The Thunder Dragon

“A dragon!” Levi said in his mind.

This dragon was like what people describe it to be. Its scales were as massive as a human face, and it covers almost its entire body. This dragon was dark in color. It is enormous with an estimated measure of 60 meters in length from its head to the end of its tail, and when it stands up, it can be estimated to measure about 10 meters.

It is currently fast asleep, curving her body to shield the enormous egg. It was obviously the mother, the one who laid the egg.

Levi restrained himself from making any sound that will wake this giant dangerous dragon.

He simply wanted to hide from the minotaurs and not to make another enemy. He sat down on the wall near the tunnel and leaned his back towards it.

Looking at this young man, his whole body was covered in dirt with some mild scratches and small wounds. These are the result of Levi aimlessly running for his life from the orcs and now the minotaurs.

He gets his gun from his back and examined it again for any damage. Aside from a few trivial scratches and bents on the rifle’s stock, the gun was fine and still functional.

He removed the magazine and saw the last bullet on it. He still has 1 magazine left, but of course, five bullets in one round of a magazine are not enough, especially if you are in a dangerous zone like Levi.

Accepting that his gun can only defend him for a few fights, Levi turned to his magic. Unfortunately, he was just a Conjurer3ConjurerThey are the people who is at the training process to become a full fledge mage. and only trained at Caleb’s once. Clearly, this wasn’t the right motivation for him.

On the spur of the moment, Levi remembered the time when he unknowingly used healing magic.

He tried to do it again like what he did back then at his house. He turned his attention to his hand and focused on healing himself. Suddenly, a green light emerged from his hand. Without a doubt, it was healing magic because of the similarity.

But as soon as the magic emerged, it quickly faded soon afterward. It left Levi’s hope torn down.

Meanwhile, the dragon slowly woke up without Levi noticing it. It was woken by the sudden presence of magic around him.

It didn’t completely wake up. She just opened her eyes and looked at the man sitting on the wall near the opening of the tunnel.

“That man… No danger.” the dragon said only in her mind as she examined the young man. Then she closed her eyes again to sleep.

It is natural for any species that a mother would overly protect her child, and dragons were not exempted from that. They were as protective as a hen caring for her chicks. In some cases, they were even more protective because not only that they are legendary dragons, but also because dragons reproduce only after some hundred thousand years!

But shockingly, even if there is a human near her and her egg, she sensed no threat from him. She goes back to rest.

At the same time, Levi relaxed his whole body and rested. Yesterday and today have been rough for him. He didn’t even know how he lasted until now. Probably, it’s because of adrenaline because his life was on the line.

Thirty minutes later.

These past 30 minutes has been quiet and peaceful for him. He got the chance to rest even for a few moments.

All of a sudden, the wall trembled. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere suddenly turned to panic and frenzy.

The tunnel’s entrance was cracked as a massive wooden club hit it: dust and small debris dispersed everywhere.

Levi quickly got up to his feet and goes to the middle of the room while facing the tunnel. He assumed a defensive stance, aiming his gun at whoever will emerge from that.

Levi’s arm is trembling from fear and fatigue.

Three minotaurs emerged from the tunnel. The one in the middle has distinguishable burnt hair and some skin on his chest. This is the result of Levi’s magic spell. Minotaurs are half-human, half-bull. Aside from having the head of a bull, they were also hairy.

“Human! At last, we’ve found you!” The minotaur in the middle said as he pointed his index finger to Levi. He is Minos, and obviously, he is the leader of this small group.

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Minos initiated an attack and dashed toward Levi while gripping hard onto his club.

Levi immediately reacted wittily. He shot Minos’s hand, which causes him to drop his wooden club and slow him down.

The other two minotaurs followed by attacking Levi, side by side.

But the unluckiest thing happened to Levi. His gun ran out of ammo. He forgot that there is only one bullet left in his magazine, the one he used to shoot Minos’ hand.

He has to think quick. The enemies are approaching. Loading the gun was not a good idea because it will sometimes, and in Levi’s case, it will be worst considering his left arm was severed; reloading was harder.

Levi quickly rolled to his side in response to the attack of the two minotaurs. But this doesn’t save him from sustaining injuries. He was hit by the wooden club beside his abdomen. Fortunately, it didn’t hit him totally.

Levi escaped sudden death. With a taste like iron from his mouth and pain from beside his abdomen.

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“What a huge egg!” said the amazed Minos. He saw the sleeping dragon, but he didn’t care as long as he makes no sound.

“Don’t make noise! We will get this egg!” Minos commanded his subordinates.

“No, you cant!” Levi said with affirmation.

Minos nods his head to his subordinates, implicitly saying that they should dispatch him.

They turned their heads to Levi. Their eyes were fearsomely combined with their big bodies. They pose a massive threat to him.

Suddenly, flashes of lightning emerged from the tunnel and touched the three minotaurs as it formed a lightning trail that is shaped like ‘Z.’

Then, a man suddenly came out of the lightning. He is wearing a light blue hakama over his white kimono. He has long white hair and a face of a middle-aged yet handsome man.

He then walked towards Levi.

“Who are you!? This is an egg of a dangerous dragon. You must not get it for yourself!” He warned the middle-aged man.

“Inside that is my child.” confidently said the man.

“No, you don’t. Don’t make a joke like that. Hahaha!” Levi laughed out loud as he thought of a man and a dragon making a baby. It was not a good imagination.

“I am the… Thunder Dragon.” the man said calmly while looking at Levi’s confused face.

Author’s Note:

Hakama is a traditional Japanese dress. Worn over a kimono.

Reference for Hakama and some traditional Japanese clothes, if you’re interested.

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