Chapter 428: Shocking the Continent

These 50,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords were basically Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s final trump card. Once he used all of them, he wouldn’t be able to use the Sect Origin Swords for a short period of time. He would need to spend several days to recover them.

But Li Fuchen had to use them as the Mystic Tools Sect had the advantage of numbers and he was alone, hence, he was a little outnumbered.

As the inner sect elders fell one by one, the Mystic Tools Sect Patriarch was anxious, “Li Fuchen, if you don’t surrender, I will extinguish your Li clansmen. That array board will not be able to withstand the attack of the Wind Blade Array Pagoda!”

Li Fuchen talked back with a similarly cold voice, “If you kill one of my Li clansmen, I will slaughter your entire Mystic Tools Sect. If you think I am saying empty words, you can simply try.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t going to be duped.

He was indeed very concerned about his father, Li Tianhan’s life, but it didn’t mean he would surrender. Once he surrendered, he and his Li Clan’s fate would be in the hands of the Mystic Tools Sect. If that was the case, he would rather be more forceful. He didn’t believe that the Mystic Tools Sect Patriarch would be so demented to risk the entire sect’s lives.

“Li Fuchen, damn you!”

The Mystic Tools Sect Patriarch was unresigned but he didn’t dare to attack the Li clansmen either. He had no choice but to use the Wind Blade Array Pagoda to attack Li Fuchen in a frenzy.

But Li Fuchen’s awareness was too powerful. The instant he sensed a trace of stinging pain, he would dodge the wind blades ahead of time.

As time elapsed, several inner sect elders fell again.

“Ahh! Ahh!” The Mystic Tools Sect Patriarch was roaring like a maniac as his heart was filled with dilemmas while having extreme resentment for Li Fuchen.

He was now facing a difficult choice… If he continued to attack Li Fuchen, the inner sect elders would continue to perish. If he killed the Li clansmen, Li Fuchen would definitely be enraged and slaughter the entire Mystic Tools Sect.

But he was unwilling to yield and unwilling to accept this reality.

“Sect Patriarch, you have to look at the bigger picture. We don’t have to risk our lives like this.” One of the Supreme Elders was persuading patiently.

He could see that Li Fuchen didn’t have the intention to conduct a massacre on the upper echelons of the Mystic Tools Sect. Li Fuchen merely wanted to take revenge on Supreme Grand Elder Ge Yun and on the Mystic Tools Sect for imprisoning the Li clansmen. Now that Ge Yun was dead and over a dozen inner sect elders had perished, Li Fuchen’s anger was mostly dissipated. If this carried on, the Mystic Tools Sect would suffer greater losses. When they reached that stage, they would end up with dead fish or a broken net.

Most importantly, they didn’t have any method to kill Li Fuchen. If they could kill Li Fuchen, it was worth the risk and they would be able to take some revenge.

“Sect Patriarch, Elder Wu is right. As long as the green hill is still standing, we will not need to worry that we wouldn’t have firewood. But if the green hill is destroyed, everything will be ruined.” Another Supreme Elder persuaded.

The Mystic Tools Sect was starting to waver. In fact, he had thought to this point too.

But he was the Mystic Tools Sect Patriarch, the glory of the Mystic Tools Sect was his glory, the humiliation of the Mystic Tools Sect was his humiliation.

The great surge of emotions had made it difficult for him to make a decision.

At this moment, Li Fuchen spoke, “Ge Yun conspired for my artifacts, hence, I killed him. Your Mystic Tools Sect used your influence to bully others and abducted my Li clansmen, I have also taken my revenge. Right now, I wish to take my Li clansmen away, I wonder what is your esteemed sect’s opinion?”

Li Fuchen naturally didn’t wish to take the risk with the Mystic Tools Sect. His father’s life was much more precious than the Mystic Tools Sect.

He simply had to take the Li clansmen away to eliminate the worries for future consequences. The East Unicorn Continent was huge and he was going stand on the top of it.

