Chapter 69: The Hundred Beasts Forest

One week flew by in an instant, and it was time for the outer sect tournament.

The tournament was segmented into two parts. The first part was a race and the second part was the ranking matches.

All outer sect disciples above the eighth level of the Qi Realm headed towards the Hundred Beasts Forest. The first 20 that cleared the forest would then have the chance to compete in the ranking matches.

Assembled at the plains in front of the Hundred Beasts Forest was roughly 10,000 outer sect disciples.

In front of them was the great elder of the outer sect, Xiao Changfeng, speaking with a loud voice, “When inside the Hundred Beasts Forest, there are no rules except the prohibition of killing. Only the first 20 who clears the forest gets the chance to compete in the ranking matches, all others were eliminated. A cautionary reminder for all of you, the Hundred Beasts Forest is massive and the sect breeded a hundred plus species of Class 1 demonic beasts. Some of these beasts have mutated and are extremely dangerous. Some of you may not make it out alive and die in the forest. Prepare yourselves.”

He was actually just trying to frighten the participants. Just for precautionary purposes, other than the 10,000 over participants, dozens of outer sect elders, and over a thousand outer sect deacons were joining in as well.

But of course, during each outer sect disciples tournament, deaths were a common occurrence. As accidents were bound to happen and the sect could only do so much to reduce them.

Among the participants, there were 5 from Yunwu city: Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, Guan Xue, Zhu Hongxiu, Yang Kai, and Shen Tu Jue.

Li Fuchen and Guan Xue were both at the ninth level of the Qi Realm.

Zhu Hongxiu, Yang Kai, and Shen Tu Jue were at the eighth level of the Qi Realm.

Zhu Hongxiu was at the middle of the eighth level, Yang Kai at the peak of the eighth level, and Shen Tu Jue at the beginning of the eighth level.

While quietly gazing at Li Fuchen, Yang Kai and Shen Tu Jue were both in a complex state of mind.

Back at Yunwu City, they were prodigies. They were the kings and could have anything they wanted, those minor clans’ patriarchs all had to show respect to them.
But now at the Cang Lan Sect, they were nothing.

When they first arrived, they weren’t used to the change in environment and still displayed the same arrogance like back in Yunwu City. They were walloped for doing that.

But compared to them, Li Fuchen who was just of normal bone frame, was doing much better in the outer sect. Not only did he not get walloped, he even beat up other disciples.

There were prodigies among his beaten up list too.

This made them shocked and jealous at the same time.

“Alright, everyone enter the Hundred Beasts Forest now.”

The outer sect grand elder, Xiao Changfeng gestured with a wave.

Hearing so, 10,000 plus outer sect disciples swam into the forest like countless small fish, penetrating into the Hundred Beasts Forest.

“Elder Xiao, this time’s outer sect tournament seems to have a few rather good seeds.” An elder retracted his view and turned towards Xiao Changfeng.

Xiao Changfeng nodded, “With my many years of experience, this year’s participants are comparable with the participants from two years ago.”

“Two years ago? You mean the year when the Sword Maniac was around?”

Another outer sect elder spoke in astonishment.

Two years ago, those participants were the assemblage of all the elites. Not only was there the Sword Maniac, there were also the Sword Tiger, and Heartless Sword. These three were now Direct disciples and had already attained the Earth Realm.

There was a rumor that the year when the Sword Maniac was around, was one of the strongest batch since the past century.

Xiao Changfeng: “This year’s top prodigy of the 10 Prodigies, Yu Wen Tian is almost on the same level as Sword Tiger. Shang Guan Hong is just slightly inferior to Heartless Sword. This year we have 10 Prodigies, but two years ago, there was only 8. So they are almost on par in terms of talent.”

“That is true.” The elders that were listening, all agreed.


Within the Hundred Beasts Forest, the mood was heavy and dark, packed with demonic qi.

When the 10,000 over disciples entered the forest, no more sound or movements could be detected, as though they had no hope of returning.

