Chapter 51


Because of the pressure, Ji Yan gasped as he covered his stomach. The words he planned to say couldn’t be spoken now. How could he say it? The atmosphere was destroyed by the little chubby kid!

Tang Tang, who knew Ji Xiao Zhuo’s weight, was shocked and rushed to rub Ji Yan’s stomach, “Are you alright? Does your stomach hurt?”

Ji Yan felt better under her care and simply moved his hand away to let her massage him. While his eyes fell on Ji Xiao Zhuo, who was looking down guiltily, “Didn’t you leave? Why did you come back?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo intertwined his fingers, “I just thought it through carefully. I think it’s too early for me to be a man. After all, I’m still a baby. It’s ok if I am a man when I’m older. “

“Ho–” Ji Yan was furious at this shameless chubby kid. A perfectly good opportunity was ruined by him. Ji Yan really wanted to give him a beating.

Ji Yan covered his forehead as he felt a headache. This was the first time he thought that having a son was to repay a debt.

“Tang Tang, my head hurts.”

“Ah? How come you have a headache again?” Tang Tang moved beside Ji Yan and reached out to massage on his temples, “How’s this? Do you feel a bit better, ah?”

Tang Tang’s soft fingers and moderate strength was indeed comfortable. Ji Yan felt much better and decided to let Ji Xiao Zhuo off.

“Husband, what did you just want to tell me, ah?” Tang Tang asked as she massaged him. She felt like he was about to say something important.

Ji Yan fell silent and took a glance at the third wheeler. He shook his head and replied, “I’ll tell you next time. It’s getting late now. Let’s go to sleep.”

Hearing that it was finally time to sleep, Ji Xiao Zhuo wiggled pitifully while holding his pillow. When Tang Tang was going to move so he could sleep in the middle, she didn’t expect the little one to stop her. He moved closer to her ear and quietly said, “Mummy, I think daddy wants to smack me. I can’t sleep in the middle tonight. It’s too dangerous. Let us switch places. I’ll move back once it’s safe.”

Tang Tang: “…..”

The sharp-eared Ji Yan heard it all, “Tang Tang, you sleep in the middle.” Did the rascal really think he wished for him to sleep in the middle?

Tang Tang hesitated as sleeping in the middle would mean she would be much closer to Ji Yan. Even though that would make her heart unable to stay calm, she could only switch places so Ji Xiao Zhuo would be relieved. As a result, Tang Tang slept between the father and son that night.

Ji Yan reached out to switch off the lights. The room immediately fell into darkness, but he could smell Tang Tang’s faint sweet scent distinctly as he breathed.

Shutting his eyes, Ji Yan forced down the urge that came at an inappropriate time. He put in a lot of effort to control his breathing.

While he was suffering, the mother and son were completely fine. Both of them fell asleep within three minutes.

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Ji Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He reached out to Tang Tang’s waist. Seeing there was no reaction, Ji Yan slowly moved until she was in his embrace. He felt like he was overflowing with happiness as he smelt the sweet fragrance from her hair. His lips lifted in the darkness.

In the past, he didn’t understand what love was. He thought that it was a random phase that senseless people went through. The only feeling he had for the girls that chased him in school was annoyance. He wished that they couldn’t see him as all his effort was used on studying and training. He didn’t spend the slightest effort on romance.

When all other people who were the same age as him formed their own families, he didn’t refuse to get married. He just felt that anyone was fine, as his partner, as long as their personality wasn’t bad, their appearance was passable, and they didn’t mind he was a soldier and wouldn’t have time to look after the family. Later, he heard that his grandfather was secretly taking care of his marriage. His marriage partner would be Gu’s family, Gu Yi Yi. He didn’t react or reject much because he heard Gu Yi Yi’s personality was good. Also, all of her other aspects matched his criteria of what he expected from a wife.

However, the matter didn’t go through because, on that night, he got schemed against for the first time. He was plotted by a girl. Because of that scheme, his world got turned upside-down, and the heavens bestowed him a responsibility that he could not avoid – Ji Xiao Zhuo. He married her for the sake of the child, but they could not be an ordinary husband and wife because she loved someone else. She schemed against him to get revenge on the person she loved.

It was so laughable, but it wouldn’t go as she wished. Ji Yan had broken off his relations with the Ji family a long time ago.

When she found out this news, she was despaired and angry. Then she changed into someone he loathed, which caused Ji Yan to consider getting a divorce.

