Logan, part-time Taxi

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“Wonderful!” The growing smile on Xandra’s lips turned dazzling. At least something good came out of all that trouble. Then, she started to kick him out the door, “Now, scram. No one’s here and I’m heading out.”

“What? Why?” Xandra felt Logan’s breath brush on her ear.

She took a step away from him, making sure to lock the door, and went down the pathway, “My brother and I are having dinner with our parents. He had to drop by somewhere on the way from school so he didn’t come home”

“He didn’t even pick you up? Is he even a gentleman?” Xandra looked to the sky, did the guy have no boundaries? His footsteps stayed close to her heels.

“He rides a skateboard. How is it possible for him to pick me up?”

“Get a taxi together?”

Xandra went through the gate and waited for him to get out, “When he can just go straight to the restaurant? It’d be a waste.”

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“You’re really hard to please. You’d make an awful date.” Logan said as she locked the gate.

Xandra grinned in amusement, “Thank you.”

“It wasn’t a compliment.”

“I know.”

Xandra grabbed her phone and dialed. Logan peeked over her shoulder, asking, “What are you doing?”

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“Calling for a taxi.”

Logan’s hand snatched her phone away.


Logan gestured towards his car, “Come on, I’ll drop you off. That way you don’t have to wait”

“I’m fine on my own.” Xandra took her phone back and redialed the number but Logan reached for it again and, this time, fled towards the driver’s seat.

Xandra sighed and decided to follow his lead, “Ugh, you’re so stubborn.”

His eyes shined at her, “Thank you”

“That wasn’t a compliment.”

“I know.”

Xandra almost cracked a smile. Almost.

She told him the name of restaurant. It was a little far off the city limits. The automobile purred to life and smoothly rolled on the road. It was a comfortable ride. Logan barely needed directions.

On the way, Logan kept glancing at her. Xandra noticed it right away. She thought something was wrong and he didn’t want to tell her.

“Just spit out. You’re giving me a headache.” She rubbed her temple to prove it. Then, waited for Logan to say something.

Logan bit his bottom lip and checked his side mirror. When he looked at Xandra, he saw her looking back at him. She raised her brows expectantly. He cleared his throat, “Are you comfortable?”

Xandra blinked and blanked out for a bit.

“Uh, yeah.” She shifted in her seat, unable to tell where the conversation was going.

They reached a traffic light. The car slowed down into a stop. Logan took a deep breath and gave her a good look, “Sorry about that. I don’t want you to feel like I forced you to take a ride with me.”

“Uh… no, it’s okay” Xandra mumbled, staring out the windshield.

“It’s late and you’re a girl. It’s dangerous to be out on your own.”

Like Logan expected, she answered, “I can take care of myself.”

It made him smile. He knew that. Not that Xandra had hinted she possessed combat skills but she always had her guard up. He could sense it. Lucky for him, he was Alex’s classmates or who knows what Xandra would have done to him.

The light turned green and Logan drove ahead, “I never said you couldn’t. I just don’t want it in my conscience if something were to happen to you because I didn’t try harder.”

Xandra fell into a loss. It was a weird feeling. Should she thank him? Or crack a joke? Say something witty? Maybe compliment him? The silence was loud in her ears and she was taking too long to decide.

Logan glanced at her. Xandra’s eyes remained on the road. Her forehead was wrinkled and her lips were pursed. He had a feeling she wasn’t aware of it. The longer he stared, the deeper her face creased. At one point, her lips also frowned and it stayed that way.

To save her from her misery, Logan said, “Look, it’s alright to accept some help—especially if it helps a person sleep at night.”

Xandra chuckled and so did he, “If you ever need a ride, remember I’m only a call away.”

Xandra looked at him. The light coming through the car reflected on her eyes. She smiled, grateful for his words. There was not much to say except “I will. Thank you.”

Logan smiled back, “You’re welcome.”

The stare down lasted for a few seconds. It had the opposite atmosphere from the one they had earlier. It was a nice change—really nice.

Logan tilted his head towards her window. She turned around and saw the restaurant. She laughed awkwardly.

Xandra looped her arm through the strap of her purse. Then, she checked her watch, raising a brow, “Were you driving above the speed limit?”

Logan’s smile turned lopsided, “If you didn’t see it then, I didn’t.”

Her eyes narrowed, “I’ll catch you next time.”

“So there really is a next time. You didn’t just say it to be polite”

“I’ll have to think about it” Xandra smirked and opened the door, “See you when I see you, Logan.”

He opened the passenger window and said, “Nice meeting you, Xandra.”

She was already walking towards the front door when she heard him. With a teasing smile, she turned around, “Thanks. I can’t say the same thing about you though.”


She laughed heartily, “Leave already.”

“Fine, fine” Logan huffed. He drove the car around and honked as a goodbye.

“Drive safe!” Xandra shouted and waved. She watched until he was out of sight. A small smile remained on her face as she reached the entrance of the restaurant.

Phil, the doorman who quietly watched the whole exchange, couldn’t help his curiosity.

“You’re glowing, Alex” He complimented her to start subtly.

Alex, unaware of his intentions, merely brightened at the words, “Am I?”

“Yes, and it’s a very beautiful shine.”

“Thank you, Phil.”

Phil opened the door for her and as she stepped inside, he whispered, “Hold on dearly to him.”

She tilted her head, “Him?”

“The gentleman that just left.”

“Oh” Alex blinked, feeling a little awkward, “He’s an acquaintance.”

Phil sighed dejectedly to himself, “Such a shame.”


Phil had seen Alex a couple of times since she was small. Her family often went to this restaurant. Over the years, they became close to the staff. This was, after all, the place where Mr. Greenwood proposed to Ms. Carter. Phil had been waiting for the day the young heiress finds a suitable partner.

The gentleman that just left was a good candidate. He knew Logan was well-behaved, humble… charming too. He exceptionally dotes on the female members of his family. It was sufficient evidence on how he’d treat his future life partner.

He didn’t hear her and kept talking to himself, “No matter. There’s still time.”


Phil opens the door further, his interest deflated, “Please go in, madam. Your parents have been waiting for over an hour now.”

“Oh, shoot. I’m late!” Alex ran inside then saw the people staring at her. Carefully, she regained her posture and walked gracefully towards and up the stairs.

Her feet were light and agile. Ever since she could remember, they always sat at the same table—the middle booth overlooking the view through the back wall made of glass.

As she approached, she observed her parents. She wanted to decipher their mood so she’d be prepared. Her mother was elegantly dressed with a floor length golden gown that hugged her figure perfectly. Her hair was up in an intricate hairstyle. Alex couldn’t see her expression but from the way her shoulder muscles worked, her mother must be talking to her father animatedly.

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