Romeo and Ro—Juliet

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Xandra closed her eyes and opened them slowly. She quirked a brow, “Best friend?”

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Logan frowned, “You don’t sound enthusiastic.”

Indeed, the corner of Xandra’s lips were turned down. She blew on her bangs and bit her bottom lip. That sure backfired quickly. “I’m just processing that the guy who just trespassed wants to be my brother’s friend.”

“I didn’t trespass.”

“You didn’t knock.”

“You just didn’t hear me.”

“The house is dead silent, Logan. Believe me, I would have.” Xandra rolled her eyes, realizing this is the nth time she fell into an argument with him. That’s when it hit her. The real question for this disaster hasn’t been answered yet, “What are you even doing here?

“Because…” Logan answered, “I needed to talk to your brother.”

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“About what?”

“About the English project”

The corner of Xandra’s lips twitched. Her secret was almost exposed because of the project when the main reason she needed to get Romeo’s role was to ensure it stayed a secret? Get real! There was no need for a house visit!

“You could have just messaged him” Xandra made no effort to hide her irritation. It didn’t matter that she left the door unlocked (it did) but with Logan’s personality, he would have been knocking till morning, not that she would’ve answered it. She would have gotten out through the back door—except that would mean keeping the door and the front gate unlocked with an empty house… nope, there was no way around it.

It was all Logan’s fault.

He looked at her like the answer to that was pretty obvious, “Sure, I could but I don’t have his number.”

She squinted at him, “Then, how did you know where he lived? And couldn’t it wait until tomorrow? When you see him at school? And maybe get his number too while you’re at it?”

Xandra’s head throbbed as she predicted. She had deliberately avoided Logan today, especially after school, to not have this whole argument ruin her mood for tonight but no. Things just couldn’t go her way, could it?

“Listen, princess” Logan firmly stated, “This is what happened. Today, your brother ghosted me and the only way I could possibly talk to him is in a place where he couldn’t possibly refuse to show up. Then, I was passing by and almost ran into a cat. I stopped and didn’t hit the cat when I noticed this house. I remembered Alex lived here since I always drive by this street and had concluded this is that place I just mentioned. Thus, I parked my car outside, knocked the hell out of this door to which no one answered, decided to turn the knob, finding it unlocked, stepped inside and bumped into you—the spitting image of Alex but not in homeless clothes.”

“You listen, too melodramatic idiot. You can’t just barge into someone’s house unannounced” Xandra answered through gritted teeth, “No matter what reason you have to do so.”

“I had no bad intentions.” Logan emphasized.

“You still trespassed and I still thought you were a robber.”

Electric currents sparked between their eyes. Clearly, neither party would admit his/her wrongs about the situation and neither would they accept each other’s reasoning.

Xandra sighed and chose to change the topic. What happened had happened, “I’m not sure I want my brother to be associated with you.”

Logan’s brows knitted together. Things weren’t going the way he planned. He wanted to finish the discussion with Alex before the day ended. Instead of that, he found himself in a new disagreement. He didn’t want to sleep with these discussions still running in his mind.

As much as he wished for the debate to stop, Logan was determined to be friends with Alex. If he needed his sister’s approval then, so be it, “Your opinion wouldn’t matter if you’re not here.”

“I’m his twin” Xandra flipped her fake hair at that, displaying the power of ‘her’ influence, “I’m sure he’d listen to me.”

The crinkle on Logan’s forehead deepened, “Why are you so against this? I wanna help your brother. That’s a good thing.”

It was. Not much to argue about that. Xandra pressed her lips together. If she couldn’t get out of it, she at least had to think of a compromise in her favor but what?

Xandra’s eyes glittered, “Tell you what. I’ll give you a chance on one condition.”

Logan was incredulous, that didn’t take long, “And what would that be?”

“Alex has to be Romeo in your English project” It was a brilliant idea. There was no way to completely cut ties with Logan while they were still in Woodlands. Even if she refused now—no doubt, it wouldn’t stop him from befriending Alex.

This way she sealed Alex’s role as the male lead. No one may find it strange for Alex to be Juliet but she wasn’t taking any chances for people to question Alex’s sexuality.

“Pft, is that all?”

Xandra batted her lashes, “I heard you had a big fight about. I hardly call it a small favor”

She could tell it got on his nerves but, nonetheless, Logan relented, “Ugh… fine. FINE. He’ll be Romeo and I’ll be Juliet. We good now?”

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