But the heavens sometimes like playing jokes on people, and they catch people unprepared at unexpected times, like him. Just when he was prepared to divorce her, a car accident made her lose her memories, and she changed into a completely different person. A person that all men wished to have as a wife: gentle, cute, pure, considerate, virtuous, and most importantly – loves you.

This type of woman was pretty much extinct now, but one had unexpectedly appeared, and she was his wife. In the beginning, he was only surprised at her change and investigated it, but he still treated her as a stranger in the end. He wouldn’t place much care or effort on her or care about what she did. Their relationship simply changed from opposing each other with harshness to having mutual respect.

Her appearance, personality, education, and ability were not attractive. However, this woman who was not outstanding in any aspect slowly infiltrated him bit by bit in their daily life. He experienced family warmth and care from a loved one. Even he didn’t know when she soundlessly entered his heart and made him care about her to such an extent. So much that he, who was slow at noticing emotions, realised the feelings he has for her.

Some love was strong and vigorous, while some were calm and ordinary. He belonged to the latter. But the joy and happiness that people had in the latter group didn’t lose out to that of the people who loved strongly. After finally experiencing love, one would realise how magical love was. It would make people become someone that they had never imagined to be. For him, in the past thirty-odd years he never thought he would want to touch a woman so much as he did now. He wanted to hold her hand, her waist, and he even desired to possess her deeply.

Ji Yan used to believe that he didn’t belong to the lecherous type of men. He thought he was miles apart from them, but when he finally fell in love with someone, he realised it wasn’t that he wasn’t lecherous. He just hadn’t met the person that he would lust for. It seemed like he had the same common problem that men had, and he couldn’t avoid it.

However, he didn’t need to avoid it.

Very slowly, Ji Yan put his other arm under her neck and moved her entire body closer to him. Their bodies were closely aligned. This position made Ji Yan feel delighted. He couldn’t help it and kissed her ear lightly before slowly shutting his eyes.

In the middle of the night, Ji Xiao Zhuo suddenly needed to go to the toilet. He subconsciously reached out for Tang Tang and called out with his eyes still closed, “Mummy ~ Mummy ~” However, his mummy was not beside him. He reached around sleepily but still couldn’t find her.

Mummy was missing!

Ji Xiao Zhuo got shocked awake. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and crawled to the bedside to switch on the lamp. When the lights came on, Ji Xiao Zhuo looked around and froze. A second later, he got angry and became like a little dolphin.

It was too much; daddy had snatched mummy away! He even hugged mummy so she couldn’t hug him. It was simply too much!!!

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Ji Xiao Zhuo immediately went to move Ji Yan’s hands away so he could snatch his mummy back. But his strength couldn’t be compared to Ji Yan. He couldn’t separate them no matter how much force he used. He didn’t even manage to wake Ji Yan up and simply tired himself out instead.

Ji Xiao Zhuo gasped as he rested, but he became desperate after those movements. He decided to go to the toilet first and then think about what he should do afterwards.

When the bathroom door shut, Ji Yan opened his eyes and the corner of his lips lifted. To be honest, he was awake when Ji Xiao Zhuo called out mummy the first time. He purposely didn’t open his eyes as he wanted to find out what the little one would do next.

About five minutes later, Ji Xiao Zhuo’s slippers were heard pattering when he came back. After he climbed back on the bed, he watched his embracing parents closely for a minute before there was finally some activity. He reached out to poke Ji Yan’s face while calling out quietly, “Daddy. Daddy.”

He knew that his daddy would immediately wake up when there were any movements. His daddy would definitely wake from the poking. After that, he just needed to say he was afraid and wanted to sleep in the middle. Occasionally admitting that he was scared was no big deal. After all, he was still a baby.

But for some reason, Ji Yan didn’t wake up and remained sleeping deeply. Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t give up and bravely got closer to his daddy’s ear to speak, but his daddy still didn’t wake up.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was puzzled. He didn’t understand why his daddy was different tonight. However, he didn’t want to disturb his mummy’s sleep because his mummy has just recovered from her illness. She needed a good rest. In the end, he helplessly snuggled back in the duvet to sleep while feeling wronged for himself. He stuck as close as possible to Tang Tang and tried to force his body into Tang Tang’s embrace. Once he finished positioning himself, Ji Xiao Zhuo went to sleep again.

Opening his eyes, Ji Yan smiled as he covered the little one properly with the duvet. Then he placed a hand on the little one’s tummy before pulling both the mother and son into his embrace.


