Chapter 22


Every time Tang Tang selected a snack, she felt her heart bleeding. Tang Tang felt like she had wronged Ji Yan. In the end, she couldn’t handle her guilty conscience and opened WeChat on her phone to confess her sin.

Later that night, when Ji Yan opened WeChat, he was surprised that he received a voice message from Tang Tang.

The only reason why Ji Yan and Tang Tang had added each other on WeChat was due to Ji Xiao Zhuo, who helped Tang Tang add Ji Yan, but they have never talked to each other on WeChat before. To be accurate, they have never contacted each other by phone either, so when Ji Yan saw Tang Tang message him for the first time, he thought something must have happened.

He hurriedly clicked on the voice message and heard Tang Tang’s clear but guilty voice, “Husband, I bought many, many snacks today and spent a lot of money. I’m sorry. It will never happen again.”

After listening to the message a few times, Ji Yan was assured that nothing significant had happened. It was just spending some money to buy snacks, but Tang Tang sounded so guilty like she had committed a crime. Ji Yan really didn’t know how to react.

What does she actually think about him in her heart? Did he look like a man who wouldn’t even let his wife buy a few snacks? He didn’t behave like he was so stingy, right? In the past, Tang Tang’s monthly spending was much higher than now, so the money she used to get some snacks was really not that much.

After thinking for a while, Ji Yan replied to Tang Tang, “Don’t worry, just buy them if you want. Let me know if you don’t have enough money so I can give you more.”

Once the message was sent, Ji Yan felt shocked that he would actually say something like that to her. It sounded like a conversation between  a real husband and wife. It was a bit strange for this to happen because this had never occurred in the past before.

It seemed like he was unconsciously treating her more gently.

Ji Yan’s reply arrived when Tang Tang was on the bed battling with Xiao Zhuo.

The two of them were sitting cross-legged on the bed as they faced each other with a pile of high-calorie snacks in the middle.

“Bao Bao, you can’t eat these. When daddy left, he said you can’t gain any more weight,” It was Tang Tang’s first time to speak to Ji Xiao Zhuo in such a solemn tone.

Ji Xiao Zhuo bit his fingers pitifully, “Mummy, I’ll just eat a little bit. It won’t affect anything.” 

Tang Tang couldn’t bear to see him looking so miserable. She really wanted to give him some, but she didn’t want to go against Ji Yan’s words either. Ji Yan had specifically told her not to let Xiao Zhuo eat these snacks, especially at night, so how could she give him any?

Um, this was her fault. She shouldn’t have got the snacks out in front of him. Next time, she will eat them secretly. However, lately,  the little one was always with her. He was never more than a step away from her, so she didn’t have time to eat the snacks secretly. 

Tang Tang was starting to get a headache. At that moment, her phone rang. It was a message notification from WeChat. She quickly opened the app and saw the message was from Ji Yan. Not only did he not blame her for spending money recklessly, he even said to ask him for more if she didn’t have enough!

Heavens; her husband was too good!

Tang Tang smiled so widely that her brows arched as if they were smiling too.

Ji Xiao Zhuo stretched his head to take a glance at her phone. He saw it was a message from daddy, so he quickly asked, “What did daddy say?”

Tang Tang pinched his nose and replied, “Daddy didn’t reprimand me for buying snacks. He even said to ask him for more money if I don’t have enough.”

“Ah,” Ji Xiao Zhuo exclaimed. He became upset and said, “Why can you buy snacks while I can’t eat any? Daddy is being unfair!”

“Daddy is not being unfair. It’s for your own good. Mummy is too thin, so I need to eat more. On the other side, you can’t gain any more weight; otherwise, you won’t be handsome anymore.”

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Ji Xiao Zhuo flattened his lips and complained, ” Didn’t you say I was handsome? That you love me? So you think I won’t be handsome anymore if I gain weight? Mummy, you can’t be like that.”

