Chapter 71: Mutated Demonic Beast

Only moments later would Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s killing intent dissipate. Haha

“Had it not been for my strong physical defense, even if I had double the physical strength, I would have laid there beaten up.”

This encounter made Li Fuchen further determined to continue on the long and tedious path of body refinement.

On the road of martial arts, are many traps and obstacles.

Li Fuchen was still an outer sect disciple, thus, he wasn’t required to do outside missions.

Once he was an inner sect disciple, he would have to take up at least one mission every year for the sect.

During the missions, if everything went smoothly, it would be the best. But if there were hiccups, one could easily meet many dangers.

There are many kinds of dangers. Some of them are unavoidable even if you had a high ability.

Just like what happened. Without sufficient defensive ability, even if you had the strongest offensive ability, once you got hit, you would still be injured. With injuries stacking, your condition would decline and the end result would be you collapsing.

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Sixth group… Fifth group…

With the evening arriving, Li Fuchen overtook the fifth group and the fourth group which had set up camp. But Li Fuchen didn’t know he overtook them.

As he was still sprinting in the dark forest, his ears caught some noise that didn’t belong to him.


A shrub on the side split apart as an unusually ferocious blood red demonic beast darted out.

It was a Blood Boned Leopard.

Something wasn’t right. Blood Boned Leopards aren’t so tough and their eyes should be red and not purplish red.

Li Fuchen thought, ‘Could it be a mutated demonic beast?’

Demonic beasts and humans were different. Their blood and structures within the body was very heterogeneous.

For an example, a leopard type demonic beast’s body would contain up to dozens of bloodlines from different demonic beasts.

And for demonic beasts to become stronger, there were 2 options. Mutation or evolution.

Mutation was the merging of bloodlines, creating a brand new bloodline.

Evolution would be to choose the strongest bloodline within the body and to then purify itself towards that bloodline.

It was apparent that this was a mutated Blood Boned Leopard. It’s ability is at least a few folds more than that of an ordinary Blood Boned Leopard.


The mutated Blood Boned Leopard arched its back and suddenly launched itself at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen tilted his body and barely dodged the attack of the mutated Blood Boned Leopard.

Blood Boned Leopards were Class 1 high tier demonic beasts, its speed was already top class.

But the mutated Blood Boned Leopard’s speed was at least twice as fast, even Li Fuchen found it difficult to dodge.

Had it been anyone else, they would’ve already been dead.

This can be simply defined as an accident.

And accidents normally resulted in deaths.

With its first strike missing its mark, the mutated Blood Boned Leopard pivoted its front limbs and swung its long tail like a rod at Li Fuchen.

Finally, Li Fuchen was unable to dodge anymore and could only block with his left arm.

His body was flung to the side and he was astonished.

With his current ability, he actually was at the losing end against the mutated Blood Boned Leopard.

It is lucky that the mutated Blood Boned Leopard’s strongest attribute is its speed. It is still lacking some strength and can only numb Li Fuchen’s left arm, leaving no damage.

As he was in mid air, Li Fuchen drew his wooden sword and as he was landing, he cleaved towards the mutated Blood Boned Leopard.


The mutated Blood Boned Leopard was just like an ordinary Blood Boned Leopard. Its skin had a layer of blood bone.

Just that the Blood Boned Leopard had a red blood bone while this mutated Blood Boned Leopard had a purplish red blood bone.

As the wooden sword struck on the blood bone, it crushed the blood bone and traces of purplish red blood could be seen spurting out.


After his cleave, Li Fuchen clenched his sword with both hands and suddenly increased the explosive speed of his sword, thrusting the blade into the throat of the mutated Blood Boned Leopard.

Death by Red Jade.

Pulling out the sword, the mutated Blood Boned Leopard dropped to the ground like a lifeless rag doll, no longer emitting a qi presence.

‘If this mutated Blood Boned Leopard isn’t at the level of a Class 1 demon, it should not be too far from it.’

