Episode 19 – Euria in Pain! 1

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 Episode 19 – Euria in Pain! 1


Euria did not understand why she was in pain which made her feel sad in the process. Her legs felt like it was on fire, and it feels like it was spreading towards her upper body.

Because everyone now understands why Euria was in pain, Eugene tried to blend as much as possible to the pillow below her but because of the screeching scream, she felt albeit guilty inside bringing her back to reality to somehow take responsibility.


“Ah!” ‘Quiet down!’ (Eugene)

Gasps! (Everyone)

Eugene turned her head towards Euria and did the impossible. She practiced a hidden skill she achieved a week ago! She flipped herself to lie on her stomach and because of the turn was able to come closer to Euria.


Eugene slapped Euria on her face with her free hand!

“Ah!” ‘Calm down!’

“Young Miss!” Aedelak was surprised and accidentally raised her voice!

“Eugeneia!” Ramon didn’t know what his sister was doing, inflicting double pain towards the victim! Was she a devil? He crawled closer to Eugene and was about to move her away from the innocent sister when he paused.

Eugene who slapped Euria suddenly changed to patting Euria on her forehead. At first she thought slapping would be the solution but she second-guessed herself and changed her actions into a more compassionate one. Euria was someone who loved to be patted and spoiled so this might work better.

‘It’s just a bee, don’t cry’ (Eugene)

Shocked by the face slap her sister gave her, she was about to have another fit when her sister suddenly patted her. It was the first time her sister touched her first. In awe and excitement for such loving actions, she swallowed her blood, sweat, and tears smiled! Her red jade eyes glimmering with tears and happiness.


“Ah” ‘Have you calmed down a little?’ Eugene was still patting Euria, afraid that she might cry again. Somehow seeing Euria suddenly smiling towards her made her feel very guilty. This feeling felt unpleasant.

“….” The people around the twins watched the main characters openly display their love for one another and everyone swore they saw flowers and hearts flying around the twins. It was a beautiful scene in a beautiful garden. Stunned by the sudden change of events, everyone froze not knowing what to do with this sisterly loving act.

“Eu…ria..genia” (Ramon)

“…. You 2, go inform Mother that Euria got stung by a bee. Nanny, go get something we can relieve the pain with. I will take the twins to their bedrooms.” Louis carefully instructs the 3. Seeing as Euria has calmed down, he presumed the sting only momentarily hurt her.

“Yes Eldest master”

The 3 separated into 2 groups and rushed to do their tasks as fast as they can not wanting to delay.

“Ria?” Ramon was no longer focused on the sisterly act the twins displayed but was now more concerned about the younger twin Euria. She seemed to be acting… strange.

Euria at first was holding herself back from crying because of Eugeneia, but the more she held herself from crying, the more uncomfortable she felt.. She felt like she was not able to breathe.

“Ria!” Ramon shouted in surprise.

“Hee, hee” Euria’s complexion was blue, not only that but her chest was rapidly rising up and down to get as much air as she could. She was starting to pant for air!

“Curses.” Louis very swiftly grabbed Euria and hurriedly stood up.

“Ramon, take care of Eungeneia” He ordered Ramon before he raced back to the mansion to get immediate help. He should have done this the moment Euria started crying! Mentally irritated at himself, he ran even faster rushing past by everyone who paused to greet him.

Eugene didn’t know what to do. It was… her fault!

‘Was she allergic?’

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Oh no.

Ramon was also confused about what to do. He was shocked by the sudden turn of events. Euria’s complexion was very scary but what’s even scarier was the look on his brother’s face when he left. He has never seen his older brother that angry or anxious in his entire life. Will.. Will Euria not be okay?

“Ahh! Ahh!” ‘Carry me!’ Eugene broke Ramon out of his thoughts, and remembering his brother’s words, he got up and carried his little sister with him rushing towards the mansion. But because he was only 3 and had to carry Eugeneia, he was not able to run as fast as a 7-year-old therefore being very laggy.

“Ahh! Ah!” ‘Faster!’

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