Chapter 7: Yang Qi

Li Xiaodie was not able to respond in time and faltered.

An infuriated Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist raised his head and look at who snatched the bracelet.

“Guan Mei.”

Within his line of sight, was an attractive adolescent dressed in red. At first sight, there was a resemblance to Guan Xue, but the difference lies in their sense of pride. This girl in red emitted a feeling of charm and craftiness. But she was the cousin of Guan Xue.

“Guan Mei, this bracelet was purchased by us, please give it back to her.”Li Fuchen requested with a soft voice. This bracelet is just an accessory to Guan Mei, but to Li Xiaodie, this bracelet means much more than that.

Without giving much thought, Guan Mei declared, “How much gold for this? I will compensate you with more gold. How about it? Didn’t you from the Li Clan just want to play cheap?”

“My Li Clan wants to play cheap?”

Li Fuchen’s expression turned irate.

These despicable people of the Guan Clan. On the day of the engagement was dissolved, in order to prevent anyone from bad mouthing the Guan Clan for being ungrateful,the Guan Clan circulated rumours that the Li Can wasn’t satisfied with the marriage conditions given out by Guan Clan and wanted to take advantage of them. With this rumor, the focus shifted and there really were people that believed this hoax. This caused chaos within and outside of the Li Clan.

“I will only repeat once, return the bracelet.”

Li Fuchen’s intonation was stern, his qi was starting to build up within.

Guan Mei was petrified and dropped the bracelet. Li Fuchen extended his leg and with a hook, the bracelet was lifted back to Li Xiao Die.

“Li Fuchen, you’ve got guts. You dare intimidate me!”Yelled Guan Mei.

“Let’s leave.”Li Fuchen brushed off Guan Mei and led Li Xiaodie out of the treasure shop.

“Hold it right there.”

Right in front of them on the main street was Guan Mei obstructing their way. Then all of a sudden, she threw a palm towards them.

Guan Mei’s talent wasn’t bad and was at the fourth level of the Qi Realm. Armed with the Guan Clan’s Soft Flowing Palm, she assumed it would be enough to teach Li Fuchen a lesson. Of course, she had yet to learn that Li Fuchen had recovered his talents.

With a palm to counter Guan Mei’s palm, Li Fuchen’s qi convulsed.


Guan Mei was sent backwards in fear, almost falling over.

At this crucial timing, a hand came from behind to support Guan Mei.

“What’s going on Guan Mei?”

There stood a lad whose age was close to Li Fuchen, it was he who helped Guan Mei. He had a handsome face accompanied by arrogance.

“Big brother Qi, he stole my bracelet.”

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In seeing this handsome young man, Guan Mei’s face was filled with delight.

After acknowledging, he sneered at Li Fuchen, “A man bullying a woman, how could the Li Clan have someone as despicable as you? You should be ashamed.”

“Yang Qi, please get the truth right before you speak.”

Li Fuchen sized up his foe to be. Yang Qi, a direct descendant of the Yang Clan, 16 years of age, at the sixth level of the Qi Realm, and one of the 4 geniuses of the Yang Clan.

“Big brother Fuchen, let’s not bother… I don’t require the bracelet anymore.”

Li Xiaodie tugged at Li Fuchen’s sleeve. She knew how good Yang Qi was, and Li Fuchen would surely lose out.

Li Fuchen gave a pat on Li Xiaodie’s hand to help her loosen up.

Yang Qi gave a snort, “Li Fuchen, I know what’s on your mind. Indeed, Guan Xue couldn’t bother about you and that made you humiliated. But think about it, were you ever good enough for her?”

“It would seems that this has nothing to do with you? If there is nothing else, we will take our leave.”Li Fuchen gestured to leave with pretense.

“Did I say you could leave? Apologise to Guan Mei first and return the bracelet to her as tribute, then perhaps I could give you a gentle punishment.”

