Episode 65 – The Knights Destiny 2 ‘The Imperial Decree‘

Episode 65 – The Knights Destiny 2 ‘The Imperial Decree‘

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Waiting half a year for all the children to fully heal, The Imperial Palace finally sent in a decree for all aristocrats of Xenperia and the victims involved to be summoned to the Imperial Palace. 

All aristocrats gathering together into one big hall only happens once a year, for every beginning of a new year. So having everyone gather together only meant one thing. Xenperia will go through a new wave of change. 

As for what will happen at the Imperial Palace the decree didn’t mention, however judging from the time period, everyone could guess that the Imperial family will finally announce the details of the attempted assassination on the Crown Prince. This detail was what everyone including the aristocrats, commoners, high ranking people of other countries were anxiously waiting for, because other than the big incident involving mass amounts of papers floating around Xenperia for one full day listing the alleged detail of what had happened at the Imperial Palace, no one really knew any official details of the attempted assassination! 

Everyone was curious as to who was behind the incident and also were curious as to who saved the Crown Prince. Was it the guard? Was it the Great Nobles? Who will be the hero of Xenperia? Will they get a promotion, are what lower aristocrats were worried about. As for why they are worried, the reason is simple. Ever since the current Emperor took the throne, the one big change he did to Xenperia was diluting the powers aristocrats had over Xenperia. Over 70% of aristocrats have completely been stripped of their titles or were stripped of their power. The power the former aristocrats were stripped out of was then delegated to the current aristocrats; the Great Nobles having the most power in terms of handling the affairs of Xenperia, besides the Imperial family.

And that is why the appearance of the person who saved the Crown Prince threatens the lower aristocrats so much. They were afraid that their powers would be even more diluted and then eventually having their ranks completely stipped off them! To them, who stand on top of commoners, it was simply unacceptable to ever become a commoner! 

What the lower aristocrats were worried about … shouldn’t even be of worry. 

Since the beginning of the current Emperor’s reign, what the Emperor wanted from the aristocrats was just one single thing. And that was for them to do their jobs as aristocrats, and not be a lazy pig! As long as no one made a mistake, and as long as they do their jobs properly as lords for the people, they will be able to retain their ranks and titles. 


“Aeselak, Aedelak”

A girlish voice of a small child called out.

The figure of the small child with a height of 1 meter then slowly slid down from the chair she was sitting on. After adjusting her dress, the 9-month-old Eugene stood up straight, waiting for the two people she called to come over. 

“Yes Eldest Miss”

Aedelak and Aeselak immediately came over, kneeling in front of Eugene who was fiddling with the brooch the house of Veria customized for them. Besides Aedelak and Aeselak, the twins also have the same identical brooches. The four brooches signify the unity and upgraded relationship between the twins and the sisters!

This brooch was decorated with small diamonds and crystals to go well with the aesthetics of the cute twins. The brooches at first were refused by Aedelak and Aeselak because it was improper for them to accept such expensive jewelry, however, when the Duchess mentioned an upgraded relationship from friendship to the twins’ assistant, they were more than willing! The jobs the two currently have will remain the same, but they will become a personal butler to the twins, dealing with everything in regardings to the twins from here onwards. 

The two promised to wear their precious brooches when they go out as opposed to wearing it when they are working in the estate. Which is why Eugene is currently fiddling with Aeselak and Aedelak’s brooches in the first place. This was to get the two to wear the brooches because they were also summoned to the Imperial Palace. 

Putting the beautiful brooches at the center of Aeselak’s and Aedelak’s buttoned-up collar dress, Eugene stepped back to inspect them.

“Thank you Eldest Miss.”

Aeselak and Aedelak smiled, feeling touched that Eugene put their brooches on for them.

Looking up and down to check Aeselak and Aedelak out, Eugene nodded in satisfaction. The two were beautiful today because they were forced to be dressed up by their mother Sara.  Like the twins, they choose to dress identically. The dress they usually wear was black, however, today the upgraded dress was decorated with a golden spiral imprint that signifies a person of the Veria household. The dress sleeves that cover their arms were translucent with a tint of sparkle, adding sophistication to the dress. Tying a partial of their long hair into a bun, the rest were let down, showing beautiful light golden brown hair. If no one knew they served the Veria family, they would think the two were closely related to the Veria family because of the way the two dressed themselves today but also because of the way they usually uphold themselves. Aedelak and Aeselak after all were considered by Moniqua and Levis as a family regardless of their status. 

“Neia! Me! Meeee~~”

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Seeing Eugene paying special attention to Aeselak and Aedelak, Euria grabbed Eugene’s arm and lightly shook them to tell Eugene to put her brooch on her as well.

Shaking her head lightly in resignation, Eugene grabbed the brooch and put it on for Euria who was grinning like crazy. 

Euria and Eugene were dressed in a black dress with silver spiraling around the dress to look mature for the occasion and to cover up their very short hair, they wore a french-like hat.

Being born cute, to good genes, when dressed up the two will shine even more. Today, their demeanor was a shocker to the rest of the family especially when put together with how maturely the two were dressed. Eugene has a very quiet personality in which Euria also abides by. When Eugene didn’t want Euria to bother her, Euria would follow and stay still. Carrying a straight face, the two will definitely shock the aristocrats who have yet to see the famed twins.

“Aeselak and Aedelak definitely have their father’s genes”

Moniqua broke out in a small smile as she glanced at Sara, the Head maid. 

“…. Fortunately, yes..”

Covering up her laugh, Sara smiled at her two daughters who stood behind the twins. 

“Neia, Ria!”

Aernest walked up to the twins and squeezed right in the middle of the two! This behavior made the two automatically glance up at Aernest who was half a meter taller than them. Aernest was dressed up in a white-collar shirt, paired with black pants and black shoes. His white shirt has the golden Veria spiral logo sewn to his cuffs. Grabbing the twins’ hands, he was prepared to ride on the same carriage as the twins!

“How beautiful!”

Ramon stared at the twins in awe, jealous that Aernest took his rightful place. In his world, and possible in this world, to Ramon, there was no one who was more beautiful than his two sisters. 


Louis only briefly glanced at the twins before moving his gaze elsewhere. Like Aernest, he and Ramon were dressed the same. Louis though had an extra chain beginning from his right shoulders and ending on his left trousers, this signifies the oldest in the family.

“I’m glad I married you Levis.”

Moniqua quietly whispered a corny line to Levis who was standing by her side. Giggling, from excitement at how beautiful her children were! If she hadn’t married Levis would her children be as shining as they are now?

Grabbing her hands, Levis leaned forward to whisper. 

“Me too”

It was all thanks to you. 


Backing away from Levis, Moniqua looked at him stunned that he would reply to her joke. 

This action of course made Louis secretly grin. His face had on a ‘Do-you-think-you-will-win-when-it-comes-to-cheesiness?’

Coughing, Moniqua motioned for her children to get going.

“Alright, let’s get going, or we will be late”

And so the Veria family headed out for their mission of the day. The Imperial Palace!


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