Chapter 1

Sounds of fingers vigorously tapping on a mechanical keyboard along with clicking noises filled the dimly lit room. A certain 30 something so male was concentrating on his game of choice while enjoying the company of his fellow gaming comrades.

“F*king noobs, what are you aiming at!”

“God damn shitty team.”

After giving them some more words of praise and affection the male exited the game and gave his desk a good thump with his palm, which made it shake in response. Well maybe he was a little bit angry, but if you had to play with teammates like he got, you would probably react in a similar way.

He leaned back in his overpriced gamin chair and looked at his small apartment in which he lived alone. His posture wasn’t that great and his eyes had bags under his eyes kind of giving him that tired easily irritated look.

“Might as well check out my gmail…”

After scrolling through some advertisements which he promptly deleted, he spotted a strange message at the top which he clicked.

“Is this some kind of scam?”

‘Congratulations on getting chosen as an alpha tester for our new Xianxia themed game, immerse yourself in our faction based narrative, build your sect or clan up and become the number one under the heavens.’

“Sect building? is this some kind of strategy game? sounds a bit like and rpg too…”

After reading the colorful email, Matthew decided to give the whole thing a try though it looked like he could fill in a lot of stuff and create his own character right here and now for some reason.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

“So I get one main character? guess it’s more an rpg then strategy game, maybe you can upgrade stuff in your base or something.”

After clicking a big button that said ‘Get started’ he was taken to a character creator that had a lot of options to choose from, Mat took his time in shaping his characters face, giving him manly facial features and long silver hair, his eyes were blue. For the build, he gave him a robust body type, quite muscular but not an overly beefcake look. 6’2” as the height which was 190 cm.

“Well that took a bit longer than expected, there are way too many choices in this thing… let’s see …”

He was able to choose clothes for his character, it ranged from all sorts of robes through which he started clicking through and tried to match them to make his creation look nice and badass. He ended with a white one, the character ended up in white clothes. He as wearing mostly functional ones that wouldn’t get in the way of a fight, none of those baggy type robes that those sword immortals liked to wear while zooming along with their oversized swords, though that was something he wouldn’t be opposed if he got one to fly around. The model had a smaller robe over his body that covered the head part with his long silver locks peeking out for other people to see his abs were also visible as he decided to put a form-fitting shirt, would be a waste to have a muscular body and not show it off right?

“Okay, what’s next… starting point?”

You start off as a young Qi Condensation inner disciple of a prominent sect.

You start off as the last Nascent Soul elder of a mostly destroyed sect.
You start off as a Core Formation young senior of a declining family clan.
( Character will be aged to fill the role)

“Wait… what does that even mean, you make me spend so much time on designing and then you want to turn my perfect boy to an old raisin or a little kid?”

The male grumbled and then looked at the choices that he was giving, he might as well finish it up not like it really mattered to him as he as just killing some time between gaming and before going to sleep.

“Ah whatever, guess choice 3 sounds close enough I’ll go with that.”

The screen changed to a short backstory that he didn’t really want to go through as he started quickly scrolling down, the explanations to the game and world were also mostly skipped as it sounded like gibberish to Mat that was already confused with the Chinese sounding names and terms. Finally, after some skillful clicking, he found himself at the skills menu.

“Ah, guess I get to chose some starting stuff, let’s see…”

Only allowed on

There weren’t that many skills to choose from, but he ended up going for the elemental type packet, with some premade skills that looked the coolest from the descriptions and pictures that were next to them, plus he thought that if he as going with the pure white look, he should add some nice lighting to the mix to fit his character.

“Guess that’s it for now… just need to add the name and I’m done… Zhang… is that the first name or last name… hehe”

It didn’t take him long to put in Dong as his name, in his mind this being the only obvious choice for a name in this kind of setting. His childish grin didn’t last for long as he suddenly heard a strange robotic sounding voice.

[Core Formation beginner package selected] [Beginning transfer in 3…2…1…]

“Wait what, that’s not coming from the PC…”

His vision started going hazy as he heard the voice that sounded like it was speaking directly into his mind. He didn’t know what happened afterward as he drifted off to sleep and the last thing he saw was the blinking screen of his computer.

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