“Li Fuchen, my Mystic Tools Sect shall remember today’s humiliation.” The Mystic Tools Sect Patriarch stopped the Wind Blade Array Pagoda and gritted his teeth while responding.

“I just hope that you don’t forget it.” Li Fuchen withdrew the Sect Origin Bronze Swords.

Close to half of the 50,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords were used.

“Go now, before I change my decision.” The Mystic Tools Sect Patriarch lowered his eyes and suppressed his murderous intent.

“Hehe, then I shall accept your offer.”

Li Fuchen flew to Li Tianhan and the others. He kept the array board and with a surge of qi, he flew everyone out of the Mystic Tools Sect.

Looking at Li Fuchen’s departing figure, the Mystic Tools Sect’s no.1 heavenly prodigy, Immovable King Star Qi Heng gripped his fist tightly.

“Li Fuchen, I will surpass you one day.”

The Mystic Tools Sect’s humiliation was also Qi Heng’s humiliation, it was impossible for him to be unaffected.

Of course, those were words he could only say in his heart.

He was far too inferior to Li Fuchen, the difference was so drastic they couldn’t even be compared.

If he said it out loud, he would only be laughed by others.

But the river would flow east for thirty years, before changing to flow west for the next thirty years. He didn’t believe he wouldn’t catch up to Li Fuchen.

“We are out, we are out!” The Li clansmen were rather excited.

To them, the Mystic Tools Sect was just like hell and they didn’t want to stay inside for a moment longer.

“Father, everyone, all of you have suffered when I am not around. But from this moment onwards, no one will dare to bully our Li Clan. The entire East Unicorn Continent shall fear our Li Clan.” Li Fuchen knew everyone needed to vent their feelings, hence, he said something arrogant. Of course, his statement was too arrogant either. The news wasn’t spread out yet, once it was spread out, anyone who wanted to deal with the Li Clan would have to consider if they were qualified.

“Fuchen, you have grown up. I do not know which god do I have to thank for my Li Clan to produce an absolute prodigy like you.” One of the Li Clan’s upper echelon was speaking with high spirits.

A few days later, they returned to the Wind Snow Sect.

The Wind Snow Sect was shaken.

Everyone, including the Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Mu Hanxin, had emerged to welcome Li Fuchen.

Among the crowd, the Wind Snow Sect’s no.1 prodigy, Wind Snow Fairy Xu Lin was looking at Li Fuchen with complicated expressions.

They were all heavenly prodigies, but Li Fuchen had left them in the dust.

If they were fireflies, then Li Fuchen would be the sun in the sky. He didn’t only overlook the youth generations, he had also overlooked the senior generations. In the entire East Unicorn Continent, only two or three individuals were able to contest with him.

To be honest, Xu Lin was rather jealous of such strength.

Who didn’t wish to dictate their own fate, who didn’t wish to be all-powerful and walked towards the pinnacle?

Inside the Wind Snow Sect, the Azure Water Sect’s members were also there.

When Li Fuchen headed for the Mystic Tools Sect, the entire Wind Snow Sect had already made the unanimous decision to allow the Azure Water Sect to govern themselves independently.

How would the Wind Snow Sect dare to govern the sect that Li Fuchen belonged to?

Ouyang Wentian and the rest of the Azure Water Sect members felt they were in a dream.

When they found out that Li Fuchen had oppressed the Thunder God Sect, they suspected that the Wind Snow Sect were deceiving them. After all, Li Fuchen was still so young, how could he actually oppress the Thunder God Sect? It was something that the Evil King couldn’t do, but now, they had to believe it.

To be able to take back the Li clansmen from the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect was already sufficient to prove Li Fuchen’s strength.

The youth generations of the Azure Water Sect were looking at Li Fuchen with admiration.

It included Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, Xue Feng, Liu Wuhuang, and also Yuwen Tian.

Everyone felt that were looking at a legend.

Previously, they were delusional enough to think they would catch up with Li Fuchen’s progress, but now, they had eliminated those thoughts.

