Chapter 73: Dominion Sword

‘With the Fang Clan’s status, the outer sect grand elder probably wouldn’t heavily penalize Fang Dahe.’

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist felt unjust but he wasn’t overly agitated either.

This was how the world worked. You either had ability or status.

There were countless cities in the Cang Lan region, but there were only a limited amount of main cities. Normal city lords are equivalent to outer sect elders, while main city lords are of the same esteem status as inner sect elders.

‘If I want to take my spot in the Cang Lan Sect, I need to display my worth and not be low profile anymore.’

It was at this moment, that Li Fuchen decided that he would put on a dazzling display of his abilities to gain the attention of the sect, and become a disciple that was worth nurturing. When that happens, anyone who wanted to find trouble with him would have to reconsider.

Take for example Yu Wen Tian, had Fang Dahe done the same thing to him, Fang Dahe would have probably been sentenced to death. Even main cities’ city lords wouldn’t dare to ask for leniency.

When faced with the sect, no one would have the guts to stand against it.

Above the inner sect elders were the law enforcer elders, titled elders, and finally the Sect Leader.


Within the dark forest, Li Fuchen was bouncing around like a bright star. His pace had grown even faster than before.


A demonic beast the shape of a bat got split apart by Li Fuchen’s sword.

A Silver Patterned Tiger which was lying in ambush got stomped and had its bone crushed by Li Fuchen in a single step.

An Iron Rhino which boasted great defense, fell to the ground after receiving 4 kicks from Li Fuchen.

Leaving a trail of blood behind, Li Fuchen finally saw the end of the Hundred Beasts Forest.

At the end, there was already someone waiting.

Without any surprise, it was Yu Wen Tian.

Seeing Li Fuchen, Yu Wen Tian felt astonished but just gave a casual nod and didn’t say anything.

“Not bad, this disciple actually passed through the Hundred Beasts Forest in second place. Even faster than Shang Guan Hong.”

Many of the outer sect elders nodded with a satisfied look.

‘Seems like I have underestimated him.’ Chen Zongming who was among the elders, couldn’t help but felt shocked when he saw Li Fuchen.

To get through the Hundred Beasts Forest in second place didn’t mean he had the ability of the 2nd rank. But it mean Li Fuchen was minimally in the top 10 or top 20.

This was something that not even 3 star bone frames could attain, don’t even talk about a normal bone frame.

But it just so happened that Li Fuchen did it.

An hour later, Shang Guan Hong arrived.

Seeing Yu Wen Tian, Shang Guan Hong had a look of hatred. But when he saw Li Fuchen, his face totally changed.

Yu Wen Tian getting 1st place was still within his understanding.

Whether he admits it or not, Yu Wen Tian was better than him.

But what is Li Fuchen? How could he actually be the 2nd to clear the Hundred Beasts Forest.

“Damn, how could I be 3rd. He must have had better luck and did not meet any demonic beasts along the way.” Shang Guan Hong was quick to determine how Li Fuchen could be in front of him.

Brushing past Li Fuchen, Shang Guan Hong snorted with a look of despise.

4th was a youth who was slightly plump called Hong Feng.

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He may not be one of the 10 Prodigies, but he was at least 2 years older, at the age of 18 this year and ranked 3rd on the Tower of Tribulations.

5th was Gao Changtian.

Gao Changtian was supposed to be behind Fang Liehai. But due to the injuries inflicted by Li Fuchen to Fang Liehai, he needed time to recuperate.

6th was Sun Jun, one of the 10 Prodigies.

7th was one of the Four Beauties, Zhao Mingyue.

If Guan Xue was the cool beauty, Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister the bright beauty, Zhu Hongxiu the glamor beauty, then Zhao Mingyue would be the absolute beauty.

If one was purely speaking about how the girls portrayed themselves, Zhao Mingyue would be one level above the other three.

Li Fuchen gave an approval in his heart, ‘No doubt, she is the grandchild of the inner sect grand elder.’

