Duality VII

「Sen」 and the halberd clashed back and forth at a lightning speed. It was if they were actual humans having a brawl to the death. Whenever the weapons came in physical contact, the air surrounding the impact would vibrate in response, creating sizzling sounds.

Yin speculated from elemental theories that both weapons were direct polar opposites, which resulted in an unstable fusion. It was similar to pouring dry ice into a steaming hot tub.

Still… to create a weapon using mana alone is no easy feat.

Yang continued to gracefully evade blows while the Heavenlight struggled to parry. It was obvious that the swordsman had the upper hand. This was the disparity in their combat experience, the overwhelming difference in physical weaponry and control.

“「Light Binding」”

The girl’s hand shot forth a small beam, aiming it towards Yang’s feet.

Yang was locked into position by the sphere of light. It was as if a sturdy and invisible rope had tied his feet together, completely immobilizing his movement. Using this opportunity, the Heavenlight somersaulted five feet into the air, spread her wings and hammered her weapon repeatedly.

The earth below Yang shattered in response as the girl growled in an inhuman, raspy voice.


While the ground broke into cracks and fissures, the girl remained floating in the air and smashed the swordman repeatedly with her halberd. Yang began to lose his footing. The gale in the blows whipped sharply beyond his sword, stirring his black cloak in the air.

“Mm — you really like swinging wildly, don’t you?”


The dark fires of hatred itself seemed to blaze ominously within the Heavenlight’s body as she twirled around her weapon.

The dark fires of hatred itself seemed to blaze ominously within the Heavenlight's body as she twirled around her weapon        

It seems that she can fly only for a short period of time.

Approximately five minutes in combat.

After the binding effect disappeared, Yang waved his sword in a sweeping arc. The attack knocked the girl back. Immediately, he disappeared from his original position, leaving behind an afterimage.

“「Amae De Ai」”

Martial arts. Up until this point, everything had been Yang’s bona fide strength. But in order for him to properly contest against a Heavenlight with mana level that exceeded a demon lord, he needed to enhance his physical stats.

As his body shimmered, Yang — his entire body and mind were heightened by effects similar to adrenaline — was a swordsman who stood beyond the peak of humanity.

Big brother is finally going all out.

As the Heavenlight scanned around and searched frantically, a figure appeared directly above her and was diving straight down. Like an eagle picking off its prey, 「Sen」 led the audacious charge.

The girl’s exceptional senses seemed to warn her of a sharp missile plunging down on her. She leaped away and chanted:

“「Prismatic Barrier」”

That’s a similar spell to what I used earlier.

Yin’s heart skipped a beat. If the Heavenlight could use the fundamental of the same spell, then this would mean that her brother was fighting someone beyond the level of the Unpolites — at the very least a 3rd tier magician.

Layers of polygon-like shield appeared in front of the Heavenlight, acting as immediate protection to the sudden assault. Sounds of glass shattering. Although Yang managed to penetrate through, his initial diving speed was greatly diminished.

The girl used this opportunity and flew back, trying to regain her composure.

Seeing her retreat, Yang disappeared and emerged from the side. He charged at her with a nimble dash.


So bright…

An anomaly of dazzling light shot from her hand, twisting the air in the process. Although the blind was overwhelming to Yin, it did not faze her brother one bit. After all, he was wearing「Mask of Weilai」, a Legendary item that grants the user superior vision and the ability to predict incoming attacks with a seventy-percent accuracy. 

Even though it had that capability, Yang barely dodged the attack due to the short distance. The edges of his cloak burned as a result of being inches away to the overwhelming surge of heat.

Luminescence  a 3rd tier offensive light-based spell.

That ability must have cost a lot of mana. Her movements appear to be slower now.

Yang gained steady momentum, leaped in the air and slashed.


Fresh blood spurt out. He had split through the Heavenlight’s torso. However, it was not a fatal blow by any means. She was able to avoid the follow-up attacks with the help of her wings, which blew the swordsman back.

The girl continued to fly backward, kiting the swordsman with a variety of basic light-based spells. Yang charged with the sword, nullifying the incoming attacks with his free hand.

Everything is going as expected so far.

Yin nodded to herself, having analyzed the Heavenlight’s basic battle pattern and appraised her repertoire of spells.

Overall, she was not an excellent fighter and relies on a combination of weaponry and magic. Although her defensive skills were impressive for a magician, she was too attuned to her magical abilities. When it came down to that brief second, she would always use magic rather than her halberd.