The little one looked like he had been wronged, and Tang Tang couldn’t bear for him to look like that. She hugged him and said, “Of course not. Mummy will always love you. You’ll always be handsome!”

When Xiao Zhuo heard this, he pulled on Tang Tang’s clothing, “Then why won’t you let me eat snacks?”

Tang Tang froze. She felt like she had fallen into his trap.

On one hand, there was a teary-eyed child, and on the other, it was her husband’s instructions, which made her feel conflicted. In the end, she really didn’t know what to do, so she could only ask for help from her husband, who was miles away.

“Let’s ask daddy, ok?”

Before the little one could respond, Tang Tang swiftly sent Ji Yan a voice message, “Husband, Bao Bao wants to eat some snacks. Can I give him some?”

When Ji Yan heard the message, he could pretty much guess the situation. Ji Xiao Zhuo was definitely acting spoiled and shamelessly asking for snacks, and with Tang Tang’s current personality, she most likely couldn’t win against Ji Xiao Zhuo.

Ji Yan simply sent a video call request.

Tang Tang’s heart skipped a beat from shock. When she saw it was really a video call request, Tang Tang swiftly let Ji Xiao Zhuo see the phone, “Look, Bao Bao, daddy’s going to do a video call!”

Ji Xiao Zhuo instantly laid down on the bed and pretended to be dead.

Tang Tang pulled the little one while accepting the video call. Ji Yan’s face appeared on the screen. Words wouldn’t come out of Tang Tang’s mouth, “Hus .. husband.”

“Where is Ji Xiao Zhuo?”

Tang Tang could only poke at Ji Xiao Zhuo, who was still pretending to be dead, “Bao Bao, daddy is looking for you. Quickly get up.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo remained motionless, “I have already gone to sleep.”

Tang Tang blinked. She nibbled her lips while looking at Ji Yan.

Ji Yan laughed lightly once before he spoke to Ji Xiao Zhuo with indifference, “Ji Xiao Zhuo, I limit you to get up in three seconds. One! Two!”

When the word ‘two’ was spoken, Ji Xiao Zhuo quickly got up and sat properly in Tang Tang’s embrace.

“Daddy.” The little one said with a lovable expression on his face.

Ji Yan smiled in his heart even though the expression on his face was still the same, “Mummy said you want to eat snacks now?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo lowered his head and put his fingers together.

Ji Yan didn’t soften because of Xiao Zhuo’s  pitiful expression as he would scold him when it was required, “Daddy has told you before. Don’t eat too many snacks and especially at night time. Have you forgotten?”

Biting his lower lips, Ji Xiao Zhuo mumbled his apologies, “I was wrong. There won’t be a next time, daddy.”

Ji Yan nodded and let him off. Then he turned to look at Tang Tang, “You spoil him too much, Tang Tang. You can’t bend even if he is acting pitiful or shameless; otherwise, he will become spoiled.”

Tang Tang knew that she was being too soft on Ji Xiao Zhuo. Her face became red from embarrassment and obediently said, “I know. It won’t happen again, I won’t let him eat too many snacks either.”

Ji Yan sighed. In the past, Tang Tang never cared about Ji Xiao Zhuo and treated him coldly. Now that her personality had changed, she became gentle and naive, so it was impossible for her to win against the quick-witted Ji Xiao Zhuo. If things continued the same way, Tang Tang won’t be able to handle Xiao Zhuo, and he will become spoiled under her care.

Even though Ji Yan loved Ji Xiao Zhuo deeply, he did not love Xiao Zhuo blindly. He would discipline Xiao Zhuo when it was required as he wanted Ji Xiao Zhuo tol grow up to be an outstanding child and not a spoiled one. Since he was rarely at home, it was mostly Tang Tang’s duty to educate Xiao Zhuo, so he must make sure Tang Tang learns to say ‘No’ to Xiao Zhuo.

“Tang Tang, Xiao Zhuo is a child. He doesn’t understand self-control. He needs you to teach him and set restrictions. When he does something wrong, you need to scold him and not go along with his ways. Otherwise, he will grow up awry, do you understand?”

