Chapter 16: Being popular is tiring

In a distant town far away from Shinjuku, three girls sat in front of the TV while waiting for a special program to begin.

They had been sent a text from someone they knew that had graduated a year before them.

The text-only said they should watch the special program. It would be an extremely interesting show and would be well worth their time if they watched it.

Not sure what to expect, they watched it until the end in silence.

“So that’s what they meant saying that it would be beneficial to us,” said one of the girls.

“Right! This is pure gold! What do you think? Should we go pay a visit?” asked the second girl.

“Do we really have to?” asked the 3rd girl reluctantly.

“Of course how could we let a chance like this slip by,” replied the 1st.


A week had passed since placing 3rd in the contest for finding the best host. The contest had been a blessing and a curse for Yuuto. He was always exhausted after each night of work.

Since he had placed so high on the show more clients wanted to have him as a host. Sometimes he was entertaining two or three girls at once.

With a large number of new clients, he was able to make a large amount of money. Thus his rank moved up to 7th place.

The reason he was exhausted wasn’t because of the large number of new clients. It was because of the type of clients he had attracted.

Yuuto was now sure his luck was the worst. All the women that he hosted were older than him. Their personalities were just no good.

They acted out their fantasies with him as their secret lover. Some treated him as a son, others a younger brother and only a few treated him like a servant.

‘These women are no good,’ thought Yuuto.

It troubled him that so many of them kept choosing him as a host.

He finished dressing up for work and chugged down an energy drink to give him an extra boost of energy.

He took a few small energy drink bottles from his locker and put them into one of his suit pockets just in case he needed them later.


Yuuto had just returned to his table after escorting a client to the door and noticed a boisterous group of five people walking towards his table.

The group had three girls younger than him and two males around their age.

The two guys were dressed really expensively in what looked like name brand suits, along with gold watches, and multiple sparkling necklaces that were being shown off.

Yuuto frowned as he looked at the girls. He was not happy to see them. The rich playboy’s along with two of the girls were looking at him with smirks and smiles on their faces.

They stopped in front of his table and just stared at him not saying anything.

“Welcome to club Winter Night. My name is Yasuo,” said Yuuto with a bow, while giving off his best host smile.

“Hey Onii-chan!” said one of the girls with a bright smile.

Yes, they were his sisters.

“H…hi Akiko,” said Yuuto.

“Long time no see,” said Maya who wasn’t hanging all over one of the rich playboys. She looked uncomfortable being here along with the other two.

“So it is true that you work here. Yuuto I’m surprised,” commented Mitsuko with a smirk.

“While I am working my name is Yasuo, please keep that in mind,” said Yuuto politely.

“No worries about that. Why would we even remember your real name,” said Akiko.

That made the two rich playboys and Mitsuko laugh loudly.

“Would you like to join me at the table?” asked Yuuto, keeping his host smile on his face.

“Of course that’s why we’re here,” said Mitsuko who was looking at him as if it was a stupid question to ask.

Yuuto moved to help them to their seats but he was pushed away by the playboys.

“Move you’re in the way,” one of the playboys said while glaring at Yuuto.

‘This is going to be another long night’ Yuuto complained to himself.

He offered them his business card which only Maya took, while the others refused it.

Yuuto spent a few minutes explaining things to them on how the club worked, about the food, and the drinks.

He was able to spend the first half-hour without too much of a problem. So he decided to ask a question he had been pondering for a while.

“How did you guys know that I worked here?” asked Yuuto.

“Duh, it’s because of the contest you were in,” said Akiko.

“But that was a local broadcast for the city. It wouldn’t be seen in other cities,” said Yuuto.

“Oh my god you don’t know?” said Mitsuko with a smile on her face.

“Everyone back home was able to see it as the TV stations were paid by someone to rebroadcast it,” said Akiko.

“You’re quite infamous now. The talk of the town is how you somehow got to be 3rd place as the best host,” said Mitsuko.

“I don’t see what’s so good about you,” commented the rich playboy next to Akiko.

“I mean look at us, we could be a host and do it better than him. Am I right?” said the playboy next to Mitsuko and looked at her for confirmation.

“Yeah, you would be able to take number 1,” she confirmed.

“I don’t think you guys know how hard it is to be a host. It’s easy for you to say you would be first but the job is not something to laugh at,” said Yuuto.

“Says who?” said the playboy abruptly standing up and glaring at Yuuto trying to look tough and intimidate him.

Yuuto let out a quiet sigh. This guy had rocks for brains it seemed.

Mitsuko hurriedly tried to calm him down.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s nothing. Oh, I just had a Good Idea! I can tell you embarrassing stories of when he was younger!”

Yuuto was tormented with jeers and laughter for the next hour while listening to his sisters embellish stories from the past to make them sound even worse than they had actually been.

When they grew tired of that they then turned to the topic of how well they were doing in life. They were going to expensive colleges and we’re supposedly getting good grades.

From the way they talked about themselves it sounded as if they were the idols on campus. They loved to continuously flaunt out the fact that they had rich boyfriends.

They laughed about how he had been kicked out and all connections with the family were cut.

The rest of the time was spent poking fun at him by the first two sisters and their rich playboy boyfriends.

When their time was up and the group went to pay their bill, Maya who had been quiet the whole night and had not joined in the merriment of the others asked to speak for a moment with him.

“Don’t take too long or we will leave you,” said Akiko.

Yuuto walked her over to a stool at the end of the bar and sat down with her to talk.

“What can I help you with?” asked the suspiciously curious Yuuto.

“I’m sorry that they put you through that. It seems they never listen to me when I tell them not to do these kinds of things,” she blurted out apologizing sincerely.

Yuuto scratched his head with a troubled look on his face.

