Episode 66 – The Knights Destiny 3 ‘The Imperial Decree 2‘

Episode 66 – The Knights Destiny 3 ‘The Imperial Decree 2‘

The ride to the Imperial palace was smooth for the Great Nobles, as they were able to use a special route people of royal origin took to get to different parts of the Palace. They arrived at the Throne hall not late nor early, a humble amount for the protagonist of this show.

“Dear, did you say this room is usually where His Imperial Majesty awards high honors and officers? This is the Throne hall?”

A mature voice of a woman whispered to her noble husband who seemed to be breaking out in cold sweats ever since being directed to this Throne room. 

“…. Yes”

Her husband replied, taking in her hands to hold quietly.

“So you mean to say… someone will be awarded today? And that someone will most likely be receiving a very high award. “

The noble wife hesitated, partially understanding why her husband is reacting the way he is.

“… Yes”

Her husband replied, the pit of his stomach twisting and turning uncomfortably. 

Ever since the current Emperor took the throne, more than 200 aristocrats have been thrown out of power. Now in the empire, only 20 aristocratic families existed, this excluded the Great Nobles, Xenperia knights, and scholars. The 200 aristocratic families that were expelled to the middle class were basically those who did not properly do their Noble jobs, were corrupted, or those that were of less value to the Imperial family. The 20 noble families that are currently in power were those that hold an incredible influence over Xenperia or were those that survived because they were competent; the survival of the fittest. 

Currently, in the throne hall, all 20 aristocratic families dutifully attend together with their spouses and children. Knights and scholars mixing in and conversing with noblemen as they were also a part of the higher society.             

In no time, an announcement by the guards brought the Throne hall to a silence.

“The Great Nobles have arrived!”

Announcing loudly at the other end of the door, the two-door guards timely and orderly push the 5-meter high door to the Throne room open.

The cold wind lightly breezed upon the Great Nobles as they walked in, creating a majestic atmosphere. The first family walking in were the Graemes, followed by the two most wanted bachelors of Xenperia, Duke Earnest Marleigh, and Duke Clyde Akler. The macho Duke Rodriguez walked in slowly together with his wife who has recently given birth to a daughter. Already, the ladies were blinded by the sights of 7 peerless looking people. Not only did they score incredibly high in appearance, but they were also people who held an immense amount of power in Xenperia. 

To this sight, the aristocratic men couldn’t help but sigh. Although they met up with the Great Nobles three times a week to discuss and hold meetings in regards to Xenperia, they too were still blinded by these shining lights that seemingly appeared wherever the Great Nobles went. 

Being the Great Nobles that had the most members, the Veria family walked in last. The children walk in an orderly manner behind Moniqua and Levis. Louis and Ramon walked together with a distant expression, and after them came the twins and Aernest. Aernest happily walked whilst holding the hands of the twins whose faces weren’t shown due to their french hat. With the display of the perfect 5 children, everyone couldn’t help but gasp. 

“Are those the twins?”

Everyone whispered the moment their sights lay upon the twins. Some were genuinely happy to meet the twins, some coldly stared at the famed twins. 

From surprise, they then gasped in shock.  Seeing the twins stably walking at 9 months old, everyone couldn’t help but think back to the rumors that said that the twins started walking at 6 months old! Was that really true?!?

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“Didn’t someone say, seeing the twins, and breathing in the same air will make someone really blessed?”

The ladies started whispering to each other. 

“If I am right, the child in the middle must be the 3rd child of the Veria family…”

A lady suddenly noticed a child with incredibly curly hair in the midst of black french hats, leaning her head she questioned, “Doesn’t he look … different from his siblings?”

The lady couldn’t help but compare the curly hair child with the rest of his siblings. However, before she could finish the rest of her sentence, the curly-haired child she was talking about suddenly snapped his head towards her direction, staring straight into her eyes. 

However, once the curly-haired child snapped his head over to her direction, this started a domino effect with the twins suddenly lifting up their head and following the curly-haired child’s line of sight. Before she could rejoice that she could finally see the twins’ faces, her heart skipped a beat. One twin with red eyes had a look of disdain in her eyes whilst the twin with grey eyes looked at her as if… she was questioning her entire being. The lady being momentarily stared at couldn’t help but feel a little hot.

“Oh look! The hat is finally lifted!”

Finally being able to see the twins, people rejoiced! Yet before they could further examine the twins, everyone quickly snapped their heads to 2 extra people that walked at the end of the Veria family. 

The awkward atmosphere turned heavy upon the arrival of 2 people of unknown origins. Everyone stopped gossiping to stare at Aedelak and Aeselak, the Throne hall completely turning silent. 

Before long, the gossip suddenly began once again.

“Who’s that?”


“The saviors?”

“A noble daughter?”

“Cousins of the Veria family?”

Hearing countless whispers that truly just sounded like they were talking in a normal voice made Aedelak and Aeselak turn stiff. They can clearly hear everything okay? The two were already reminded that they might be in the spotlight for quite a while, and to ignore everyone, but still…

‘I don’t dare look at these people….’ (Aedelak)

‘I’m nervous sister….’ (Aeselak)

Aedelak and Aeselak couldn’t help but slowly move their line of sights to the ground in front of them, not daring to look up at the nobles, quickly following the Veria family to the front of the very room. 

The great Noble families very quickly arrived at the forefront of the room very naturally as if the place was rightfully reserved for them. No one dared walk in the vicinity of the front knowing the Great nobles were soon coming, even though it was a common open space with no lines indicating any division. Even when the Great Nobles soon settled in front, the people still did not stop talking about the 2 extra people the Veria family brought. 

“Don’t mind those people, Aedelak, Aeselak.”

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Moniqua quickly whispered to Aedelak and Aeselak who was standing behind the twins.

Indicating that they understood, Aeselak and Aedelak gently smiled back at Moniqua.

Not even a second after that, a loud voice shouted out announcing the arrival of the Imperial family.

“The Imperial family has descended! Prepare to bow!”

As soon as those words left the guards’ mouth, everyone unconditionally began to bow down. It was dead silent until the creaking sound of two big doors was heard opening. This was followed up by heals and shoes clinking together, walking uniformly to the forefront of the room. Not until the Imperial family has passed by everyone were they able to finally breathe out again. 

“Blessings and prosperity to the Imperial family and Xenperia.”

“Blessings and greetings to his majesty, Emperor of Xenperia”

“Blessings and greetings to her majesty, Empress of Xenperia”

“Blessings and greetings to his highness,  Son of Xenperia”

“Blessings and wisdom to her highness, Daughter of Xenperia”

Greetings began to vibrate across the room as they greeted the Imperial family of Xenperia.

“You may all rise”

The deep voice of the monarch who rules over all announced.


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