On the treetops and within the bushes, one could somehow see the figures of the outer sect deacons.

In the Cang Lan Sect, gradings were highly regarded. These grades were ranked from low to high: Outer sect deacon apprentice, inner sect deacon apprentice, outer sect deacon, inner sect deacon, outer sect elders, and inner sect elders.

Outer sect deacon apprentices were of the Qi Realm.

Inner sect deacon apprentices and outer sect deacons were of the Origin Realm.

Inner sect deacons and outer sect elders were of the Earth Realm.

Inner sect elders were of the Heaven Realm.

Over a thousand outer sect deacons would mean an equal amount of Origin Realm martial artists. Without any accidents, it would be hard even if these participants wanted to commit suicide.

To add on, among them were dozens of outer sect elders.

Outer sect elders were all of the Earth Realm and if they wanted to hide their presence, even Origin Realm practitioners would find it hard to detect them.

Swoop, shoosh…

Within the dark forest were many shadows shuttling through the trees. Some were fast, some were slightly slower.

Li Fuchen felt grateful that he learned the Cyclone Kick Style. Even though this kick art wasn’t entirely useful for combat, but it was great for travelling.

With his feet on a tree bough, Li Fuchen glared at the direction behind him. If he sensed it right, the one following him was a outer sect deacon.

Outer sect deacons who were at the Origin Realm could cultivate the lighten body technique.

The lowest grade body refinement techniques were peak-tier, yellow class.

Whereas, lighten body techniques were at least of low-tier, mystic class.

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After cultivating the lighten body technique, one’s body would become light as a swallow and not emit any sound while moving at high speeds. Had it not been Li Fuchen’s strong soul spirit and sharp senses, he wouldn’t have detected the outer sect deacon’s presence.

‘Could this lad have notice me?’

On a big tree at the back, a 40 year old looking outer sect deacon had a look of surprise.

He cultivated the low-tier, mystic class lighten body technique: Cloud Goose Technique. With his qi revolving, there wouldn’t be any noise emitted, but it came at the price of the speed. If he was too fast, he may accidentally leak some sound.

After all, his Cloud Goose Technique wasn’t at the completion stage yet.

Only the completion Cloud Goose Technique could allow one to travel at extreme speed without any sound and presence.

With the trance stage of the Cyclone Kick Style, Li Fuchen was quick like the gale. He overtook yet another outer sect disciple like a shooting star, bouncing off the trees.


Suddenly, a blue patterned python which was as thick as a thigh flashed towards Li Fuchen.

Class 1 high-tier demonic beast: Blue Patterned Python.

One of the Class 1 demonic beasts with the fastest attack speed.

With a hidden weapon in hand, the outer sect deacon was prepped to step in and help Li Fuchen at any moment.

Actually Li Fuchen long saw the python, but he didn’t want to waste time changing his moving trajectory.

With his right fist raised, Li Fuchen struck first onto the head of the Blue Patterned Python, even though he made his move later.


With blood instantly spurted, the Blue Patterned Python became a Headless Python.

‘Such execution speed and ferocious power!’

The outer sect deacon was in awe.

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Li Fuchen’s execution was almost on the same level as a low leveled Origin Realm martial artist and his physical strength was over the charts.

It was easy to send a Blue Patterned Python flying in one punch. But to burst its brain in one punch, wasn’t something that average people could do.

Be it humans or demonic beasts, the skull was always the strongest spot.

‘This disciple is frightening strong. There is no point in shadowing him, I better lookout for other weaker disciples.’

The outer sect deacon’s job was to ensure the safety of the outer sect disciple. But Li Fuchen was much too strong and didn’t require his protection. And what’s more, within the Hundred Beasts Forest, there was no possibility of a Class 2 demonic beast appearing.

‘Did he leave?’

Li Fuchen raised his brow. To be truthful, he didn’t like the uncomfortable feeling of being tailed by someone.

Bursting apart the brains of the python was a way to see if it could make the deacon leave.

And to his prediction, the outer sect deacon left.

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