A New Master

When the man said that he is the thunder dragon, Levi’s brows furrowed into confusion.

Clearly, the man in front of him is a human, not a dragon! While the dark dragon beside the egg is an absolute dragon with wings, scales, horns, etc.

All of a sudden, he heard a woman’s voice.

“Honey, you’re back!”

Then a woman with dark hair and a black gown was standing up beside the egg. Suddenly, the woman coughs up blood.

“Honey! Don’t force yourself!” the self-proclaimed thunder dragon said as he rushed to help what seems to be his wife.

He holds her shoulder and helped him to carefully lie down. From Levi’s point of view, these two were clearly in love with each other.

The middle-aged man gets a small glass of potion from his pocket. It has a red fluid and is enclosed by a cork. He removed the cork and helped the woman to drink its content.

The man’s hands were gentle as she helped her. His eyes were conveying sadness and despair. On the other hand, as she saw her husband’s sad eyes, the woman couldn’t help but be sad.

“I am the reason for those sad eyes.” said the woman with a saddened face after she drank the red potion.

“No, Shera. No need to worry, it’s just dust.” he comforted his wife.

“But Nate, I…” Before she could finish her words, Nate signaled her to stop by with a, “Shhhh… Just rest.” then he smiled at her. That smile was the most beautiful romantic smile. It was very comforting and reassuring.

With that, Shera closed her eyes and rested. Nate caressed her beautiful shiny black hair as she sleeps.

She became ill after laying her egg. Dragons were mighty and legendary creatures. They almost live hundreds of thousands of years. Yet, no dragons tried to fell in love with somebody.

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But these two were bound by Destiny’s Call. They were destined to marry each other, which is good as they were really in love with each other. But the worst part of the destiny was that Shera will lay an egg and die soon after.

Meanwhile, Levi sat down on the ground. That fight took a toll on him. His body was trembling because of overfatigue. His scratches and wounds increased. The left side of his abdomen was in so much pain as he held it hard to lessen the pain, even for a little bit.

Then, he heard the sounds of boots growing louder and louder until he saw the feet in front of him. He looked up and saw Nate.

Nate stretched his right arm towards Levi. This causes Levi to panic. In his state right now, he couldn’t fight anymore. Especially that this person in front of him killed the minotaurs quickly. Levi just closed his eyes and anticipated an attack.

“Thank you for protecting my child,” Nate said. His palm was opened to help Levi stand. Levi opened his eyes after he heard his words of gratitude, not anger.

Levi reached for Nate’s hands and slowly stood up.

He looked at the woman lying beside the egg. What shocked him was that the dark dragon earlier was now nowhere to be found.

“W-w-where is the d-d-dragon?!” he asked out of shock.

“That woman lying down there is the dragon. My wife, Shera, is the dark dragon.” Nate said as he pointed out the information to Levi.

“How could this be?!” said Levi.

Then, all of a sudden, Nate transformed into a dragon. His scales were silver, and so on his skin. He has two horns that were twirled at the tip. There was some electric current that emerges all over his body. Indeed, in this form, Nate was the Thunder Dragon.

He came back to his human form again. This was another shocker for Levi.

While Levi was still dumbfounded, Nate saw the gun on Levi’s back.

“I saw you use that weapon. What is that?” he asked.

“Oh, this?” he gets the gun and holds it in front of him. “This is a gun, a bolt-action style rifle specifically. This shoots bullets faster than an arrow and more powerful too.”

“Who made that?”

“A friend of mine made it and gave this to me,” he said while also hiding the fact that he was the one who drafted it.

He didn’t know him very well, so it is normal not to disclose any critical information.

“Is that so?” said Nate as he knew that Levi was trying to hide something. He didn’t pursue the matter anymore. “I saw traces of magic to that minotaur. Is that your doing?” he asked another question.

“Y-yes,” Levi told the truth because no one can be blamed for that. He is the only person here inside the cave, aside from the dark dragon.

“You can use magic? I see that you are not a master of it yet. A conjurer by any chance?” Nate asked.

“Y-yes, why?” Levi replied and then asked. Nate has been asking several questions that it made him feel suspicious.

Nate didn’t answer immediately. He just goes silent, deep in thought.

“Do you want to master magic?” Nate broke the silence with a question.


“That’s nice. It’s settled then. You will become my student! This is my form of paying you back after protecting my child inside that egg.

Levi was shocked after hearing those words. He didn’t accept it, yet Nate has already decided.

“Come with me,” said Nate. Then he turned around and took his first stop but was stopped.

“Wait! I didn’t accept it yet!” said Levi.

Then, Nate turned back to him and took a few steps to close the distance between them.

“I will teach you the Thunder Dragon Arts. A personal magical art by myself. Or… if you want to be powerless and stay that way, then it is fine by me. You can leave the cave anytime.” said Nate.

Those words hit the spot to Levi, especially the latter part. He remembered his last times on Earth. He was severely beaten up to death. His last wish was to be stronger so that he can save the beggar and himself.

With the affirmation of his past, he accepted Nate’s offer.

“Please teach me… Master.”

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