Episode 17 – Euria in Danger! 2

Episode 17 – Euria in Danger! 2

Earlier during the day……

“Today’s weather is perfect for an outing! It is very sunny, Miss Euria, Miss Eugeneia.” Aedelak , Aeselak, and an older nanny were accompanying the twin sisters outside. They were walking by the estate’s nature-made river and were showing the twins the outside world and the nice occasional summer breeze.

Finding a good place to hide from the sun, they settled down by a huge tree by the river. Surrounding them were beautiful flowers and a view that makes one happy inside.

“Hehee” Euria was very pleased by this. She loved going out to see the world especially loving the cool breeze that would occasionally blow onto her. She loved the smell outside as it was filled with the fragrance of flowers.

Occasionally, the nanny’s and the 2 playmates ditched going outside and the result was Euria being moody on those days, even affecting Eugeneia. They realized the fact after and repent, by taking the twins out every day giving Euria great joy.

Towards going outside, Eugeneia had no negative opinion on this. Going out to explore the outside world was nice, but staying in bed was also fine. Her former career as an actress was hectic, hence why she preferred staying at home to catch up on sleep. Therefore it did not matter now if she went out or stayed indoors.

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Although she had to give credits to the pollution-free air in this world. It was indeed much nicer going out here compared to her former world that was filled with dusty air particles. She did not have to go out without using a face mask nor did she have to stay indoors to stay out from the blazing hot sun. It was nice that climate change hadn’t affected this world, making going outside to bathe in the sun feel nice. That would simply be outrageous in China! Who in their right minds would enjoy the sun there! The only thing you would get is burnt skin, and passing out from intense heat!

“Nia! Ria” A familiar child-like voice was heard from afar. Light footsteps seem to be getting closer and closer to where they were settled.

“What are you doing?” Ramon smiled, as he loomed over Eugeneia and Euria.

Eugene and Euria were currently taking a break from being carried over and were currently laying on comfortable pillows Aeselak and Aedelak brought over. Eugene was given a small branch to play with. Taking advantage of being given a stick, practiced swinging her arms while Euria tried her best to grab the stick away from Eugene discarding the stick that was also given to her.

“Ria, why aren’t you playing with yours?” Ramon spread Euria’s small palm as he put Euria’s fallen stick on her palm for her to grab her own.

“There!” Ramon smiled looking at his younger sisters who were currently swinging sticks around.

“Wow Nia, your arm strength is really good!” Ramon exclaimed as he watched the speed in which Eugene was swinging comparing it to Euria’s slow unsteady swings.

‘Of course’ (Eugene)

“Haha Ria!” (Ramon)

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Euria was struggling to hold her stick even with Ramon’s help. She did not have the strength Eugene had.

“Heh….” Euria was feeling a bit annoyed. She couldn’t replicate her sister’s movement. Making a pouty face, she gave up and went back to holding Eugeneia’s freehand feeling happy again.

“What did Eugeneia and Euria do today?” Ramon curiously glanced at the nanny and the 2 playmates.

“Yes, reporting to Young master Ramon, at 9 the young misses woke up and had their first meal. At 10 they were clean and played together for a little over an hour. After being exhausted, they took a nap and woke up in the afternoon and had their meal again.” Aedelak reported in a clear and concise way making Ramon who didn’t expect the formal schedule momentarily taken aback before nodding to acknowledge the reports.

‘She.. she is good’ Ramon secretly complimented Aedelak for her matureness at her age. He has heard that Aedelak and his brother Louis are of the same age and also heard that Sara, the head maid, and his Mother Moniqua, gave birth to the both of them 3 days apart from each other.

Glancing back at his 2 twin sisters playing around together, his adoration for them only keeps increasing.

“You 2 just sleep and eat all day, is it fun?” Ramon was making fun of his sisters. The only time they can be idle was until they turned 3, like Ramon. After turning 3, they will be bombarded with the burdens of being born into the House of Veria.

“Heehe” Euria seemed to understand her brother was talking to her and replied back in her baby language. Meanwhile Eugene who has recently accepted her fate of not being able to do anything felt annoyed because she was once again reminded that all she does all day was sleep and eat.

“Ah!” Ramon winced at the sudden stab. Eugeneia successfully took her revenge by stabbing Ramon’s cheeks. Not only did she stab, she also repeated swing left and right, to make him feel uncomfortable.

“Hahaha, did you understand big brother?” Ramon jokingly asked even though he knew it was impossible…

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