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Of course, Tang Tang understood his point. How children would develop in the future was dependent on their parent’s teachings and guidance. She cannot keep spoiling him as it would only harm him in the future. The reason why Tang Tang couldn’t control herself and wanted to treat Xiao Zhuo better was that she really liked Xiao Zhuo. He was really lovable, which made her unwilling to be strict with him. But she knew this was not right, she needed to change. 

“I understand, husband. You can be reassured that I won’t constantly spoil Bao Bao from now on.” Tang Tang swore.

When Ji Xiao Zhuo saw his mummy being reprimanded because of him, he took action and promised, “Daddy, don’t criticise mummy, it’s not her fault. I swear I won’t eat snacks with mummy at night!”

Ji Yan nodded, “All right, daddy believes you.”

Since everything that needed to be said was spoken, there was nothing else to say. Ji Yan bid them goodnight and ended the video call.

The mother and son silently looked at each for a moment before they released a breath at the same time.

Ji Xiao Zhuo pushed the snacks closer to Tang Tang, “I won’t eat them, mummy. You bought all these snacks, so you eat them!”

Tang Tang wasn’t so heartless to let the little one watch her eat right in front of him. She put all the snacks in a bag, “Mummy won’t eat as well. I don’t want to eat them right now.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo quickly pulled on Tang Tang’s hand and seriously said, “Eat them, mummy. Didn’t you want to gain weight? Daddy said that eating snacks at night will make you gain weight, so you must eat them at night.”

She knew that eating food at night would make her gain weight, but she didn’t want Xiao Zhuo to watch her eat, ah. After thinking for a while, Tang Tang decided to eat when the little one fell asleep. The little one would not be tempted then.

Putting the bag of snacks away, she hugged Xiao Zhuo, “Alright now, mummy is not going to eat. Let’s go to sleep.”

Seeing that his mother was not going to eat, Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded, “Ok, let’s sleep.”

Tang Tang kissed his forehead and started to hum a melody. It was a song that her wet nurse used to sing for her frequently. She used to fall asleep really quickly by the gentle song.

As expected, under the gentle song and light patting on his chest, the little one soon fell asleep. His stomach rose and fell as he breathed.

After confirming that the little was really asleep, Tang Tang carefully got off the bed and secretly took the bag of snacks to the living room.

In the past, Tang Tang’s wet nurse also didn’t let her eat at night because it would be easy to gain weight, and she would lose her figure. So Tang Tang got used to not eating after the evening meal, but this was a special occasion. She desperately wanted to gain weight, so she had to do this. Hopefully, her hard work would bear fruit.

Tang Tang took out the chocolate and cakes from the bag, which were said to be the ones to make people gain weight the easiest, and started to eat. She had never tried these before in the past, but now that she had, she found that they were delicious! No wonder the little one was constantly thinking about this type of food. Unfortunately, he was very chubby now and couldn’t eat too much of them.

In one go, Tang Tang ate three bars of chocolate and three slices of cake. She only stopped eating because she was too full. Tang Tang sighed as she rested her hands on her stomach before going straight to bed without delay. It should be more effective in this way.

However, right now, every aspect of her wasn’t good. She couldn’t just gain weight and hope everything would be fixed. It was necessary to take care of her body as well because only after fixing her health, her overall complexion would improve, which would also make her skin and hair look better. It would be best for her to drink nourishing soup that enhanced beauty.

Her wet nurse used to prepare a particular soup for her in the past. She was told that it was good for nourishing the body, and the ingredients required were simple. Tang Tang didn’t know if the soup was actually effective, but her skin did improve. Her skin became tender like tofu, and it would shine under the sunlight. It made her look really good. But that was also the reason why all of her half-sisters disliked her, which made Tang Tang stay within her courtyard all the time and don’t dare to step out. When she did step out, she would make sure to look somewhat filthy.