Among the non-human species, demons ruled them all. Class 1 demons had the physical strength of about 10,000 kg, coupled with their demon qi which reeked of blood, it made Class 1 demons stand at the top of all class 1 non-human species.

There was once when a Class 1 demon appeared near Yunwu City, it was only taken down after activating 10+ Origin Realm martial artists.

Even though the raw materials on the mutated Blood Boned Leopard were worth quite a bit,  the most precious part was the demonic core within the body.

All mutated demonic beasts had a 80% chance of having a demonic core within.

Slicing up the mutated Blood Boned Leopard, Li Fuchen made a thorough search and found a purplish red crystal.

Class 1 high tier demonic cores were worth at least 1000 gold. A Class 1 high tier mutated demonic core on the other hand would be valued at 5000 gold coins.

‘Even though I do not lack contribution points, I still need more gold coins.’

Wiping off the blood on the demonic core, Li Fuchen then placed it inside his inner pocket.


With the sky gradually turning dark, the demonic qi within the Hundred Beasts Forest turned evermore violent and terrifying. There were odd noises coming from all directions, causing those disciples who were even though tired, to dare not even take a break.

Just like that, the night passed, those that were hurrying through the night felt extremely exhausted.

While others were exhausted, Li Fuchen was still full of energy and maintaining his high speed.

During noon, Li Fuchen finally arrived at the frontlines.

‘Fang Liehai, pray that I don’t find you.’

As Li Fuchen was running at high speed, he too scanned his surroundings for Fang Liehai.

Fang Liehai sent people to obstruct him, if he didn’t take some form of revenge, it would have been too cowardy of him.


Cutting across a denser part of the forest, Li Fuchen spotted a graceful figure.

It is Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister.
Wu Qingmei approached: “Li Fuchen.”

Li Fuchen asked, “Did you see Fang Liehai?”

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Wu Qingmei shooked her head, “I didn’t see him.”

“Thanks, I will make my way first.”

Li Fuchen increased his pace and very quickly left behind Wu Qingmei whose mental state was already on the decline.

Looking at the shrinking back of Li Fuchen’s figure, Wu Qingmei had bizarre look on her face. She initially didn’t have any regards for Li Fuchen, but now, he was one of the prominent figures of the outer sect and some even compared him against Yu Wen Tian.

With his valiant physical strength, Li Fuchen’s energy was still at his peak, thus he decided to not rest during the noon time and continued on his way.

Except for Wu Qingmei, he hadn’t seen any of the top 20 rankers of the Tower of Tribulations.

He guessed that the others took a different route than his, afterall, the Hundred Beasts Forest was massive and everyone couldn’t have picked the same path.

On the second evening, Li Fuchen coincidentally met Gao Changtian.

Gao Changtian gave a surprised look, “I thought you would be ahead of me.”

With regards to Li Fuchen, he had mixed feelings.

Who would have thought a normal bone frame disciple would display such a strong ability.

Serious injuring Qing Shaoyu in a single punch was a feat even he cannot achieve.

“Did you see Fang Liehai?” Li Fuchen asked.

“He may have picked another route. Why are you looking for him?”

“I am looking for him to settle some personal issues.” Li Fuchen didn’t elaborate on the topic.

Gao Changtian gave a thought before speaking, “The paths within the Hundred Beasts Forest narrows down and converge as we go further. Perhaps you may see him further up front.”

“Is that so? Thanks.”

After speaking, Li Fuchen started to pull away from Gao Changtian.

Gao Changtian gave a bitter laugh. During these long distance travels, those with better body conditions would have the advantage.

His physical conditions weren’t weak. He had already attained completion for the Seven Star Forged Body and picked the low-tier, mystic class Northwestern Cloud War Body.

His physical strength had long surpassed 5000 kg, but when compared to Li Fuchen, it seems the gap is still prominent.

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