”

Primary Ascension Elixir allowed a low-level Reincarnation Realm expert to advance by one level without much side effects. One elixir cost 3000 low-grade spirit stones.

“Fuchen, how can I?” Ouyang Wentian was shocked.

After handing the elixir to Ouyang Wentian, Li Fuchen said, “Sect Patriarch don’t say anything else. This is just Li Fuchen’s sincerity.”

Li Fuchen turned and flew off the peak after speaking.

Staring at the Primary Ascension Elixir in his hand, Ouyang Wentian was filled with gratitude and fervent.

For the next period of time, Li Fuchen was living in peace.

He would be comprehending the pattern on the blazing flame bone frame daily.

The 4-star blazing flame bone frame had a gap between the 5-star and 6-star blazing flame bone frame. Higher grade blazing flame bone frames would be able to extract purer and more forceful blazing flame power. Li Fuchen didn’t wish to be left behind, hence, he had to rely on his perception to diligently the blazing flame pattern.

If he was able to comprehend more than 50% of the blazing flame pattern, he would be able to excavate the blazing flame divine ability. Even if Li Fuchen was facing an opponent with 6-star blazing flame bone frame, as long as his opponent didn’t have the divine ability, his opponent wouldn’t be a match for his 4-star blazing flame bone frame.

Currently, Li Fuchen’s blazing flame pattern was already 40% comprehended. It was very close to 50% comprehension.

“I wonder what the divine ability will be like?” Li Fuchen was very curious.

Apart from the comprehension of the blazing flame pattern, Li Fuchen was also comprehending the Green Sun Sword Intent and the Ardent Sun Divine Palm.

Once these two martial arts reached the trance stage and produced the intent, they would greatly increase Li Fuchen’s combat strength.

As for cultivation, it was basically impossible to advance within a short period of time.

Li Fuchen only spent less than two years to progress from the 8th level of Heaven Dipper Realm to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm. This speed was truly appalling news.

Having ample resources was one factor, but Li Fuchen’s powerful spirit soul was the greatest factor.

Otherwise, even if Li Fuchen had consumed mental elixirs, it would be difficult for him to control such formidable power.

If the spirit soul was the wooden barrel, the mental state would the water in the wooden barrel.

The stronger the spirit soul, the firmer and larger the wooden barrel would be and it would be able to contain more water.

One could say that the spirit soul was the most important fundamentals and it was even more important than the bone frame.

On the Wind Snow Mountain, Mu Hanxin and Li Fuchen were looking at the snow scenery while drinking tea.

“Humans are really too miserable. The regions that were seized by the Demonic Ten Regions had turned all the humans into food. Previously, I visited one of the regions seized by the demons. Many of the cities were emptied and piled with corpses and bones.” Mu Hanxin took a deep sigh.

Li Fuchen silently agreed. For over a month, he never ventured out. It wasn’t because he didn’t wish to expel the demons, but his strength alone was too weak.

Looking at the current situation, the overall strength of the Hundred Sects Alliance was far too inferior to the Demonic Ten Regions and the Evil Dao. Especially the Demonic Ten Regions who had the strongest overall strength and the most number of elite experts. If there was a final war, the Hundred Sects Alliance would have countless casualties.

Hence, Li Fuchen hoped that his strength could go higher and once he had the strength to eliminate the Demonic Ten Regions’ sovereigns with ease, he would naturally eliminate them all at once.

But after hearing Mu Hanxin’s statement, Li Fuchen felt that he shouldn’t be in such peace. Even if he couldn’t have an all-out war with the Demonic Ten Regions, he would at least be able to force the Demonic Ten Regions to exit the humans’ territories.

“It is time to reveal my sword.” Li Fuchen stood up.

Mu Hanxin asked with surprise, “Young Hero Li, what are you going to do?”

He had said those words purely because he was sighing with sorrow. He didn’t have any intention to incite Li Fuchen.

After all, the Demonic Ten Regions weren’t the same as the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect.

When Li Fuchen dealt with the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect, he was going against an entire sect alone.

If he wanted to deal with the Demonic Ten Regions, he was going to face an entire race by himself.

To be honest, if Li Fuchen had to face both the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect at the same time, he might not be able to suppress the two sects. His individual strength had yet to reach the level where he could suppress everything, it was still barely enough. If Li Fuchen started a war with the Demonic Ten Regions, he would have to face ten You Lie and Ge Yun classed enemies alone. It was simply unimaginable to face several class 5 demons, class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts, and class 5 high-tier mutated demonic beasts.

“I know my own limits.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t foolish enough to start a war with the Demonic Ten Regions. He merely wanted them to exercise restraint.

“Elder Mu, wait for my good news.” Li Fuchen flashed and departed from the Wind Snow Sect.

Mu Hanxin laughed bitterly. No wonder Li Fuchen was matchless at such a young age. Such a swift and decisive mettle was something that only the Evil King could be compared with.

Li Fuchen didn’t advance to a region that the demons had seized as those regions had a high number of demons. Even if Li Fuchen slaughtered for an entire year, it was impossible to kill all of them. The region that Li Fuchen was heading for was one of the Demonic Ten Regions’ Horn Devil Region.

Horn Devil Region, Horn Devil Palace.

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The Horn Devil King was tasting multiple human martial artists.

To the demons, humans were delicacies.

Eating humans was the energy source that allowed them to grow stronger. The stronger the humans they consumed, the more energy source they would be able to absorb.

“It is a pity I am unable to consume Reincarnation Realm experts. If I can eat a few dozen Reincarnation Realm experts, I might be able to evolve into a class 6 demon.” The Horn Devil King was thinking to himself.


The massive Horn Devil Palace was split into two. The violent sword qi had killed several class 3 and class 4 demons instantly. Only class 5 demons were able to keep their lives after getting hit by the sword qi waves.

Wielding the Scarlet Blood Sword, Li Fuchen stood in the air above the Horn Devil Palace with an indifferent expression.

“Damn it, who is it?!” The Horn Devil King flew up into the sky and was surging with rage.

“I am Li Fuchen.” Li Fuchen stated.

“Li Fuchen, what are you doing at my Horn Devil Region? Do you wish to cause an all-out war?” The Horn Devil King’s eyes shrunk before he yelled with fury.

“Talk after we fight.” The ardent sun qi was transmuted into the bronze sword qi before Li Fuchen brandished his sword.

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The Green Sun Sword Intent was extremely severe and had created countless sword wounds on the Horn Devil King’s body in an instant.

The strongest attribute of class 5 demons were their defense. In the entire world, apart from the Evil King, no one was able to break their defenses. Of course, the Petrified Queen’s petrification ability was able to restrain them.

“As expected of the sovereign among the class 5 demons.”

The same class 5 demons had differences in strength. Of course, the weakest among them wasn’t too inferior to the Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder, Mu Hanxin.

“Green Sun Absolution.”

When Li Fuchen executed the Green Sun Sword Intent’s sword move, a green pillar of light covered the entire place and sent the Horn Devil King flying.

When the Horn Devil King stood up again, his entire body was injured and the spot with the most severe injury had lost a large piece of flesh. If Li Fuchen executed his move a few more times, it was possible for him to kill the Horn Devil King.

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“Li Fuchen, what do you want?” The Horn Devil King panicked and quickly pulled the horn from his head.

“Now can we talk?” Li Fuchen withdrew his Scarlet Blood Sword and smiled.

But in the eyes of the Horn Devil King, the smile was very dangerous.

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