Yang Qi didn’t see eye to eye with Li Fuchen since long before. He also liked Guan Mei, thus this was the perfect opportunity.

Li Fuchen mocked, “Based on the likes of you?”

“Just because of what you said, today I, Yang Qi will take the responsibility to teach you manners.”

“Quickly! The Yang Clan’s Yang Qi and Li clan’s Li Fuchen is going to have a confrontation.”

“Yang Qi against Li Fuchen? Has Li Fuchen gone mad? Not even the Li Clan’s Li Yunhai would oppose Yang Qi, let alone Li Fuchen!”

“I suspect something went wrong in his brain. Let’s see how he makes a fool of himself! Yang Qi is not someone you mess around with.”

Without noticing, the main street was packed with audience. Everyone of them taking joy in Li Fuchen’s misfortune.

“Brother, look! It’s Li Fuchen.”

At the end of the street, Li Yunhe and Li Yunhai were exiting a shop. Li Yunhe realized what the commotion about and his expression darkened.

“What recklessness, he dares mess with the Yang Clan’s Yang Qi.”

Disdain was shown on Li Yunhai’s face.

Yang Qi’s cultivation was on par with his own. Assuming that his own live combat skills were better than Yang Qi’s, even then he would not confront Yang Qi unless necessary.

“Come, let’s go take a look.”

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As Li Yunhai foresaw Li Fuchen’s defeat. He wanted to take advantage of when Li Fuchen is about to lose to hold Yang Qi back, and at the same time teach Li Fuchen a lesson. This will teach him not to be too conceited. Even if his talents was restored, his place in Yunwu City and in the Li Clan still amounts to nothing.

“Xiaodie, you should take a step back.”Li Fuchen gave his instruction with his head turned partially.

“Big brother Fuchen!”

Li Xiaodie was on the verge of crying, as she felt everything was her fault. If it had not been for her sake, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have stood up to Guan Mei and provoked Yang Qi.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Trust me on this.”Li Fuchen assured with confidence.

“Then please be careful, Big brother Fuchen.”Li Xiaodie stepped back into the crowd.

Yang Qi was surprised at this scene, “Truthfully, I can’t comprehend where your confidence comes from. But that’s not the point, I will let you, Li Fuchen understand what it means to be an inept. A trash that I wouldn’t even allow in my sight.”

“Big brother Qi, show him.”, Guan Mei incited from behind.

“Li Fuchen, lie down for me.”

Yang Qi made the first move and dashed in close with his speed. He threw a fist at Li Fuchen’s chest. With Yang Qi’s strength behind the punch, had it had connected, it would surely result in broken ribs for Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen gave a grin, without backing off an inch, he countered with a punch of his own.


As if two stones collided, but what amazed the crowd was that, Li Fuchen literally take only one step back and was perfectly fine.

“How is this possible?”

Yang Qi was bewildered, he couldn’t make sense of what transpired. With him at the sixth level of the Qi Realm, a single punch should have been sufficient to settle his foe and they should not even be on even grounds.

Little did he know, Li Fuchen had cultivated the Red Jade Technique to the fifth rank. As the fifth rank Red Jade Technique bursted, it’s qi strength had exceeded the likes of a fifth level Qi Realm fighter, even greater than that of a sixth level Qi Realm practitioner.

One must be aware that a high-tier, yellow class technique typically had seven ranks. A majority of the 4 major clans’ disciples were at third or fourth rank. Even Li Yunhai was only at the peak of the fourth rank.

The Yang Clan’s high-tier, yellow class technique was titled the Silver Snake Technique. Yang Qi, similar to Li Yunhai was only at the peak of the fourth rank. With the exception of the peerless genius of the Yang Clan, Yang Kai. Who has attained the fifth level of the Silver Snake Technique. As for sixth level, even among the major clans, Guan Xue was the only one who managed to achieve it. Which was the main reason why she was accepted as a disciple in advance and was designated as the century’s absolute prodigy of Yunwu City.

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