From Hunting Turned to Being Hunted (2)

“Here you are!” Said the orc.

Jeff was cornered on the edge of a cliff. It was about two kilometers in height and below, was a rushing river going eastward.

“Olag, where’s the human?” Said the other orc as he called his name.

Olag is the one who faced Jeff’s arrow earlier, the one with his signature maniac laughter. The other orc who has been silent since earlier is Oduk.

“Right the human! Where is he? Why a human and a dwarf accompany each other?” Olag asked. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter, that human will no longer have a dwarf friend, Bwahahaha!” He added as he laughed.

He lifted his ax in an act to hit Jeff but suddenly,


A loud sound of a gunshot rang out through the place.

Olag’s right shoulder was hit by a bullet, and the ax fell off his hand to the ground. His arm was almost dismembered from the impact. Blood splattered around, and now he can’t move his arm.

He looked behind only to see a man twenty meters away with a gun aimed at him. The gun’s barrel was still hot, and there’s still smoke coming out of it.

“How come? What is that weapon!?” He was shocked as he can’t see any arrows or traces of magic being used. What he felt earlier was just a sudden great pain and the heat of his blood.

Then, Jeff didn’t waste the time that the orcs’ attention is on Levi. He grabbed his bow, pulled, and then released the string aiming for Olag’s nape, which is a vital point that connects the head to the body.


Unfortunately, Oduk noticed his intention and immediately defended Olag with his double ax that he used as a shield.

Olag turned his attention back to Jeff after he noticed what he’s done.

“Weaklings will always be weaklings!” angrily said, Olag. His pain turned to anger. He was irritated, and his head almost blows off steam. Suddenly, he kicked Jeff out of irritation, causing him to fall into the two kilometers deep cliff.


Jeff’s shout got weaker and weaker gradually until it was unable to be heard. He fell into the water and got unconscious, he goes alongside the flow, where it will bring him? No one knows.

“Jeff!” Levi shouted the dwarf’s name.

“Who are you calling? There’s no Jeff here! There are only three of us!” Olag said as he taunts Levi with a sinister smile.

The two orcs slowly walked towards Levi. Levi immediately senses the danger. He turned around and run back to the deep forest.

“Chase him! We will not let him lose us again!” said Olag. The two orcs ran after the man.

Olag has difficulty moving because his non-functional right arm was hanging like a dead branch, so he ultimately cut it off. He grabbed his ax and severed his right arm.

Levi was on the run again. As he was running, he thought of ways to escape them.

He just thought of surrendering, but it is not a plausible option because these orcs were ruthless. They will surely kill him if he surrendered. His only option is to fight back or run as long as he can.

Thirty minutes of running has passed. Levi was barely holding on. His body will reach its limit. Then, his only option was to decide, right here, right now.

“No, I will not run aimlessly!” he then turned around, and with his fastest speed, he aimed for Oduk and pulled the trigger.

Oduk didn’t have time to react. He was shot dead. Blood flows out of a visible hole on his forehead as the bullet bore through his skin and stopped midway to his skull.

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Olag saw this and became enraged even more. Levi ran again in response.

Another thirty minutes has passed.

Levi was hiding beside a tree as Olag was just a few meters away. His body was stiff. He’s restraining himself from making any noise so that the orc will not point out his location.

Every moment was intense. Olag took steps after steps calling for Levi to come out. After he lost Olag again.

Suddenly, the rain started to pour out heavily. He scouted for something to shelter him in and found a cave with five meters radius opening. He goes inside to shield himself from rain and also to take a rest.

Inside the cave, there are rock formations formed ages ago by the cave’s natural process. It was dark and cold, so Levi decided to make a fire. It was fortunate for him that he undergoes mandatory military training back on Earth. Those survival and military skills had helped him now.

He lit a fire and sat next to it to warm himself, then out of weariness, his eyes couldn’t help but close. He fell asleep.

Hours later.

On a lake, a dwarf was lying around beside the lake, facing the ground unconscious. The sound of the waterfall and the cold water finally woke him up.

At first, he has a cloudy vision and heard the water’s sound and the birds chirping. He tried to get up, but his body was so beaten up, he then rolled and faced the sky above.

“Levi! Where is he? I need to help him!” said Jeff as the bright light of the sun hit his body.

With all his might, he got up to his feet and walked. He decided to go back to Natura7NaturaThe country which was founded by the Elven-Dwarves alliance. and report the incident to get more people for help.

The sun was now setting when he finally reached Natura with his body all beat up. Residents immediately saw him and brought him to the Mother Tree.

In Jadis’ house, Jeff was lying while Maris does some healing magic on him. It was then that he got back to his senses.

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“Levi!” he shouted.

“What’s with Levi?” asked Jadis.

“The orcs! *cough* they’re trying to kill him!” said Jeff worryingly.

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