Chapter 70: One Against a Hundred

The Hundred Beasts Forest was extremely enormous. It was situated between mountain ranges and stretched deep into the mountains.

To trek across the forest would take at least 3 days.

Setting off since dawn, it was now already noon time.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist wasn’t hurrying but resting instead, munching on some rations.

No one would be able to rush for 3 days without any sleep or rest. Thus, when it was time to rest, it was best to rest and allow oneself to maintain the body condition of the highest level.

Resting for an hour, Li Fuchen carried on his path.

If there was a martial artist of the master level, floating above the Hundred Beasts Forest. The master could use his absolute consciousness to scan the forest and would be able to notice that the 10,000 plus disciples were separated into roughly a dozen groups.

The first group was Yu Wen Tian and his group. They left the second group far behind.

Due to having a rest of one hour, Li Fuchen was currently in the tenth group.

As for the groups that were beyond the tenth group, they were all below average disciples that were just here to make up the numbers. They realised their own limitations and didn’t exerted themselves to rush.

One hour later, Li Fuchen overtook the ninth group.

Another hour later, Li Fuchen overtook the eighth group.

Just as he was about to catch up to the seventh group, a gang of a hundred surrounded Li Fuchen.

The leaders of the gang were Fang Liehai’s Seven Experts.

Nie Ming spoke, “Li Fuchen, I know you are the strongest amongst all of us here and would be beaten in one move by you. But with a strength of a hundred, you wouldn’t be able to pass even if you are a deity!”

Li Fuchen stood on a branch a few meters from the ground, with eyes looking down on them: “It seems all of you have given up on the race.”

“That’s right. Only 20 can pass the race and we surely aren’t good enough.” Cui Tie replied.

Li Fuchen asked, “There is something I can’t understand. What benefits did Fang Liehai give you guys, to sacrifice for him?”

Had Li Fuchen been someone without true strength, offending him would mean nothing. But they already knew how terrifying Li Fuchen was but still insisted on offending him. There must be a reason.

Mei Ruolong said, “You don’t have to know the reason.”

The true was that, they followed Fang Liehai for the benefits in the future.

As one if the prodigies, Fang Liehai could at least attain the Heaven Dipper Realm. Being a subordinate of a Heaven Realm expert, would mean great benefits for both themselves and their clan.

As for Li Fuchen, they felt that offending him meant nothing.

Li Fuchen who is only a normal bone frame would the most reach the Earth Realm and could never be the same as a prodigy.

“Li Fuchen, I advise you to stay right here and not force our hands.”

“That’s right. With the strength of a hundred, even if you were to be made of steel, you would still suffer grave injuries.”

“You are a smart man, you should know what decision to make.”

Fang Liehai’s subordinates were shouting out threats.

Li Fuchen chuckled, “No matter the numbers of wolves combined, how could it be compared to a dragon. You guys aren’t worthy.”

Finishing his sentence, Li Fuchen leapt off the branch and started to dash.

Cui Tie shouted, “Stop him! Hit with the intent to kill. His body’s defense is strong, don’t worry about accidentally killing him.”

With a hundred ninth level Qi Realm disciples stopping one man, they were like a huge tide.

“Mantises blocking a car.”

Li Fuchen couldn’t help but laugh. Spreading his arms opened, he soared towards the opposition like an eagle.

Peng, bang, pa…

An unbelievable scene unraveled as the tide-like gang, was totally unable to stop Li Fuchen. Each one of them was either bumped aside or flying away. There was blood all over the place and bones broken.

“Since all of you decided to go against me, then better prepare for the consequences.”

Li Fuchen was too fast, wherever there was an enemy, he would rush at them.

With each location he rushed to, people were being knocked away and blood weaving that was spraying everywhere.

“Li Fuchen, don’t be overconfident!”

With Cui Tie as the main lead, the Seven Experts worked together to launch an attack at Li Fuchen. The swords were as though an inescapable net.

“Get lost!”

With a spin, Li Fuchen executed the kick move of Cyclone Kick Style, ‘Violent Storm’. With endless kicks in all direction.

Pfff! Pfff! Pfff…

All the Seven Experts were forced back spitting blood and expression’s filled with fear.


Li Fuchen’s ability was already not at the Qi Realm. It would seem that low level Origin Realm martial artists would have suffered the same fate.

It didn’t meant that low leveled Origin Realm martial artists weren’t strong enough.

The main point was that low level Origin Realm martial artists couldn’t be on par with Li Fuchen’s physical defenses.

In that early instance, Li Fuchen executed dozens of kicks but suffered dozens of sword strikes too.

But Li Fuchen ended injury free and the rest were forced back, vomiting blood.

“His defenses has doubled since before.” Cui Tie gasped.

Mei Ruolong spoke with agitation, “I would like to see how much longer can he withstand our attacks.”

No matter what body refinement techniques cultivated, with sufficient attacks landed, it would still expend the qi.

Just like a piece of rock, one hammer strike may not be able to break it. But with more strikes, even the strongest rock would crumble.

Mei Ruolong shouted, “Those that can still stand, go all in!”

With the forceful winds howling, endless waves of shadows jumped at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen remained indifferent: “Since you do not know what is best for yourselves, then don’t blame me.”

A surge of intense and heated qi was emitted from Li Fuchen. In a flash, Li Fuchen rained kicks like a heavy storm and the force behind each kick was just like the violent cyclone.

Those that were hit, had their bones broken and fainted on the spot.

Li Fuchen had reserved his strength initially. Even though he didn’t exert his full force this time either, but it was enough to inflict serious injuries.

If accidental deaths were to happen, it wouldn’t be outside of expectations.

He can’t be blamed for this. Had it been anyone else who was surrounded by a hundred, they would feel the same frustrations.

He believed that, even if he killed someone, the sect wouldn’t penalized him.

When in a melee, who could pull back their punches.


With a kick landing on Mei Ruolong’s shoulder, his shoulder immediately collapsed. With a shift in direction, Li Fuchen next kicked at the waist of Nie Ming and sent him rolling and the ground bleeding.

“Enough, stop right there.”

The outer sect deacons that were hiding couldn’t continue watching and revealed themselves.

They were worried that if this continued, Li Fuchen would kill a few of the aggressors.

Cui Tie saw his men all beaten to a pulp. His eyes reddened and rushed towards at Li Fuchen wanting to kill.

“Are you looking for death?!” An outer sect deacon had a flash of cold in his eyes.

He landed a palm strike on Cui Tie, which sent him flying to a tree and slid down it.

“You should go! Leave this to us.” The leader of the deacons spoke to Li Fuchen.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen desperately tried to contain his growing killing intent, he spoke in a low tone, “Many thanks.”

Finishing his words, he turned and left.

“What a fiendish one.”

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Like an illusion, an outer sect elder suddenly appeared.

“Elder.” The deacons all bowed with respect.

The outer sect elder waved his hand: “This disciple has exceptional ability and is vicious. Luckily this happened within the sect. Had it been outside, there would only be less than half of the disciples that could’ve survived.”

“One against a hundred. Within the outer sect, the number of disciples that are capable of this feat could be counted with 1 hand.”

The leader of the outer sect deacons was overwhelmed with mixed feelings.

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