Chapter 1: A Day Of Bad Luck

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Yuri Academy was an excellent school for the rich, which produced many talented graduates. The academy was ranked fifth in the country and had all-inclusive facilities. There were six classes, which were Class A, B, C, D, E and X. Classes A to C were elite classes, while Classes D and E were ordinary classes. As for Class X…



In middle school…

“Morishita Yuu, how did your grades fall so much in the finals? English 50%, Geography 40%, History 35%, Science 55%, Home Economics 55% and Sociology 50%… Can you enter Yuri Academy with your grades?” The teacher read out Yuu’s results, one by one, in class. Yuu could only stand in front of the teacher’s desk with his head bowed down.

“Sigh, if only I hadn’t stayed up all night. I wasn’t in the right state and I blanked out during the exam.” Yuu thought to himself.

Ring ring~ The school bell rang. It was the end of the last day of middle school and the happy days of vacation awaited them. The students were all very thrilled, except for Yuu.

After Yuu and his friends went their separate ways at the school gate, he went home by himself. However, incredible things were just about to begin.

“Mom, I’m back!” Yuu opened the door and shouted towards the kitchen.

“Ah, Yuu, a letter and parcel came for you. I put them on the desk in your room.” Yuu’s mother stuck her head out from the kitchen and said. Yuu muttered, “Mmm,” and went to his room.

‘Looks like his results are very poor.’ Yuu’s mother thought to herself. After returning to his room, Yuu saw a letter on the desk. He opened it and shouted when he saw its contents.


“What’s the matter?” Yuu’s mother immediately ran to his room to see what was going on, only to find Yuu sitting on the ground, looking at the letter beside him. It read:

To Morishita Yuu,

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We have accepted your application to Yuri Academy. Please arrive before 7.30 am on January 5th for the opening ceremony. Please bring your daily necessities to the dormitory. We are honored to have you at Yuri Academy.

Director of Yuri Academy

“Wow! Congratulations, Yuu!” Yuu, who looked both shocked and delighted, was happily hugged by his mother. 

Yuu opened the parcel next to him. Inside it was Yuri Academy’s uniform. He opened the rulebook and found that the academy had different uniforms. He had received a blue blazer, a white long-sleeved shirt, a red tie, and black-blue pants. He took out the uniform and found a piece of paper inside the blazer that read: Morishita Yuu, your class is 3rd Grade, Class X.

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“Class X?” Yuu cocked his head.  Only after looking at the rulebook again did he realize that Class X was the last class, that is, the lowest ranking class. “Ah~ I think I understand why I was admitted.” Yuu had on a 😑 expression. He thought to himself, “But next year, I must work harder!” He held his uniform with his eyes aglow.

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