Zhao Mingyue’s status was of extreme nobility. She was the granddaughter of the inner sect’s grand elder and compared to Fang Liehai’s Shanhai city’s young master, Fang Liehai would pale in comparison.

Seeing Zhao Mingyue, be it Yu Wen Tian, Shang Guan Hong, Hong Feng, or Sun Jun, all had their eyes lit up with a burning desire for her.

Zhao Mingyue wasn’t just the absolute beauty, even her talents and status were of top class too. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t want to be her marriage partner.

It is a pity that Zhao Mingyue set her sights extremely high. There were rumors that Yu Wen Tian attempted to pursue Zhao Mingyue but was rejected.

The 8th to pass the Hundred Beasts Forest was Guan Xue.

Just like an elegant figure, Guan Xue appeared, it added onto the beautiful scenery at the ending point of the Hundred Beasts Forest. Her beauty and Zhao Mingyue’s beauty each had their own debatable views.

9th was yet another of the 10 Prodigies.

10th was Wu Qingmei.

The graceful appearance of Wu Qingmei didn’t decline one bit even though she looked exhausted. On the contrary, it further enhanced her beauty that ignited a passionate fire within Yu Wen Tian.

Having a totally opposite view from Yu Wen Tian, Shang Guan Hong face displayed anger.

It was only until the 14th place did Fang Liehai appear.

He stared viciously at Li Fuchen. If stares could kill someone, Li Fuchen would have died a few dozen times.

In this crowd, which of them didn’t have either sharp or accute senses. All of them could feel the animosity from Fang Liehai against Li Fuchen, who knew what happened between them in the Hundred Beasts Forest.

16th, 18th, 20th.

Finally, the top 20 emerged from the Hundred Beasts Forest.

“Great! If you all are able to pass through the Hundred Beasts Forest so quickly, it proves that you have great ability. The ranking matches will start in 3 days, use this period to prepare yourself and get in peak condition to participate.”

Xiao Chang Feng had a look of anticipation.

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Three days later…

=Cang Lan Outer Sect Disciples’ Region=

There was a huge arena here that could hold tens of thousands of audiences.

“I heard this year’s outer sect disciple tournament will have strong participants. Perhaps on par with the year when Sword Maniac shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) participated. Wonder if it’s true or not.”

“That is an exaggeration for sure. Even though this year they have the 5 star bone frame Yu Wen Tian, but during the last tournament Dominion Sword shixiong was around right?”

“Whether if it’s real or not, we will know once we see it. The Hundred Beasts Forest should have long ended right?”

In the audience were plenty of inner sect disciples that took the time to come spectate. They were basically disciples that made it into the inner sect during the recent years and were still up to date on the affairs within the outer sect.

Other than them, a majority of the outer sect disciples arrived as well and were seated near the back rows.

“Look, Cloud Sword shixiong is here. He entered the inner sect 2 years ago and since then, he has already attained the third level of the Origin Realm.”

“That’s normal, Cloud Sword shixiong was previously an outer sect prodigy, unlike the both of us.”

“Blossom Sword shijie7jieelder or big sister is here too. That’s weird, she is already at the fifth level of the Origin Realm. Is she still interested in the outer sect disciples tournament?”

“Perhaps among the outer sect disciples, is one of her relative?”

The inner sect disciples who were seated in the front rows would scan the audience from time to time. And whenever they discover a notable figure, they would start gossiping.

As for Cloud Sword shixiong and Blossom Sword shijie9shijiesenior sister (disciple), those titles were only for people with outstanding talents. Some acquired titles after having some achievements in the outside world.

As the audience was yapping away, a 1.9 meter tall and buffed youth came walking in.

He who was already tall, had a qi presence to match up to it. He was obviously standing at the bottom, but it felt as though he was overtowering the inner sect disciples like an unscalable mountain.

“Its Dominion Sword shixiong.”

The volume of the crowd turned off while looking at the youth with eyes of jealousy and admiration.

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