The Land of Monsters

Magus6Magus A person who has great mastery of using magic. Also, normal people use this as an honorary, for acknowledging the mage's higher status in the society.…” a voice of an invisible woman whispered.

Levi was back again to his dream in this dreamworld like of place. There is clear water of the lake beside him that mirrors the beautiful night sky above. Where he was sitting was a smooth ground that covers this entire flat area.

“Your destiny… awaits…” added the voice. The experience was surreal. It felt like it was exclusively talking to him.

“Who are you!? What is this place?” Levi shouted and asked, but nothing answered.

Suddenly, the world was torn off bit by bit. The ground trembled, and cracks started to pop out. The sky up above was like smoke slowly dispersing into nothingness.

Levi was in a state of panic when the smooth ground below him started to crack. It was too sudden that Levi didn’t have time to react.

In between the cracks was like an infinite dark abyss. Levi couldn’t see the end of it. The gap got bigger, and Levi fell.


Levi suddenly woke up from his dream while shouting. He then caught his breath. The feeling of him falling into that infinite abyss was so real!

“That’s the second time I got into that!” he said while still having ragged breathing. “The first one was bizarre because I was awake back then, and now was when I was asleep, but it truly is surreal,” he added.

The fire has already turned to ashes. The sun has risen already. The temperature inside the cave became slightly warmer, but still, it is cold compared outside.

On the mouth of the cave that’s just eight meters away from him, there were small green creatures with green colored skin. They are goblins! These creatures are only found on the centermost unclaimed land of Ashenborn1Ashenborn a land/continent in the world where Levi was reincarnated. This is one of the continents present in the world. This land is called Jangar5JangarThe place in the center most of Ashenborn. It is inhabited by dangerous monsters. Also called the Land of Monsters.. Here, there are lots of wild beasts and different kinds of creatures. Goblins are an example, but they aren’t that dangerous. Most of all, this part of Ashenborn was unclaimed by any race because many dangerous monsters live in this area. The most notable of all is the talks of people. They say that a dragon lives in this area, in which many people claimed that they have seen it.

Dragons are considered legendary creatures. They are unpredictable, powerful, and very dangerous. They have smooth yet, hardened scales as big as the face of a human and wings like a bat. They have two small arms and fingers with big hard nails. Some say that if one looked into their eye for an unspecified amount of time, he would become unconscious and food for the dragon.

From the former Levi’s memories, he immediately gets an idea of what happened. Because of running aimlessly from the orcs in an unknown land, he didn’t realize that he was already in this dangerous land of Jangar.

He got up, and the goblins immediately dispersed in fear. All of a sudden, his stomach growled like a wild hungry lion.

He went out to catch some food but decided not to go too far because he knew it would be dangerous because he was on Jangar.

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He came back holding a wild bunny, which he caught by making a simple yet effective trap.

He gathered firewoods nearby and cooked the meat. The smoke travels through the air carrying the delicious smell of the fresh meat being cooked.

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After a few minutes, the bunny meat was cooked, and then he ate. Suddenly, while he was in the middle of eating, heavy footsteps were heard from outside. Then, three creatures emerged at the mouth of the cave. It was minotaurs! They have a human-like big buffed body with the head of a bull. They carry big wooden clubs as a weapon. They were dangerous.

As soon as Levi saw them, his eyes almost bulged out, and he fell down to his back. He doesn’t have any choice but to go deeper into the cave.

He ran into the dark cave. The gun was on his back, strapped to his body. There are three minotaurs, and they all chased after him.

Levi grabbed his gun and aimed for the minotaur in the middle. He then pulled the trigger, and next was a loud sound gunshot that echoed throughout the cave.

The bullet hit the minotaur without a doubt, but it doesn’t do any critical damage. Minotaurs were known to have very tough skin. The bullet struck and bore through the minotaur’s skin for about a centimeter before it fell to the ground.

“They have pretty tough skin. Even with my rifle’s firepower, it can’t do discernable damage!”

Then, he put his right arm forward and targeted the minotaur in the middle again. This time, he will try to use magic.

Like what he did in Caleb’s backyard, he focused on gathering magic on his hand. The air around his hand started to vibrate, and yellowish motes of light were slowly gathering on his palm. He released the spell, and a yellowish beam was created. It traveled towards the minotaur and…


A sound of an explosion rang inside the cave. Dust and smoke covered the entire area of the minotaur. Levi didn’t waste time to distinguish if they were still alive. Instead, he ran deeper into the cave to hide away from them in case they were still alive.

After several minutes of running inside the cave, Levi found a long dark hole that leads to a tunnel hidden at the cave’s darkest place. He found it accidentally when he was aimlessly touching the walls because he can’t see in the dark. Even after being here long enough, his eyes just can’t adjust to total darkness.

He went inside and walked through the long dark entrance. On the other end, he can see the light, so he ran towards it. As soon as he came out, he found himself in a huge chamber. On the walls were some kind of glowing stones that gives light to the place. The ground here was smoother and has a finer soil than outside the chamber.

But the most shocking of all was the massive egg in the middle of the chamber, and beside it lies what seems to be sleeping…


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