Episode 16 – Euria in danger! 1

Episode 16 – Euria in danger! 1


“Ria!” Louis carried Euria on his chest as he ran into the mansion sweating profusely. He instantly ran past all the servants in speed they have not seen before by their Eldest master. The usual composed Eldest master can not be seen, flabbergasting people all around.

“Butler!” He shouted to get the butler’s attention as he was rushing up the staircase, coincidently seeing the butler walking out of a study room holding a stack of paper.

The butler was preparing for the family’s trip to the Royal Palace in a few days and there were many things the house of Veria had to prepare for. He was thinking deep in his consciousness but was shock awake from a familiar voice calling out to him. Seeing his eldest master run up to him completely made him throw the trip to the royal palace out of his mind, wondering what disaster had happened for his Eldest master to look so panicked and afraid.

“Louis?” Duke Levis Veria came out of the room after the butler, to add something to the list but heard Louis shouting for the butler, his voice sounding anxious.

“Father! Please look at Euria!” Louis turned Euria around to handed Euria to Levis in panic.


Euria whom Levis saw a few hours ago now had a blue complexion all over and was covered with sweat. Her usual happy face now showed intense pain.

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“Go call the Head doctor now!!” Levis ordered the butler who immediately upon seeing the youngest miss felt terrified. A newborn looking this sick was not news! Recovering soon from terrible thoughts, he remembered.

“Today there was a scheduled check-up for Miss Eugenia and Euria. The Head doctor will be arriving in a quarter to an hour.”

“… Alright.” Levis returned to his study room holding Euria with Louis following right after while the butler rushed downstairs to inform the servants to quickly prepare for an emergency.

“What happened to her?” Levis asked Louis who was standing beside him looking down at Euria who was placed on her crib. He has never seen his quiet son this panicked before.

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“The twins were playing in the garden but Euria got stung by a bee,” Louis recalled what happened and carefully explained the most important part to his father.

“Bee? It must be an allergy reaction then.. How is Eugeneia?” (Levis)

“She didn’t get stung,” Louis replied. He was only taking a walk in the garden after completing his studies but saw a crowd of people. As he walked closer he saw Ramon accompanying the twins, and so went over to ask if he had finished his studies before playing around but this happened!

“Haa… She turning really blue” Levis sighed, angry at himself for not being able to do anything but wait for the head doctor to arrive.

Euria was in shock and a lot of pain. She frowned as she came through. Not understanding why she was in so much pain she began crying for help.


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