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“Um… yeah no need to analogize. I’ve had to deal with these types of stuff a lot recently. I guess it comes with the job of being a host,” said Yuuto.

“Well, it’s also me apologizing for when we were younger. I know I was like them in the past going along with their plans to get you into trouble. I just wanted to apologize,” she said with a serious face.

“What brought all this up?” asked Yuuto.

“W…well, after you left everything was OK for a month. Then it seems that I became the new Scapegoat for the other two. Along with all their pranks and jokes being directed at me.”

Yuuto had a small amount of Sympathy for her. He didn’t and would never wish the type of treatment he had endured his entire teen years, on anyone. Even if they were an enemy or former tormentor.

“I’m sorry it turned out that way. The only thing I can offer is to tell you to stop interacting with them and try to distance yourself from them or better yet move out,” said Yuuto.

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“I just wanted to let you know, I now know how much trouble I had put you through. I just want to ask for forgiveness,” she said meekly.

“You don’t have to worry. I forgive you,” said Yuuto.

She gave out a loud sigh as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

“The last thing I wanted to ask was, how did you end up being a host?”

“Ahahaha, that’s a complicated and troublesome topic. I managed to get myself in major debt so now I’m working here to pay it off. It’s not the best job but it’s not as bad as it could be,” replied Yuuto.

“Ah… I would try to help you pay it off, but I’m currently working multiple part-time jobs to pay for college,” she said apologetically.

“I got myself into the mess so I’m working it off little by little. No need to trouble yourself about it,” said Yuuto.

“Well, I guess I need to go or they really will leave me behind. I have your phone number so I’ll give you a call sometime so that you can save my number. Feel free to call me if you like,” said Maya as she stood up and left the room without another word.


In the locker room after work ended Yuuto was sluggishly changing out of his clothes when Pretty boy walked up to him.

“Hey, some night you had. There are lots of rumors going around about you when you were younger,” He said smiling teasing him.

“What? People heard that?” asked Yuuto.

“How could they not? Your evil sisters were loud enough for everyone that wanted to listen to your conversation,” said Pretty boy.

“Damn,” moaned Yuuto.

“Hey man, you seem pretty bent out of shape. Take it from me because I should know, being popular is tough.

You have to do things to relax and go into reset mode to get through it all until the next reset. How about you join Motoki, Rinji and me tomorrow, we’re going to the pool.”

“Well, that sounds nice. Would It be OK to bring others along?” Asked Yuuto.

“Let me guess you want to invite Niko and the others? I don’t mind but you might want to think about only inviting Niko or you might get kicked.”

“What for?” asked Yuuto, trying to think of reasons why she would want to kick him. He soon gave up as he knew no matter what he did or said she would always find some reason to kick him.

“Jeez you’re hopeless,” said Pretty boy.

Before he went to sleep he sent a text to Niko and asked her to go to the pool with him. He added to the text that she could bring her siblings along with her. He assured her that she was the only one he invited to go along with the other three stooges.

She happily agreed.


Yuuto and the three stooges met up with Niko and her siblings in the front lobby before they all walked to the subway and road until they reached the stop nearest to the indoor swimming pool they would be going to.

When they had all paid to enter the building Niko and Eri split up and went to the female changing room. While Yuuto, Tabito, and the three stooges went to the men’s changing room.

They quickly changed into their swim trunks and walked out of the second door in the changing room that led to the indoor pool.

The four of them found a table and several chairs and sat down to wait for Niko and Eri who were still changing.

When the two girls came out Yuuto’s eyes were glued to Niko admiring her one-piece swimsuit and small chest.

The one-piece suited her well, it wasn’t too tight or to lose. It was neither too revealing nor did it cover everything up, it was just right.

He was able to see her bare slender arms and nice firm legs.

Yuuto could also see her bare neck because she had pinned her hair into a bun.

It was the first time he had seen her in a swimsuit with this large amount of skin showing.

She looked at him and started to fidget shyly.

“What? Is there something wrong?” asked a red-faced Niko.

“No nothing! Nothing is wrong, it’s all good. I was just admiring you in your swimsuit,” Yuuto tried to hurriedly blurt out a compliment not wanting to get kicked.

He got kicked anyway.

“Don’t look at me with such perverted eyes in front of others,” said Niko.

“So I can do it when we’re alone?” he asked, rubbing his leg. Earning him a kick on the other leg.

“Yuuto 10/10!” said Pretty boy.

“Um…8 or 9/10,” said Motoki.

“Eh, it was decent. 7/10,” said Rinji.

“What are you guys giving scores for?” asked Yuuto.

They were interrupted by a familiar voice behind them.

“Oh, you guys are here also.”

“Yuuto what happened to the speedo that you wore during the race in the contest?” another asked him jokingly.

Everyone turned around to find Kana and Misa wearing different bikinis on and holding large beach bags.

“Why are you guys here? You’re ruining my date,” demanded Niko.

“Date?” asked the confused Yuuto looking questioningly at Niko.

“What else would you call this,” Niko replied while sticking out her small chest with pride while looking at the other two girls.

“Don’t tell me you finally sunk your teeth into our innocent Niko?” asked Kana.

“What are you talking about?” asked the flustered Yuuto.

“You guys nothing happened yet. Let’s not talk about this in front of the kids. We’re here to swim. So let’s have fun,” said Niko.

The rest of the day Yuuto spent his time being dragged around by all three of the girls. He was exhausted from it all when he got back from the pool and flopped into bed.

‘What part of that was supposed to be a reset to my exhaustion? It just made me work even harder,’ Yuuto complained to himself as he slipped off to sleep, with the memory of Niko laughing in the pool and thinking how nice she looked in her swimsuit.

‘If only she would stop kicking me.’

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