Chapter 427: Wind Blade Array Pagoda

“Good timing.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t retreat or give way as he contested Ge Yun with his own fist.

Everyone could feel the air shaking as though two meteorites had collided, while the surging power and flames were blasting out in all directions. Those weaker Mystic Tools Sect’s inner sect elders couldn’t even stay still and were sent flying. Even the stronger inner sect elders was forced to retreat a few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away.

Ge Yun possessed the 6-star bone frame and it was the 6-star blazing flame bone frame.
(TL note: Blazing fire bone frame -> Blazing flame bone frame. Same for the blazing flame power, core blazing flame power, etc)

Therefore, Ge Yun’s fist contained qi, tool pattern power, and the blazing flame power.

In terms of fist strength, he wasn’t weaker than Li Fuchen.

“Let me test his fundamental strength before killing him in single attack.” Li Fuchen thought in his mind.

Ge Yun wasn’t the same as You Lie, he had much tougher defense than You Lie. If Li Fuchen’s strongest attack wasn’t able to kill Ge Yun in a single attack, Li Fuchen might lose the chance to kill Ge Yun completely. Li Fuchen didn’t wish for this matter to be delayed.

Boom Boom Boom…

The duo’s fists had clashed for more than ten times.

With the body refinement strength, Li Fuchen had ignored the forces of impact.

Ge Yun was covered in the red-colored tool pattern was similarly able to ignore the forces of impact.

“I have underestimated you. But if your strength is only at this extent, then you shall die!” Ge Yun’s red tool pattern had shone brightly and was like a burning flatiron. Horrific waves were released.

The waves felt like waves of flesh and blood while it also felt like mystic class tools’ waves. But it was several times stronger than the mystic class tools and was close to the earth class tools.

It was the Mystic Tools Sect’s forbidden technique, Union of Man and Tool.

When the Evil King emerged, Ge Yun might just be a little weaker than You Lie, but the current Ge Yun was already stronger than You Lie.

He was already fused with a blood-refined tool and was close to 60% fusion. If anyone wanted to injure him, they would only be able to do so if they could easily severe a mystic class peak-tier tool, otherwise, it was impossible to kill him after hitting his body for a hundred times. To a certain extent, he was even more fearsome than body refinement martial artists.

After all, body refinement martial artists still had bodies of flesh and blood. When a person cultivated the Union of Man and Tool, they could be considered as half-human, half-tool.

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Apart from everything else, the Union of Man and Tool could allow the practitioner to utilize the maximum combat strength wouldn’t having to worry about the burden.

“Iron Transformation Divine Fist.”

It was the same Iron Transformation Divine Fist but Ge Yun’s fist was entirely red. It looked like a newly forged iron fist that was bursting with insane scorching power.

“Green Sun Sword Intent.”

Taking a step back, Li Fuchen drew his Scarlet Blood Sword and brandished it to release thousands of sword lights.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

Ge Yun’s fist art was straightforward and didn’t have many variations. A single fist might be able to destroy 90% of the sword lights, but 10% still managed to slice on his body.

Apart from leaving behind pale white impressions on Ge Yun’s body, the sword lights did nothing else.

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It was Ge Yun’s fist force that forced Li Fuchen to move a few miles back.

“Such intense and condensed fist force. The Union of Man and Tool is indeed formidable.” Li Fuchen was rather surprised.

In terms of frontal combat strength, Ge Yun was much more superior to You Lie.

Of course, Ge Yun wasn’t as fast as You Lie and was rather ‘dumb’.

“I didn’t use my core blazing flame power nor my Bronze Sword Essence. Even if I used them, I reckon that it will still be hard to kill him in a single slash. I need to use the Clear Sky Sword Art.”

To be honest, even if Li Fuchen exerted his full strength, he only had 80% confidence to kill Ge Yun, but it was enough.

After all, in this world, there was nothing that was surefire and there would always be risks.

During the battle with You Lie, Li Fuchen didn’t even use the core blazing flame power. The core blazing flame power fused into the ardent sun qi and it was transmuted to the bronze sword qi before transferring to the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern at his wrist.

The resplendent and vast sword light lit up as Li Fuchen’s thrust seemed to even crumble the void. A giant sphere of sword lights instantly enveloped Ge Yun.

“Not good.”

Ge Yun was appalled. The red tool pattern on his body were shining frenziedly and an endless stream of flames was surging out from Ge Yun’s body to resist the slash of the sword light.

But the sphere of sword lights wasn’t so easy to defend as the concentrated sword lights were destroyed and reproduced repeatedly. Every cycle would cause numerous injuries to Ge Yun and he looked like a porcelain man that was about to shatter.


The moment the sphere of sword lights was exhausted, it suddenly exploded and produced a final cycle which was also the most terrifying attack.

Ge Yun yelled out miserably as his body was filled with wounds and his right arm was severed.

The sword lights weren’t just concentrated, they contained extremely mystical powers of the natural law, giving the sword lights fearsome lethality.

“He didn’t even die after all that.” Li Fuchen had high regard for Ge Yun.

“But that is about it.” Li Fuchen blasted a fist that punctured Ge Yun’s chest.


Ge Yun shattered into thousands of shards and was utterly dead.

Everything happened too quickly, so quickly that the Reincarnation Realm experts of the Mystic Tools Sect couldn’t react properly.

This was mainly because of their utmost confidence in Ge Yun. They believed that with Ge Yun’s defense, even if he wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen, he wouldn’t possibly face any danger.

How could they have known that Li Fuchen would suddenly burst out with lethality that was two times as powerful as his previous attack?

“Bastard, you shall pay with your life for killing my Mystic Tools Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder!”

The Mystic Tools Sect Patriarch was enraged. He instantly flew to the dilapidated battleship on the main peak, subsequently, an array pagoda lit up on the deck.

Woosh Woosh Woosh!

There was a frightful piercing sound that echoed as dazzling wind blades were produced and instantly appeared in front of Li Fuchen.

Due to the speed, it looked like a flat plane of white light that had aggressive cutting power.


Li Fuchen’s awareness was already extended throughout the entire place. When the wind blades were produced, Li Fuchen’s awareness had a stinging pain and it was something unprecedented.

With a flash, Li Fuchen dodged the wind blades in advance.


The ground ahead shook a little and there was an immeasurable crack in the ground.

“I cannot get hit by the wind blades or I will surely suffer serious injuries.”

Li Fuchen didn’t believe that his defense was tougher than the Evil King. Even with the earth

Woosh Woosh Woosh Woosh…

Wind blades were launched out on after the other and Li Fuchen was forced to constantly dodge.

“Let’s attack together and see how he continues dodging.”

The rest of the Mystic Tools Sect’s Supreme Elders had attacked respectively, causing the air to be filled with colored qi forces that were all aimed at Li Fuchen.

“Sect Origin Swords.”

Li Fuchen summoned the Sect Origin Bronze Swords swiftly. A total of 50,000 bronze swords qi were launched at the Mystic Tools Sect’s members.


Blood-curdling screeches echoed continuously while the Mystic Tools Sect’s inner sect elders perished one by one.

When facing 50,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords, it was as though they were facing tens of thousands of Reincarnation Realm experts. How could they even fight back? It was already good enough for them to protect themselves.

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