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Episode 23 – The Royal Palace 2 ‘Her first word’

Episode 23 – The Royal Palace 2 ‘Her first word’

Today, the House of Veria has been ordered to visit the Royal Palace as it was the first time in history since the country had been formed to have someone give birth to twins or produce such phenomena.

The twins had their matching dresses ready for the royal visit, but they had to be resized because the visit was delayed, and the twins no longer fit into the dress they had designed a few weeks ago as they were growing bigger day after day. They wore matching pink dresses with white laces, and since they didn’t have as much hair, wore a white floral hairband. Euria had a light pink butterfly band, whereas Eugene had a deep red butterfly band. 

Head to toe they were matching which naturally made the House of Veria’s very enthusiastic. The two were so vibrant that even the stoic Louis had to turn away from the dazzling display once he saw them.

Newborns were not allowed to leave their households as they were very delicate, and so the Royal family, through private meetings with Duke Levis, agreed to meet the twins 10 weeks after the twins had adapted to their lifestyles. But after the Euria incident, it would be almost 12 weeks before the imperial house could see the twins.

It was such an exciting day for the House of Veria with the servants being so busy preparing for the visit from dawn. The sons were very nicely dressed, too. They all looked impressive. Everyone was dressed and ready to greet Xenperia’s Emperor. 

‘I have to endure’  Eugene muttered as she looked at both her and Euria, who were taken by their playmates to look at themselves in the mirror.

“…..ahhh” Euria made a surprise sound after looking at herself in the mirror. Why she made a surprise sound no one could tell.

“Are you two dressed up?” Moniqua came in to get the 2 girls.

The twins were so blinding to the point where the gentlemen’s in the family all had their mouths hanging out looking very speechless. Even the happy go kid Aernest was quiet for once. 

“Let’s head out” Levis cleared his throat, becoming very excited to show the twins off to his peers. He was already very proud of his daughters.

The family head out in carriages the butler had prepared. The stunning white carriages were pulled by 2 sets of 4 gigantic horses. Once people saw the carriage they immediately knew it belonged to the Great 5 Noble families as they were the only noble families in Xenperia that had such huge carriages. The twins rode with their mothers, and the sons were with their fathers. They each rode in different carriages even though 1 carriage was big enough to fit 10 folks. 

Eugene wanted to see the outside world but it had been blocked by a navy curtain letting only light pass through. She wanted to see the difference between her former world and this world.

‘Next time’ Sighing she glanced at Euria who had been silent ever since seeing herself in the mirror. She was holding onto Eugene’s arm but was being eerily silent. 

‘Is she sick?’ Eugene wondered, slipping out of Euria’s grip and checking her forehead to see if she had a fever. It has been around 2 weeks since the bee incident so she might not have fully recovered.

‘She’s not warm. Does she not like the carriage?’ Eugene didn’t find any sign of sickness and looked around. The carriage is very big in size but she could still feel tiny bumps as they ride on. Looking back at Euria who was now staring straight into Eugene’s eyes she thought. ‘It must be a scary experience for newborns.’

“Heh.” ‘ How dare you take your hands away? ‘ Euria looked at Eugene with a sullen look and grabbed the hand that was on her forehead and bit it to retaliate. Seeing that Eugene was still not paying attention, she decided to suck it as well.

“Ah.”  Moniqua, who was watching the twins silently, broke out in great laughter. She had been exceptionally careful when dealing with Euria because she was a very fragile child. The doctor had told her that the twins might grow up and experience difficulty in terms of health in the future and since that bee incident, she had been warier.

But seeing the twins interact happily with each other everyday living in their own world, she was relieved. Eugene also did not look as bothered as she previously did. If they could be there for each other forever throughout their lives, that would be good.

‘What twins bring in health and prosperity? What health! They were more fragile than a normal child! What utter misleading information was this!’ Moniqua grumbled in her breath. Obviously information out in the world about twins were wrong!

“Euwa” ‘EURIA’ Eugeneia suddenly yelled out.

‘Sho ah” ‘Stop biting!’

“…..” (Euria)

“….” (Moniqua) What? What is Euwa? Is her daughter saying Euria? Moniqua looked at the head nanny in front of her and back at Eugeneia.  ‘No that’s impossible..’ She did know that Eugene had been mumbling here and there but… she was only 3 months old! There was no way….

“Ma’dam…” The Head nanny Sara began. She was the mother of Aedelak and Aeselak and was also the Head maid of the house. A few days ago Aeselak came running to her saying that the elder Miss was a genius and that she had been shouting Miss Euria’s name! Of Course, she did not believe her daughter’s nonsense but nevertheless reported this matter to the Duchess… But seeing is believing so was her daughter telling her the truth!?

“Euwia!”  Eugene raised her voice, shocking Euria. Although she wasn’t hurt, she still had OCD about being clean!

“…Hee….” Euria stopped biting after her sister scolded her. She did not want to further annoy her sister so she ceased sucking and went back to holding her hands, looking down dejectedly.

“!!!” Moniqua stared at both her daughters with wide eyes! No! She really was calling Euria! She can understand that Euria was her younger sister’s name! Also! Did Euria understand Eugeneia as well?

“Eugeneia! Euria!” Moniqua turned the twins around and hugged them tightly. She was very proud of them, but that feeling only can’t describe the feeling she felt inside! Indeed twins were special!

“ Heee hee” Euria happily laughed seeing her mother caress both Eugeneia and her.

“….” (Eugene)

“Are you truly special?” Moniqua asked the twins with sparkling eyes. This made her look just like Euria, Aernest, and Ramon when they were happy! Her daughters were really special! At 3 months old, they already know one another’s identity. And! Eugeneia could speak!

She wasn’t at all upset that Eugeneia’s first word was Euria. Ever since being in a loving relationship with Levis, they had been arguing and betting their future children’s first words. Louis’ first word was dad and Ramon’s was mom. Aernest has yet to say his first word but he was very likely to say the twins’ names as he very much adored the twins, playing with them every day. But the competition was still going on! She was betting on Euria!

“You have to say mom the next time so I can win!!” Moniqua skillfully planned. She was going to tame the twins and win the competition once and for all.

“…..” ‘Hppmmh’ (Eugene)

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