Chapter 72: Cold As Ice

On the third morning, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist found Fang Liehai by a stream of water.

“Fang Liehai.”

“Li Fuchen.”

As their eyes met each other, as though under the influence of the their qi, a breeze of wind came forth to pluck off dozens of leaves from the trees.

“You actually caught up to me. It seems they have failed.” Fang Liehai spoke with a pitiful tone.

Li Fuchen coldly retorted, “You as one of the prodigies, actually resorted to using such despicable methods. It sure opened up my knowledge.”

Fang Liehai laughed, “Within the Hundred Beasts Forest, with the exception of killing anyone, there aren’t any other rules. I am simply utilizing my advantages.”

Li Fuchen didn’t intend to speak sense into his foe and revolved his qi then said, “I wonder if you can make it into top 20 after I inflict some serious injuries on you.”

“Li Fuchen, you think the current me is still the same after half a year? I will show you, how much I have improved!”

With the ignition of his qi, Fang Liehai bursted into high speed.


With a shout, Fang Liehai shot like an arrow towards Li Fuchen, bringing along a punch as a present.

With half a year’s cultivation, Fang Liehai’s Iron Shell Technique had long attained the peak of the ninth rank and was extremely well-versed in revolving qi. In an instant, his qi was circulated to all parts of his body. In addition, the manifestation of the Iron Shell qi on his fists had an extra layer of qi when compared to before.

Apart from that, his Iron Dipper Form was already at the third rank with 7000 kg of physical strength.

“You did improve. A pity that it is insignificant.”

Fang Liehai had a huge improvement, but Li Fuchen’s improvement was much more in comparison.

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Stepping out with his left leg, Li Fuchen punched against Fang Liehai’s fist.


With the sound of bones crushing, Fang Liehai got sent flying as though he was struck by lightning. He landed into the stream and got soaked wet.

“Fang Liehai, you and I originally had no grudges. But you didn’t know when to stop and this is the end results, your consequence.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t going to let Fang Liehai off this easily. He took his steps towards Fang Liehai.

“Impossible, this is impossible.”

The sting on his fist made Fang Liehai turn pale. He unknowingly screamed when he felt fear as Li Fuchen closed in.

No one could blame him for losing his mind to fear.

The fact is, Li Fuchen is an anomaly.

Half a year ago, he was still able to draw out the fight with Li Fuchen. Half a year later, he couldn’t even match up to a single punch. How was he able to accept this result?

It was as though when you were just slightly weaker than your foe and wanted to take revenge after drastically improving. You then get rejected with just a single move.

The extreme contrast in imagination is something no one can accept.

Seeing that Li Fuchen was almost in front of him, Fang Liehai got scared and tried to escape in panic, causing the water from the stream to fly in all directions.

But Li Fuchen’s speed was obviously faster than Fang Liehai’s. With a shadow left behind, Li Fuchen caught up to Fang Liehai in an instant.


Fang Liehai growled with anger, he drew his wooden sword with his healthy left hand and swung behind him in order to bridge a gap with Li Fuchen.


With a kick, Li Fuchen struck Fang Liehai and sent him rolling a dozen meters away.

When the rolling ended, he once again walked towards Fang Liehai.

Fang Liehai was on the verge of collapse, his eyes were filled with both vengeance and fear.

“Little bastard, scram!”

Out of nowhere, a figure assaulted Li Fuchen with a speed never seen before.

Li Fuchen hurriedly countered with a punch.


Spilling a mouthful of blood, Li Fuchen got knocked backwards into a tree and broke it into two.

Origin Realm martial artist.

The one who attacked was an Origin Realm martial artist, if not Li Fuchen wouldn’t have buckled in one strike.

Lifting his head, Li Fuchen saw a man with a buffed build wearing an outer sect deacon attire. The man was standing at the edge of the stream coldly staring at Li Fuchen.

