Chapter 31- the cost that must be paid

With the prison behind them, they had more hope as they ran through the the small army. It was accepted by them that whoever killed people in that arena had no fault put onto them. Still, it ran through Naleeit’s mind like a burden.

The cleric was very interested in the two of them, he wanted to know a lot about them.

Naleeit waited at every camp they made, as Dramix was asked a lot of questions about his people, which he proudly answered. 

He was telling the cleric things that Naleeit never even dared to ask or think about.

Maple was an excellent guide, allowing the more than five hundred people to slip by the patrols and checkpoints alike. 

They were in the woods when Maple wound up in front of Naleeit. 

She paused the advance after seeing her. 

“Report!” (Naleeit)

Maple dropped from the branch. 

“The trees are confused. They’re unsure about what to do. Something strange has happened.” (Maple)

Naleeit didn’t like that, as Gulliver went to her side. 

“What dangers are there?” (Gulliver)

Naleeit looked around and saw that they weren’t in a good spot. 

To one side, there was a cliff, and the other way had a river a short distance away.

 It was prime ambush spot. 

“Why are the trees confused Maple?” (Maple)

Maple lifted her ear to the wind. 

“They are discussing why they should move. Other elves are asking them to give them clean shots, but the trees know about you. You avenged the ents.” (Maple)

Naleeit considered that before speaking.

“A poison may have entered the minds of these elves. Let the trees decide for themselves what must be done, but what does someone do with a rabid animal?” (Naleeit)

Maple became sorry, as the leaves turned still. It was the way of the world they knew. 

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“The trees will not aid either side, and they wish the best to us.” (Maple)

Naleeit nods and drew her sword. 

She wished that she had the strength to fly again, but she needed information about the enemy’s location, and Maple was an obvious choice.

It was too risky to put her in danger though. There wasn’t a single piece of armor except her own that could stop a well placed shaft either. She must come up with something else. 

While she was thinking, Gulliver spoke up. 

“I will climb the cliff.” (Gulliver)

Naleeit looked at him in surprise, but before she could give a retort, he already left. They started moving forward after releasing that that would give them the edge they needed. It wasn’t long before Maple returned while sad.

Her ears didn’t miss some of the louder details, but she understood the elves grief.

It took well over a month to get from the prison to the lands of the holy order. 

It took another week after that to get to the refugee camp. Some of the people at the camp who saw a drakan leading them were overjoyed.

 An hour after their arrival, lost loved ones were still being reuniting. The thin prisoners were being fed, and the holy clerics were looking them over, as someone of higher status came over to Gulliver and the two drakan. 

“Interesting indeed. Among the returned, one of them is the healthiest, while the other one is in the worst shape.” (Head Cleric)

Gulliver eyed him coldly before speaking.

“This is a warning Master Bishop; one of them is my sister, and the other one is my friend.” (Gulliver)

The bishop paused after seeing them look at him. 

“Of course. I’m sure that the understudy has done all he could, and I see no need to check his progress. He reported that his case needs special attention though.” (Bishop)

He moved over to Dramix and saw his amulet. 

“A fellow magic5magicstory mechanician. Why didn’t you just heal yourself?” (Bishop)

Dramix grabbed the eye of souls before speaking.

“Neither of us has the strength. I was told that I may never regain my strength either.” (Dramix)

Bishop nodded.

“True, under normal circumstances, but we specialize in healing. We can return you to peak condition, and we can restore your arms and heal your organs.” (Bishop)

Dramix looked at Naleeit. 

“But at what cost? I know there will be one.” (Dramix)

Bishop nodded.

“Half your lifespan.” (Bishop)

Dramix turned back to the bishop before responding without hesitation.

“Do it!” (Dramix)

A pause went over the four with his lack of hesitation. 

“You do realize that this will shorten your lifespan by what you have left?” (Bishop)

Dramix looked at Naleeit happily, as he raised his hand to her cheek. 

“I’m thirty winters old. If I must give away even a hundred to be your pillar again, then that’s a fair trade.” (Dramix)

She smiled and took his hand. 

“Take our lives equally if possible. I will not live with my mate dead.” (Naleeit)

Gulliver took her shoulder. 

“Think about this sister.” (Gulliver)

She turned to him angrily before speaking. 

“ I have found my light in my darkness brother. This will happen because we both need to be at strength for you.” (Naleeit)

The bishop sighed.

“I respect your unwavering hearts. You will surely recover in time, but then you should ask if it’s worth it, even though you’ve already made your decision. Follow me.” (Bishop)

Naleeit helped Dramix off the bed he was on, and Gulliver went to his side as well. 

“Not you Prince. Two is a stretch as it is.” (Bishop)

Gulliver looked at Naleeit while concerned. 

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“They could still have the fallen in their ranks. Don’t let your guard down.” (Gulliver)

Naleeit nodded and helped Dramix walk. 

The bishop leads them from the camp to the dock nearby, then he had them board one of the boats before crossing. 

On the other side, there was a town with a tower in the middle. 

Naleeit could see uncertainty and fear in the eyes of the populus directed at them. She only cared about carrying her mate to where they will be treated though. 

As she did so, they came to the tower and saw steps. She was already breathing hard when they arrived. It was like she was a child again being trained by Towward, but this time, she had a strong conviction to keep moving forward. She stepped forward one at a time, over and over until her legs burned in pain. She did so until they got halfway there and she faltered and fell forward. All she wanted to do is be there for her brother and finally have the life that she’s dreamed about. 

She raised to her hands and saw a familiar drakan in front of them. 

“Pretty nice weather right now, right?” (Peter in physical drakan form)

Naleeit wasn’t in the mood for his question.

“Either help us or get out of the way spirit. I have no time for games.” (Naleeit)

Peter leaned back on the steps of the tower.

“I just got this ability today. It allows me to show myself to others without using up all of my strength.” (Peter in physical drakan form)

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