Chapter 426: Array Board

From a distance, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist permeated through the Mystic Tools Sect’s defense array with his awareness.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen found his father, Li Tianhan and others behind the mountain.

Unlike the Thunder God Sect, the Mystic Tools Sect had treated the Li clansmen like manual laborers. They were either mining or transporting the ores. During the process, the supervisors were also whipping them.

“Damn it.” Li Fuchen’s anger soared again.

If the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect had just imprisoned the Li clansmen and didn’t torment them, Li Fuchen wouldn’t conduct a massacre. But these two mighty sects were used to being on the top and didn’t treat the Li clansmen as humans. If Li Fuchen didn’t return, it was unknown how much more they would have to suffer. 

After splitting open a gap in the Mystic Tools Sect’s defense array, Li Fuchen entered the Mystic Tools Sect.

The mountain behind the Mystic Tools Sect was a massive ore vein.

This ore vein was very rich after countless years of excavation by the Mystic Tools Sect, the surface of the ore vein had basically been excavated cleanly, but there were plenty more ores underground.

Outside one of the ore mountains, Li Tianhan was pulling an ore cart and was struggling to walk.


A whip mark appeared on Li Tianhan’s uncovered back.

“Hurry up and move, what are you dillydallying for.”

The person who lashed the whip was a supervisor with a sharp mouth and a monkey face.

After whipping once, he felt that his anger didn’t dissipate and had lashed two more times.

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The other laborers that were pulling the carts had all lowered their heads in fear after seeing the scene.

The supervisor had a nickname, Vicious Wolf. He had an extremely vicious nature and at least two or three of the laborers would die every month because of him. Furthermore, they were all whipped to death by him.

But the ores on the ore cart was too heavy and when Li Tianhan increased his speed, the strength distribution wasn’t even and it had caused the entire cart to turn over. A large number of ores were rolling on the ground.

“You are courting death!”

Vicious Wolf’s eyes flashed with an ominous glint as he lashed ruthlessly at Li Tianhan. This lash had traces of qi and if it landed on Li Tian’s body, it would surely split open the skin and caused the bloody mess.

Li Tianhan had a blank expression as he stood there and looked in front with a daze but didn’t feel the lash.


There was a miserable scream as Vicious Wolf’s seven apertures were suddenly spitting flames. His entire body immolated and he was turned into ashes in an instant. Without control, the whip flew over Li Tianhan’s body.


Li Tianhan wiped his eyes and suspected if he was dreaming.

“Father, I am here.”

Li Fuchen landed and hugged Li Tianhan.

“Fuchen, it really is you!”

Li Tianhan’s body was trembling as he quickly hugged Li Fuchen tightly. For almost two years, he had experienced all sorts of torture and suffered many vicious beatings but he had never dropped a single tear. But right now, the rim of his eyes were instantly moistened.

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Family, would always be his weakness.

Everything he thought of Shen Yuyan and Li Fuchen, his heart would feel as though it was being sliced by blades. The bitter fatigue of his body had already been ignored by him.

“Father, I have already rescued mother and the others from the Thunder God Sect. Right now, I will bring you out of the Mystic Tools Sect.” Li Fuchen spoke with pain in his heart.

“What? You rescued your mother?” Li Tianhan grabbed on Li Fuchen’s shoulders and spoke with agitation.

“Yes.” Li Fuchen nodded forcefully.

“That is great, that is great.” Li Tianhan was bewildered with happiness as he cried and laughed. He didn’t know how Li Fuchen rescued Shen Yuyan, but he knew that Fuchen wouldn’t deceive him. Furthermore, his mind was in a state of disorder and he didn’t think of how Li Fuchen rescued them.

“Clan Head, Fuchen.” The Li clansmen emerged from the ore mountains one after the other.

These Li clansmen were all male and after receiving the transmitted message from Li Fuchen, they had all walked out.

As for the people that obstructed them, they had already been scorched by Li Fuchen’s ardent sun field power.

“Fuchen, what should we do now?” One of the Li Clan’s seniors asked Li Fuchen.

“Follow me and walk out of the Mystic Tools Sect.” While speaking, Li Fuchen activated the healing ring and released the green halo to help everyone recover to a healthy state.

“Who dares to barge into my Mystic Tools Sect. Hurry up and receive your death!”

When Li Fuchen slashed open the defense array, the upper echelons of the Mystic Tools Sect were alerted. A large group of Reincarnation Realm experts gathered from various peaks and flew over. There was a total of 38 experts.

The leading individuals were obviously the Mystic Tools Sect’s Supreme Elders. Even Supreme Grand Elder Ge Yun was within the group.

Since the Evil King barged into this place, the Mystic Tools Sect had been vigilant. As long as there was a commotion, all the Reincarnation Realm experts would turn out in full strength.

“Li Fuchen!” When Ge Yun saw Li Fuchen, he was extremely astonished.

“I didn’t expect your cultivation to reach the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm. But since you are here, don’t think of leaving.” Ge Yun laughed heartily. In his opinion, Li Fuchen must have learned some incredible array breaking technique, hence, he was able to break open the Mystic Tools Sect’s defense array. It was a pity that Li Fuchen belittled the Mystic Tools Sect and wanted to secretly bring the Li clansmen out. How could they allow this to happen so easily?

“Ge Yun, You Lie has already died in my hands. It is now your turn.”

Li Fuchen was determined to kill Ge Yun, he didn’t just nearly cause Li Fuchen’s death, he had also tormented Li Fuchen’s father and the others.

“You Lie died in your hands? What joke is this?”

Ge Yun didn’t believe Li Fuchen at all. There were less than five individuals in the East Unicorn Continent that were able to kill You Lie. Furthermore, among those rare individuals, only the Evil King had a better chance to kill You Lie. You Lie might not be a match for the others, but he was still able to escape.

“You shall know later if it is a joke.”

Li Fuchen waved his hand, a circular and shiny metallic board landed on the ground. Subsequently, a golden shield emerged from the metallic board and enveloped Li Tianhan and the others.

This was a class 5 array board and Li Fuchen spent 40,000 low-grade spirit stones to purchase it.

The so-called array board could be considered a cardinal artifact that was inscribed with a miniature array.

When the array board was activated, it would release the array inside.

But the array’s power was too overwhelming and it was rather difficult to maintain an array with a small board. When the forces endured had exceeded the limits, the array board would crumble. If it was used too many times, the array board would also break. There were array boards that could endure extreme forces and could be used countless times, but they were extremely rare and they were basically not circulated in the market. Of course, even if Li Fuchen wanted to purchase it, he wouldn’t be able to afford it.

With the array board protecting Li Tianhan, Li Fuchen circulated his qi and soared into the air.

“See how I extinguish you with a single fist.” Ge Yun blasted a fiery fist at Li Fuchen.

“In your dreams!” Li Fuchen had also executed a fist strike while the giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit surged.


A raging qi wave radiated out in all directions. As Ge Yun was caught off guard, he was sent flying.

Li Fuchen’s fist had changed Ge Yun’s face.

The powerful fist had actually reached his level.

“Again!” Red tool patterns lit up on Ge Yun’s body and his right fist was blazing with red flames.

“Iron Transformation Divine Fist!”

Ge Yun might not have cultivated an earth class low-tier cultivation technique, but he possessed the earth class low-tier fist art, Iron Transformation Divine Fist. As he blasted the fist out, a fire dragon rushed out with blazing heat that caused the air to distort slightly.

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