With his physical strength at 10,000 kg, Li Fuchen had extreme defenses as well. When complimented by his Scarlet Fire qi, his defenses were enough to match forces up to 20,000 kg.

And for that attack, he didn’t receive the full brunt of the attack force but countered with his fist.

As a result, he only suffered minor injuries.

“As an outer sect deacon, you interfered with the qualifiers’ race. Isn’t this over doing things?” Suppressing his anger, Li Fuchen stood up and spoke in a low voice.

The buffed man replied in a deep tone, “Such viciousness at this young age. Did your parents not teach you basic courtesy?”

“Don’t change the topic. My question to you was regarding the interference of this race. Did you get approval from the outer sect grand elder?” Li Fuchen continued to question.

Helping Fang Liehai up, the buffed man didn’t answer directly to the question, “If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have used 10% of my strength but my full strength. You should feel lucky that I reserved myself.”

He was one of Fang Clan’s clansmen and in terms of seniority, he was Fang Liehai’s cousin uncle.

When the qualifying race started, he followed closely behind Fang Liehai to safeguard him.

During the fight between Fang Liehai and Li Fuchen. He felt that with Fang Liehai’s ability, he should have been able to handle Li Fuchen. He never would have thought that Fang Liehai would be defeated in a single punch.

Had Li Fuchen left things at that, he wouldn’t have interfered. But Li Fuchen was too vicious, which forced his hand to teach Li Fuchen a lesson.

“Reserving yourself, huh? This issue will be reported to the outer sect grand elder.” Li Fuchen spoke in a dark tone.

“Little fella, better not go overboard. The consequences aren’t what you can handle.” The buffed man spoke with killing intent.

“What about it? Are you going to silence me by killing?”

Li Fuchen seem to felt some presence nearby and calmed himself down before speaking up.

“If you seek death, I can grant you this wish.” Revolving his qi, the buffed man slightly bent his knee, preparing to launch a fatal attack at any moment.

“Fang Dahe, what are you trying to do?”

A voice sounded out so loudly that the water on the surface of the streams began to dance. Even the falling leaves were vaporized.

“Elder Qiu.”

Fang Dahe’s face turned awful while turning to face the veteran standing on the branch.

The veteran was in an outer sect elder attire, he then spoke coldly, “Openly interfering with the outer sect disciple race. What punishment do you deserve?”

Fang Dahe nervously replied, “Elder Qiu, Fang Dahe is just pulling a prank. I ask for Elder Qiu’s forgiveness.”

“Prank? Is this how you pull a prank?”

Elder Qiu’s face returned to a neutral expression, “When you return, confess your crimes to Elder Xiao.”

“Yes.” Fang Dahe replied with his head down.

Shifting his sight onto Li Fuchen, Elder Qiu said, “Li Fuchen, don’t worry. The outer sect grand elder will handle this matter.”

“Thank you Elder Qiu.”

Li Fuchen appeared to be very respectful, but his heart was cold as ice.

Looking at the attitude of Elder Qiu, he wouldn’t be following up on Fang Dahe’s offence.

Remembering that Fang Liehai and Fang Dahe had the backings of the Shanhai City’s city lord, and that he wasn’t just any city lord, but the city lord of one of the sect’s main cities. His position was on par with any inner sect elder. With these factors adding up, Li Fuchen knew nothing was going to happen to Fang Dahe.

After Li Fuchen left, Elder Qiu tossed a pill to Fang Dahe, “This bone mending pill can help his bones recover faster.”

Finishing his sentence, the elder disappeared in a flash.

“Uncle Dahe, how will the grand elder punish you?” Fang Liehai got worried.

Fang Dahe laughed, “Don’t worry. There won’t be any serious punishments. After all, your father is Shanhai City’s city lord who has ties with many inner sect elders. If not, why would Elder Qiu gift this bone mending pill to you?”

“That sounds better.”

Fang Liehai let out a breath of relief but felt prideful in his heart too.

A kind of pride that only people with noble statuses could have.

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