Chapter 8: The Sensation

“Venomous Snake Fist!”

Yang Qi resetted his stance and gave a gutsy yell. He threw out another punch, but this time, it wasn’t a simple straight punch. The punch was attached with a snake venom’s characteristics, vicious and fast as lighting.

Yang Qi had the presumption that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was being nourished by some spirit pill. Hence the massive growth in cultivation and hardy bones. But people who relied on resources always had weak live combat skills and poor foundations.

Facing the incoming fist, Li Fuchen raised his eyebrows. Although strength may not be lacking in this punch, it was still full of gaps and the main cause of that, was due to the Venomous Snake Fist not reaching the completion stage yet.

With a sway of his form, Li Fuchen avoided the punch and just when there was a pause in Yang Qi’s charge, Li Fuchen abruptly close in.

“Take this palm of mine.”

Li Fuchen’s right palm headed towards Yang Qi’s shoulder. The palm force was domineering and had an unstoppable look to it.


Yang Qi panicked as he raised his arms to guard.


The Stone Shattering Palm of Li Fuchen was at the completion stage, and it’s palm force was overbearing. Yang Qi felt a sting on his arm and was forced to take a few steps back. Even to the point of falling on his bottom, making it a pathetic sight.

“Yang Qi was pushed back? Am I seeing things?”

The observers turned rowdy, they all expected to see Li Fuchen be the clown, but amazingly the joke was on Yang Qi. Everyone’s expression turned for the worst.

“Big brother Qi.”

Guan Mei was stunned as well, she couldn’t believe what happened. Is this still Li Fuchen?

Li Yunhe and Li Yunhai’s reactions were the worst of them all.

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“Yang Qi specializes in sword arts. Fist arts are just complimentary for him, Li Fuchen is digging his own grave.”Li Yunhai rebutted.

“Li Fuchen, you are seeking death!”

Blood rose to Yang Qi’s face, he felt ridiculed. He declared how much better he was than Li Fuchen, yet he was the one pushed back. This was an embarrassment that would be hard to clear off.


Yang Qi drew the long sword that was hung on his waist and struck towards Li Fuchen with a fiendish sword style

Yang Qi’s Venomous Snake Fist had yet to attained sub-completion but not his Venomous Snake Sword Style.

Evidently, not anyone can be like Li Fuchen. Bringing a mid-tier, yellow class Sword Style to the completion stage within a short period of time.

“You are worse off against me with the sword.”

Li Fuchen drew his sword and brandished it with elegance.

Clink clink, clank clank!

The vicious looking Venomous Snake Sword Style was reduced to nothing by Li Fuchen’s long sword. Under the restriction of Li Fuchen, Yang Qi’s sword was powerless, as if a butterfly was caught in a spider web, the more you struggle, the deeper you were caught.

“You lost..”

With a flash of the sword, Li Fuchen placed the tip of the sword on Yang Qi’s throat.

Yang Qi was dazed as if struck by lightning. There wasn’t any will of battle in his eyes.

Putting the sword back in the scabbard, Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to berate Yang Qi.

There is no point in berating this kind of character. Before any failures, they were all barks, but once they flopped once, they felt as if the sky collapsed. The higher the expectations the higher the disappointment.

As Li Fuchen was turning around, Yang Qi regain consciousness and howled, “I didn’t lose, you must have gypped me! DIE!”

Anticipating the sting of the imminent stab, Li Fuchen was furious. His body spiraled like a cyclone, facing Yang Qi, he gave him a roundhouse kick to his chest. Blood spilled out from Yang Qi’s mouth as he fainted on the spot.

“Murderer!”Guan Mei screamed on the top of her voice, echoing throughout the streets.

“He is not dead, shut your trap.”

Li Fuchen gave a cold-blooded glare at Guan Mei. The blade-like glare silenced Guan Mei. This was the first time she felt fear from just a gaze of the eye.

“Li Fuchen, you invited this trouble to our Li Clan. Go apologise to the Yang Clan while you still have the chance, do not take it for granted just because you are the Patriarch’s son and injure anyone as you please.”

“There is a price to pay for wrong doings, this is a lesson taught to him. As for you, you are still inadequate to discipline me.”Li Fuchen replied without any courtesy.

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“Haha! It seems this victory has took over your thinking ability. As the saying goes, there is always a higher mountain. With your pitiful skills, it shouldn’t be paired with this arrogance. Within the clan, I will show you if I am adequate to teach you a lesson.”

Hearing Li Fuchen’s tonality, Li Yunhai laughed with anger, he did not tolerate any of the younger generation being disrespectful to him.

“Let’s go Xiaodie.”

Li Fuchen ignored Li Yunhai and left, accompanied by Li Xiao Die. Leaving the crowd dumbstruck.


After Li Fuchen left, a sensation was roused in Yunwu City. The inept Li Fuchen, not only restored his talents, he is even greater than ever before. To even knockout one of the 4 geniuses of the Yang Clan.

Everyone inferred, can it be that the Guan Clan dissolving the marriage inspired Li Fuchen? Not only restoring his talent, but also inciting the potential within?

During dinner, Li Fuchen expected his father to ask about what happened during the day. He proceeded to explain all of the details. Li Tianhan was curious, “Fuchen, honestly, what is your cultivation level at now?”

Yang Qi is not just a nobody, even the Li Clan’s genius, Li Yunhai was only of the same level.

Hearing such, Shen Yuyan was piqued as well. Their son was getting increasingly mysterious, they couldn’t figure him out even as his parents.

Li Fuchen took a sip of soup and with replied with in a refined manner, “Dad, Mom, I am at the fifth level of the Qi Realm now and even took two mid-tier, yellow class sword arts and cultivated them to sub-completion stage. They shouldn’t be too far off from the completion stage, it is the same for the rest of my martial arts.”

He didn’t dare declare that all his martial arts were already at completion stage, as this would defy logic, and it was not the right time to tell them.

“Close to completion?”

Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan exhaled a breath of cold air. They were thinking, if their son was a rare prodigy that could only be seen every century. It was a known fact that to reach completion for mid-tier, yellow class skills, was extremely difficult.

“What about the Red Jade Technique?”, Li Tianhan inquired again.

Li Fuchen continued to lie, “Fourth rank, peak stage.”


Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan couldn’t react for a moment, then the exhilarated Li Tianhan spoke, “This is a blessing in disguise! Fuchen, work hard from now on, you may even have a higher chance to enter the Cang Lan Sect than Li Yunhai.”

“Dad, Mom, I will. To enter the Cang Lan Sect, is actually plain-sailing.”

Li Fuchen was quite sanguine about it.

“Come, have this piece of chicken.” Shen Yuyan merrily offered to her son, she could almost taste the honey within her ecstatic heart. In this world where the strong rules supreme, whether Li Fuchen could enter the Cang Lan Sect will help decide the future of the Li Clan. As his mother, she would more or less benefit from it.

In fact, she came from a major clan as well, but it wasn’t located in Yunwu City.

Every time she headed back home, everyone would use their children as chips to compare. Although she did not place emphasis on whether her son was a prospect or not, he was still her son. But if her son was indeed excellent, it would bring some prestige to her.

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