But there wasn’t anyone who would bully her here, in this world, so Tang Tang decided she would make the soup tomorrow. She must improve her health first and strive to make her appearance look better, so she wouldn’t make Bao Bao and his daddy lose face when she’s with them.

Thinking up to here, Tang Tang happily fell asleep.


The next day, Tang Tang was extra enthusiastic when she went to the supermarket to buy the required ingredients. When she got back home, she went straight to the kitchen to make the soup.

Seeing that his mother was busy in the kitchen, Ji Xiao Zhuo thought that his mummy was making something delicious. He held onto Tang Tang’s trousers and shook them occasionally. His face was filled with anticipation.

Tang Tang noticed his stare and poured a bowl for him as well when the soup was ready. Even though the soup was only effective for women, it was ok for children to consume it.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was disappointed after trying the soup because it didn’t taste good. In fact, it had an odd taste. He frowned after drinking a spoonful and put his spoon down, “What is this soup, mummy? It has a horrible taste.”

“I made this soup for myself. It can make mummy pretty. There are some chinese medicine ingredients in the soup, so the taste is not very good.” Tang Tang explained.

Ji Xiao Zhuo understood now and pushed the bowl away, “Then I won’t drink it, mummy. I’m already good-looking. I don’t need to become more handsome.”

Tang Tang didn’t expose his true reason. Instead, she smiled and nodded, “That’s right, you’re already good-looking. It’s mummy that needs to become pretty.”

Actually, Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t have much of a concept of beautiful and ugly. He thought that his mummy already looked good and didn’t understand why she kept wanting to be pretty, but since it was something his mummy wanted to do, he would support her and help her.

Thinking up to this point, Ji Xiao Zhuo came up with something and immediately ran to his room to get his tablet. Then he went to find Ji Yue on WeChat and requested a video call.

At this moment, Ji Yue was having a department meeting. When her phone rang and indicated it was from Ji Xiao Zhuo, she was shocked and was afraid it would be an emergency, so she raised her hand and suspended the meeting. She went straight back to her office to accept the call.

“Xiao Zhuo, why did you call auntie, ah? Did something happen?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded, “Auntie Ji Yue, I want to ask you something.”

“Oh?” Ji Yue became excited as she wondered what issue made the little one look for her, “What is it?”

“Auntie Ji Yue, do you know how to become pretty?” Ji Xiao Zhuo cutely asked.

“Ah?” Ji Yue was at a loss. She didn’t understand why he would ask that question. “Why did you ask that question? What happened?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo repeated the whole story to Ji Yue. Even though he was not very clear on everything, Ji Yue understood the main point. “So you want your mummy to become pretty and asked to see if I had any ideas, is that what you mean?”

“That’s right. Just like that. Auntie Ji Yue is really beautiful, so you must know how to become pretty, right?”

Ji Yue became cheerful from Xiao Zhuo’s words and started laughing. “Good. Very good. Since you have such good eyes, auntie will definitely help you. I know what your mummy needs to become pretty. I will send some things to your mummy later. So when the items come, you need to remind her.” 

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded happily, “Thank you, Auntie Ji Yue.”

“No need for thanks. You can come to me for anything you need help with.”

After ending the call, Ji Xiao Zhuo ran to Tang Tang on his short legs to share the good news, “Mummy, I helped you come up with an idea. I asked Auntie Ji Yue, and she said she will send you something to make you pretty, ah.”

“Eh? What?” Tang Tang was shocked, “Bao Bao, why did you trouble Auntie Ji Yue?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo immediately replied, “Because everyone says that Auntie Ji Yue is beautiful, so she must know how to become beautiful. Mummy will become pretty after Auntie Ji Yue teaches you.”

Tang Tang felt that this matter was too bothersome for Ji Yue. But, at the same time, she felt touched that the little one had put in so much thought for her. Tang Tang hugged him, “Mummy is grateful, but you can’t trouble Auntie Ji Yue next time. Auntie Ji Yue is very busy. Mummy can handle such small matters.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded, “Okay.” 

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