Episode 18 – Euria in danger! 3

Episode 18 – Euria in danger! 3

Eugeneia and Euria’s constitution was very small in the beginning as they were born 2 months before their due date. Now they grew bigger day by day. Their hands and feet had been so small but now doubled in their previous size. Small strands of hair were budding and their faces were now starting to become identifiable to their parents and siblings.

Eugeneia’s dark grey eyes lighten up in the sun, like Louis and Levis. Euria’s red jade eyes sparkle when excited like Moniqua, Ramon, and Aernest. Full plump lips when the twins pout. Although they were considered a newborn, everyone knows with their parent’s genes, the 2 were going to grow up looking beautiful. Aernest well…. Might be a rare case of deformity with his sparse curly hair but who knows! They have to wait a few more years to judge the 3 again.

“Are you excited to go visit the Royal Palace in a few days? We will see his Majesty and her Majesty!” Remembering the Royal Decree they received the previous day, Ramon relayed this piece of news to the twins knowing they won’t understand but still wanting to talk to them.

“Ah?” ‘What.’ Eugene drops her stick she was waving around with and had a mental break down.

What Royal family?

“The King wants to officially meet the first twin of Xenperia and award Mother and father with some rewards.”

‘What!!’ (Eugene)

“His Majesty even wanted to make your birthdates a national day! As expected of my special sisters! You two are Xenperia national treasures!!!”

“Congratulations young misses” Aeselak spoke out as well as blocked a ray of sunlight that poke through the thick tree leaves.

‘Wha….t’ Eugene felt her brain freeze up from the sudden news. What national holiday! What national treasures!!

“But brother Louis said when you both grow up, it might be a bit embarrassing to have your birthdays be celebrated in the country by everyone, so that idea was put on hold.”

‘Oh thank heavens! Louis, I will un-strike from my list’ Eugene breathed out in deep relief. What Royal palace! Are twins really a thing worth celebrating? She wouldn’t want to live anymore if her birthday becomes a national holiday. That is too much pressure.

“Ramon.” An older male voice was suddenly heard.


Hearing the familiar voice, a tingling sensation creped up Ramon’s back. Why was his elder brother here?!

“Yes… eldest brother..” Ramon unenthusiastically replied while turning back to see the figure walking straight towards him.

“Why are you here?” Louis stood straight in front of Ramon as he stared him down.

“Teacher gave me a break…” Ramon nervously replied.

“Hmm…” Louis wanted to reprimand Ramon to review his studies during break, but ceased as they weren’t alone. It wasn’t a big enough deal to do it in front of the nanny and playmates. Louis glanced at Eugenenia and Euria and turned back to walk away, but immediately after turning away stopped as he heard an ear-piercing scream behind him.

“Oh Heavens!” The nanny gasped and jolted up due to the piercing screams of Euria! A bee had stung Euria before she could even move to swat it away!

“Ah..” Eugene speechlessly stared at Euria. She was originally practicing her arm swinging skills but in the midst of that saw a bee flying towards her. Not wanting it to be close to her, she swung the bee to the side but because her strength was weak, only poked the innocent bee, making it become alarmed and annoyed. Sensing danger, the bee flew down in less than a second and jabbed its stinger into Euria the innocent child.

Euria was happy to see Louis and wanted to play with him but got shocked because of a sudden pain. Thinking it was Eugene who hurt her, she turned her head towards Eugene facing her straight on to complain. But the sting that was originally more shocking than painful now started to give her intense pain.

Her eyes filled up with tears dripped down her small face, her small mouth enlarging as wide as she can scream.

“HEHHHHHHHHHH” The sharp cry sounded piercingly scary to everyone close by. Because of the sudden scream, Eugene’s head throbbed with pain, her ears feeling like it was going to rip apart.

“HEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH” Euria’s entire body felt painful. The pain was only getting stronger and stronger not ceasing or stopping. Her entire body shaking, to show how much pain she was in.

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Louis and Ramon were momentarily stunned by the sudden situation. They didn’t see what happened. Ramon and Louis both had their backs turned when the misshapen happened so they were in complete shock because Euria was just laughing a second ago!

“Wha.. What happened?! Why are you suddenly crying!” Ramon crawled closer to Euria not understanding why she is screaming in pain. Louis also came closer and kneeled beside the twins.

“Young… Young master, Eldest master! Youngest Miss got stung by a yellow insect!” Aeselak replied not really knowing what the sinful creature was as it quickly flew away.

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“Young Master, it must’ve been a bee Being older than Aeselak, Aedelak guessed what the yellow creature was.

“…” ‘It was a bee.’ (Eugene)

“Why did the Bee sting Euria of all people! Was she touching it?” Ramon gasped. Bee’s will never harm someone unless they felt like they were being threatened!

“Ah… Welll….” Aeselak was scared and she didn’t know if she could tell them the truth. She was the only one who had witnessed the whole ordeal, evening witnessing Eugeneia swatting the bee away. Her sister and nanny were packing up the twin necessities and had their backs turned away from the twin.

“Speak.” Louis glanced once at Aeselak and glanced back at Euria to look for the bee sting.

“Ah… Mis.. Miss Eugeneia was playing w..with the stick and.. And.. touched the flying..bee.“ Aeselak nervously answered. She knows servants can not find fault in nobles. Nobles don’t make mistakes and even if they do, it wouldn’t be their fault. People of her status or lower can not pinpoint fault on higher-ranking people.

Everyone present understood what Aeselak meant and looked towards Eugenenia who was still holding the stick. The evidence.

“…” Eugeneia sensed all eyes on her, so she quietly, very slowly put down her stick and tried to look away hoping to blend in with the pillow bellow her.

“Nia….” Ramon speechlessly called out. Babies do no wrong nor do they understand their actions therefore it wasn’t Eugeneia’s fault. Bbbut…. It was still her.

“….” Louis silently stared at Eugeneia, wanting to facepalm himself. Swatting a bee, which then confused Eugeneia as Euia, and then attacking the innocent bystander. Ah. Good lord.

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- my thoughts:
Honestly... This chapter is literally about my sister and I lol... 10 years ago, I accidentally agitated a bee, but thankfully it stung my sister instead of me.. the culprit. I think she was like 6 or 7 then but yea...I've always been grateful for that hahahahahaha!! Sorry sis! You probably don't even remember lol! Oh and of course I naturally blended with nature and shifted the blame to the bee itself for stinging my sister lol. ^^ 
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