Episode 67 – The Knights Destiny 4 ‘The Imperial Decree 3‘

Episode 67 – The Knights Destiny 4 ‘The Imperial Decree 3‘

Following the Emperor’s order to rise up, everyone rose up in union and faced the Imperial family sitting above, however not directly looking at them. In their hearts, they were sure that something was to slap their faces today, and that’s why they were nervous. Everyone had an inkling that the Emperor would bestow a big decree and that was because the Imperial guards led everyone to gather at the throne room and not the audience room. 

Another thing that caught them by surprise is that the decree to enter the Imperial palace today stated that they must bring their spouses and children. This was especially weird because women are not allowed to interfere in matters regarding the court, which would normally apply to today as well when a big decree will be passed.

Before anyone could calm their inner turmoil down, the Imperial Eunuch spoke out whilst holding a big roll of decree paper. To this, everyone had their breaths sucked in. 

“The Imperial family thanks all subjects for attending today.” The Eunuch old in appearance began by thanking everyone for attending, continuing in a very serious voice, “As every subject might know, half a year ago, there was an attempted assassination on the Crown Prince at the Imperial Palace. This matter is not at all light, hence why this matter was delayed until today.”

“Today, all victims that were caught up with the incident half a year ago have fully healed, and are here with us.” 

No longer holding in their breaths, everyone gasped! Everyone present had the same thoughts. ‘Who are the victims?’, ‘Was it those 2 girls from the Veria family?’, this was followed up by the Eunuch latter words sinking into their head, ‘Half a year to heal?!’. 

The Eunuch however ignored everyone’s distress and continued on, “Please step forward Lord Ron Graeme, Lord Louis Veria, Lady Eugeneia Veria, Lady Euria Veria, Lord Aernest Veria, Lord Ramon Veria, Miss Aedelak, and Miss Aeselak.” Stepping aside as he finished announcing all the names that were stated on the Imperial decree. 

Levis’ lips tugged upwards as he pushed his stunned children out to indicate that they should follow what the Eunuch ordered. Following his push, Louis who was the most unbothered by all the aristocrat’s cold gazes on him walked out; the oldest to the youngest stepped out. Aedelak and Aeselak with great difficulty as each step to them felt as if they were carrying a whole tree on their backs also slowly followed along.

Ron Graeme who had no siblings shifted and stood between Louis and Ramon so that he was not alone. He moved in so smoothly if people didn’t know, they would think Ron was a child of the Veria family. To this sight, the Crown Prince who was sitting above them couldn’t help but slightly look away and bite the bottom of his lips. He was afraid that he would roll out of his chair and die from laughter.

‘The children of the Great Nobles?!?’

‘What does this mean?’

‘What took 6 months to heal?’

‘No wonder they stopped the news! Because the Great Nobles were involved!’, Everyone could feel sweat dripping down from their foreheads. An unsettling feeling twisting the pits of their stomach. Who doesn’t know? When it comes to the Great Nobles, everything will go their way, not just because they have close relations to the Imperial family, but because when a group of sly people works together, nothing ever goes wrong!

Slightly coughing to get everyone’s attention to him, the Eunuch continued, “The children of the Great Nobles along with the two Miss, regardless of their young age managed to save his Highness Crown Prince from great danger from a group that conspired to assassinate his Highness, Crown Prince. The children worked together to overcome this vicious conspiracy and reversed the situation all by themselves. However, this led to numerous injuries and half a year to heal.’ Following the Emperor’s orders of enforcing sad emotions in his tone of voice, the Eunuch retold the incident with great sadness. The other Eunuch at the other end even pretended to dab his tears to gain sympathy. 

The more people, especially the women and children, listened to the story of the incident from half a year ago, the more heartache they felt. Their breaths were completely stripped from their lungs as they were overwhelmed with sympathy. This incident felt like cold icy water splashing onto one’s faces simply because they also had children. How the Eunuch was retelling the story felt as if it was their children who were the ones severely injured from saving the Crown Prince. 

Not only were their anxiety and nervousness from the decree taken away, everyone in this room felt nothing but respect towards the Great Nobles and their children. What kind of parenting do the children go through to be able to think critically during those moments? They were all under the age of 10! When the aristocrats imagined their children being in the same exact scenario, they couldn’t help but think that their children would simply run away and abandon the Crown Prince!