And that was what her big brother excelled at — dueling against those who relied only on magic.


As Yang leaped forward and landed another slash, the Heavenlight threw her halberd at him. Yang brought up「Sen」and blocked the hurled weapon. The overwhelming force knocked him back a few distances while the girl rose in the air and chanted an ancient incantation rapidly.

She discarded her weapon… She’s betting it all on this spell.

“All units, fire your spell at the swordsman…,” Zenpy ordered. Yin sensed similar desperation in his voice. “…at all cost.”

The Unpolites leaped forward into position and channeled their spells. The golems quickly made work of the few who stood like sitting ducks, crushing them without mercy. But four golems could not attack all ten at once.


Yin clicked her tongue and quickly fired her own spells, hoping that it will distract the rest. She had not anticipated the Unpolites to be this reckless.


An array of spells shot forth from the remaining Unpolites. She turned towards her brother and chanted a few protective spells. But she was one step slower. They flew through the barrier before it formed.

Yang noticed from the corner of his eyes and dodged the incoming spells. At this moment, he was caught in the crossfire — with Heavenlight on the left and Unpolites on the right. He rolled sideways and then jumped in the air to dodge a volley of spells. 

But that was all the Heavenlight needed.

At that moment, time seemed to slow down — the girl had finished channeling.

“Big brother, watch out!”

“「Final Spark!」”

That’s a 2nd tier ultimate-based spell…?

Yin tried to cast another「Automatic Prismatic Barrier」. But it was too far and the power of the enemy’s spell was much more superior. At this point, only her big brother’s skill will determine the outcome.

Please… be safe…

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Yin silently prayed as the golems continued to hunt the remaining Unpolites, who were fleeing in complete chaos from breaking formation.

I believe in you-!

A bright laser shot forth from the Heavenlight’s body. Yang could not dodge the attack since he was already in midair. In other words, he was an easy target. He was about a second away from being blasted by the beam of overwhelming light.

In a swift motion, Yang took off his mask with his left hand and held it in front of the incoming laser.

On his right hand, he swiveled his sword and threw his sword like a javelin. It flew into the beam, which disappeared in the surging white radiance.

「Sen」 landed on the Heavenlight’s shoulder. She roared in pain while the angle from the laser flew upwards sharply.


Parts of the decadent ceiling and pillars disintegrated into ashes from the channeled beam.

As the Heavenlight collapsed on the ground from the sword’s impact, the spell was no more. However, when she pulled out the sword, all that was left of the once beautiful Legendary-sword was a gray hilt with rough edges.


Yang was now standing alone and panting repeatedly. Most of his cloak had burned away, revealing most of his gear underneath. Nevertheless, he was alive.

As he held onto his Wolf-Kabuki mask, it gradually crumbled away into a heap of ashes, cascading down to the floor. Nothing remained at his fingers except his true identity.

Yin ran straight to her big brother.

♦ ♦ ♦

“Im-Impossible?! This is impossible. I must be dreaming…”


“There’s no way they could have survived that… How…? Just how…?”

“It’s over…”

“Ha. I must be dreaming.”

“I… don’t want… to die…”

As the remaining Unpolites murmured and watched with consternation in their eyes, Zenpy felt a rage of storm stirring inside his heart. He was absolutely devastated that Yang had sacrificed the Legendary-tier sword. His hopes. His dreams. They were utterly crushed.

Zenpy pointed his index finger and screamed at the two siblings.

“That void-based weapon…. why why why?!”

Yin and Yang ignored his crude remarks and stared at each other as they reunited together. The golems assembled themselves back into a defensive position, standing beside the siblings like guardians.

Zenpy thought that the 2nd tier spell would finish the swordsman once and for all…

He was so sure of his victory that he had ordered six of men to their death. Now, the remaining mage units had enough mana for only one more set of ultimate-based spells. The Heavenlight needed to regenerate from the wound earlier.

“Back to me, hurry!” He growled loudly at his men.

Embracing themselves for another potential attack, the Unpolites and King Hurley slowly gathered themselves together, expecting for the worst possible outcome.

They had seen the true identity of Yin and Yang. 

Now, will they be able to live to tell the tales?

Instead of an attack from Duality, the two siblings closed their eyes and held onto each other lovingly.

And then — they kissed.

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