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Episode 22- The Royal Family 1 ‘World War 2’

Episode 22- The Royal Family 1 ‘World War 2’
(Short Chapter!)

Following several days of postponing the Royal visit, today is finally the day where the House of Veria makes a visit to the Royal Family. The House of Veria and the Royal Imperial family has always been close with each other as The house of Veria was one of the 5 noble houses that concluded the big war that ended 100 years ago. Their predecessors were close back in the days because of uniting through war which made their descendants close today.

The 1st World War devastated many nations and its natural resources. Refugees from destroyed nations scurried to be accepted into the Continent of West Liasel, making the nations in the continent that used to have little spats with one another, seriously fighting each other.

Unknowingly the devastated countries united and attacked the United West Liasel at once which made the ever-so-neutral Xenperia fight.

What West Liasel thought was a futile resort, unexpectedly became world war 2. Following that was the never-ending attacks surrounding West Liasel. When West Liasel was at its tipping point of losing everything, it unexpectedly united and fought against 4 of the other continents in the world. Their few hundreds of years discord ended, and they together formed to fight against the world.

The continent of West Liasel seriously united, and due to their high intelligence and persistence won the 2nd World war although that was achieved through many sacrifices and deaths. Through war, they gained momentum and put all the other nations back into their places and from fear, the defeated world never once again united with one another.

Throughout the whole world war 2, they had always wondered how the whole world became united with one another but that was discovered after their victory. That, which made the whole world united was a binding book called Promissum ‘Promise’. It was an essential element that bound the 4 continents to one another, temporarily uniting, not being able to betray each other until West Liasel was destroyed. Therefore their promise to destroy West Liasel was carried out without any setbacks.

However, that dream was crushed as West Liasel united and completely stopped the 4 continents. Thankfully the promise was temporarily uniting, and by United West Liasel destroying the 4 allies, nulled the promissum. What shocked the world again after the fact that West Liasel united to fight was using the book to officially bind United West Liasel together. Not temporarily, but forever. Through war West Liasel had already formed deep bonds with one another by reason of shedding blood, sweat, and tears together. Becoming united was met with no trouble, making all nations fear them even till today. This was how United West Liasel rebuilt back their nations and strength in less than 50 years.

Of course, brushing aside from not being able to touch United West Liasel, the once allied continents turned against one another and had petty spats. Because of that, the United West Liasel nations had to circulate 85% of their power outside to the 4 continents to subdue the spats, making sure no war would erupt. Although each nation in the United West Liasel was left with 15% of their manpower, because they were united, no country dared to start a war with them even though they knew of this fact.

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- my thoughts:
557 words! I warned you..... 0.0 Anyways! Quiz time!!! Does anyone remember our mc picking something up on her way to what she thought was hell *AhEem* *AheEm*
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