At least before they reached the Reincarnation Realm, they wouldn’t dare to have such thoughts.

Among the group, Guan Xue’s expression was the most complicated. There were times she imagined how good would it be if she didn’t withdraw the engagement.

She was still a woman and which woman wouldn’t hope of their other half to be an outstanding individual?

But the human heart was very strange. Seeing how glorious Li Fuchen was, she didn’t have such thoughts anymore as she knew that the glorious Li Fuchen would never belong to her.

The Li clansmen were arranged to stay in one of the Wind Snow Sect’s peaks.

When Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan reunited, they were extremely emotional, so were the rest of the Li clansmen.


As time passed, the achievements of Li Fuchen had finally spread across the entire continent.

Without a doubt, it had shocked the continent.

Demonic Ten Regions, Stone Region…

When the Petrified Queen obtained this news, she stayed silent for a long time.

“The humans are truly tenacious and fortunate. No wonder the East Unicorn Continent had never been enveloped by darkness in history. In every era, there would be an exceptional figure. But this Li Fuchen is just a single person and it would be a vain attempt for him to contest with the Demonic Ten Regions and the Evil Dao with the strength of a single person. It is simply a pipedream.”

Blood Devil Region…

The Blood Devil King grabbed a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist and bite down, causing his mouth to be filled with blood. “Who exactly is this Li Fuchen? Does he actually have the ability to suppress the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect? There must be some trickery. I do wish to encounter him one day and see what kind of capability does he have.”

The Demonic Ten Region’s sovereigns didn’t believe the rumors and felt it was too exaggerated. Making the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect yielding with the strength of a single person was something that even the Evil King couldn’t do.

But they admitted Li Fuchen to a certain extent. After all, if something didn’t happen, the rumors wouldn’t be spread out either.

Evil Region, Evi Fist Sect…

The Evil King was revealing a rather intrigued expression.

He didn’t know if the rumors were exaggerated, but he was looking forward to obtaining the artifacts from Li Fuchen.

He assumed that Li Fuchen was able to become so powerful because of those artifacts. Otherwise, who would be able to progress so drastically within just two years?

“I shall let you keep my artifacts for now.”

When the Evil King barged into Mystic Tools Sect, he had underestimated the power of the dilapidated battleship. If he went again, he wouldn’t be injured again. If he was vigilant, there was nothing that could injure him.

Extreme Yin Region…

The Extreme Yin Ancestor had a gloomy expression. During Li Fuchen’s journey to the Hundred Sects Alliance, he had destroyed many of the Extreme Yin Ancestor’s sub-halls, making the latter very indignant.

After knowing this news, he didn’t dare to provoke Li Fuchen on his own accord.

It wasn’t because he feared Li Fuchen. Before knowing Li Fuchen’s true strength, he didn’t want to take the risk.

“Li Fuchen, just you wait. My Evil Dao’s forces will engulf the entire East Unicorn Continent sooner or later. You will not be able to stop it yourself.”

The Extreme Yin Ancestor temporarily suppressed his anger.

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Similar to the Extreme Yin Ancestor, the Blood Ancestor was also extremely gloomy.

Back at the Black Sky Sect Ruins, he had suffered a loss in Li Fuchen’s hand. Now that Li Fuchen was back, he didn’t dare to provoke Li Fuchen either. As such, his heart had unbearable anger.

“Hmph, once I nurture a strong enough blood corpse, you shall pay the price.”

The Blood Ancestor quelled his anger and went into seclusion.

The Demonic Ten Regions and the Evil Dao’s forces weren’t the only ones that were shocked, the Hundred Sects Alliance were even more shocked.

They weren’t too far from the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect, thus, they had thorough and detailed information.

After knowing that Li Fuchen killed the Thunder God Sect and Mystic Tools Sect’s Supreme Grand Elders, they were all frightened and also rejoicing. With Li Fuchen around, they had lesser pressure and didn’t have to worry about the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Region’s invasion for the time being.

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