“Due to the severity of this matter, the Imperial family completely acknowledges the children who never gave up and fought on for his Highness Crown Prince, and will reward those who are currently standing in front of the Imperial family with the greatest and most honorable title in Xenperia. The children will most definitely accomplish great things in their lives and will become prominent figures for this country in the great future. For that, the Imperial family bestows the title ‘Paladin’ to the 8 children!” The Eunuch loudly announced! “This title is one that has not been granted in the last 20 years and is a title that represents a knight to the Imperial Family. Other than the man who also holds the title of Paladin, today together with the children, the Imperial family formally announces that Xenperia now has 9 Paladins!” The Eunuch finished off with a bomb as he slowly slid away to the side.


Not to the masterminds behind the plan to make the children a Paladin surprise, everyone in the hall looked as if they lost their souls! The last time the paladin title was granted 20 years ago, this was the same exact faces everyone had. The moment the word Paladin came out of the Eunuch’s mouth, they were already frozen ice cold. For there to be 8 new paladins at once made one feel dizzy.

Fear overcame the hearts of the aristocrats as the Great Noble once again are gaining a big power. Their hearts were filled with objections and jealousy, however, what could they do but grit their teeth as they watched the Great Nobles go up higher and higher in the Social hierarchy. This was most likely something that the Great Nobles and the Emperor discussed for a long time.

Of course, this Paladin situation came as a shock to the future paladins and the mothers of the future paladins as they were kept in the dark the whole time.

‘!!?’ Moniqua slowly raised her head to look at the Emperor whose facial expression had no emotions, however, Moniqua could tell that the Emperor who she has known since she was a child was laughing his butt off inside his head at the aristocrats who never in their whole lives were expecting such a bomb to explode in their faces! Finally understanding that she was kept in the dark this whole time, she slowly twisted her stiff neck that cracked a bit and raised her head up towards her husband standing next to her. ‘L.E.V.I.S.’ 

‘You. Said. It. Was. A. Normal. Ceremony!’ Moniqua’s eyes glared and spat fire at her husband who seemed to be laughing along with the Emperor.

Sensing a murderous intent and feeling a chill that crept up to his spine, Levis immediately jumped and turned to face Moniqua. ‘Sorry.’ He mouthed, taking Moniqua’s hands to squeeze, only to get his hands swatted away and her turning her whole back towards him, giving him the cold shoulders.

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‘….My wife…’ Levis sadly thought.

“Phff..” Hearing a snort right beside him, Levis quickly turned around to glare at Irvin Graeme who has been enjoying this mini family drama of Levis and Moniqua since the beginning. 

Irvin Graeme being the sly man he is, gambled behind Levis’ back together with the other Great Nobles Dukes to see if Moniqua would be mad at Levis. “Pshhhhh” He laughed again at Levis’ pain, smirking at the thought that Levis most definitely won’t be able to eat his wife tonight. He only stopped laughing once a sharp pain of someone sharply pinching his waist was felt. “Ah!” Turning around, the cold stare of his wife, Adele Graeme, made him come back to reality. Thinking, ‘Ah, I will be suffering the same fate as Levis tonight.’ Without having to look towards Levis’ direction again, he could feel Duke Veria’s eyes snickering; translating into ‘Serves you right!’

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“…….” Louis, Ron, and Aedelak understood what the title Paladin was and had a stunned look on their faces; the younger ones were confused and didn’t know what that title meant. The ones who didn’t understand only felt that everyone around them was mad because of the Decree.

‘That’s….’ Aedelak muttered, feeling a bit faint because of the sudden situation. 

‘Father?’ Louis glanced at Levis with the corner of his eyes, fully understanding that this matter was most likely planned since the day everyone got involved with the incident. ‘…No. It wasn’t…’ Louis took back his thoughts. ‘Giving the children the title of a paladin was most likely planned out even before the attempted assassination.’ Louis took back his line of sight, seeing his father playing around with Moniqua.

Eugene who used to be an A list actress was familiar with these types of gazes and fully understood what these gazes meant. She didn’t have to look around to know that people were incredibly unhappy. Feeling Aernest tightly clutching onto her hands, she hesitantly gripped his hands tighter. ‘There is no need to look back.’ Eugene thought, resolving herself. 


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