By the time Ji Xiao Zhuo woke up the next day, his mummy and daddy were already gone. Xiao Zhuo still remembered the event from last night, and his anger hadn’t dissipated. He immediately shouted out, “Mummy–“

Tang Tang, who was in the bathroom doing her daily beauty routine, got shocked and hurried out, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

Seeing his mummy, Ji Xiao Zhuo immediately flattened his lips and said his grievances, “Mummy, you abandoned me last night. You want daddy and not me!”

“Ah?” Tang Tang was confused. When did she didn’t want him? “Bao Bao, what do you mean? How can mummy not want you?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo kicked his feet under the duvet, “Don’t lie to me, mummy. I saw it when I woke in the middle of the night to pee. Daddy was hugging you while sleeping. Both of you left me out!”

Ji Xiao Zhuo looked serious as he made the complaint. He wasn’t someone who lied either, so Tang Tang widened her eyes in shock. Her mouth fell open too.

When did she sleep with Ji Yan in an embrace? How come she didn’t know? Could it be she was dreaming something indecent and wanted to touch Ji Yan but ended up in his embrace, and Ji Yan thought she was Ji Xiao Zhuo and hugged her?

The more Tang Tang pondered about it, the more she thought her reasoning was possible. Because the other option was that Ji Yan hugged her himself, and that was impossible.

Oh no, she had become that type of indecent woman. What would Ji Yan think of her? Would he think she wasn’t proper?

Tang Tang sunk into her thoughts. She couldn’t escape her current thoughts and consider that there were actually other possibilities.

Ji Xiao Zhuo watched his mummy frown and then blush before finally looking vexed while scratching her head. Ji Xiao Zhuo asked, “What’s wrong, mummy? Did you listen to what I said?”

Tang Tang swiftly put her hand down and replied, “I heard you, but mummy didn’t do it on purpose. Mummy must have rolled around while sleeping and rolled to your daddy.”

“Is that so?” Ji Xiao Zhuo thought about it suspiciously for a moment and agreed. In the past, daddy had never hugged mummy before. Last night was the first and only time. It was probably an accident. Then the little one wrapped around Tang Tang’s neck and drew her closer and instructed, “Mummy, you need to be good when you sleep tonight. If you want to hug someone, then hug me.”

Tang Tang nodded embarrassedly. Her face remained hot for the day.

When night time came, Ji Xiao Zhuo hugged his pillow as he went to lay down in between the two people. He spread his arms and legs out like he wanted to separate his mummy and daddy as far as possible.

Tang Tang lowered her head and focused on the clothing she was sewing. She pretended to not notice what Ji Xiao Zhuo was trying to do. Ji Yan also pretended not to notice. Instead, he calmly read his book. Both of them didn’t interact at all.

Ji Xiao Zhuo gradually relaxed. He believed that Tang Tang was just rolling around in her sleep last night, so he stopped watching his parents and slowly closed his eyes. He soon entered a sweet dream.

Only two people remained awake. When Tang Tang thought about last night and how she was hugging a certain someone in her sleep, her heartbeat started to skyrocket. She couldn’t calm down, and she began to feel that something in the atmosphere was changing. It made her feel nervous and tense. So Tang Tang wanted to copy Ji Xiao Zhuo and go to sleep, she wouldn’t feel anything if she was asleep.

Naturally, Ji Yan noticed what Tang Tang was thinking, but he didn’t want her to escape. She clearly liked him, but because she believed that he didn’t like her, she carefully and cautiously treated him well but didn’t dare to confess. Maybe she was afraid he would reject her. To be honest, if it was the previous him, he probably would.

If he suddenly confessed to her, would she be so shocked and think he was just joking? She probably would. He needed to slowly let Tang Tang notice his feelings for her. Then he would confess so she would accept that it was true.

Thinking up to that point, Ji Yan softly said,  “Tang Tang, my mouth hurts. Come help me rub it.”

When she heard this, Tang Tang stopped caring about what she was thinking about and immediately climbed over Ji Xiao Zhuo to Ji Yan’s side. She reached out to his mouth, “Is it here? Why would it suddenly hurt? Did you bump into something when you were training today?”

Ji Yan sighed comfortably inwardly, but his expression didn’t reveal anything, “I got punched during sparring.”

Ji Yan didn’t lie. He did get hit by his opponent’s fist, but for him, that wasn’t worth mentioning at all. Also, his sparring partner was the one wailing in pain at the end.

Truthfully, Ji Yan thought he was being rather shameless in mentioning the matter. Why did he do it? But since he already did it, he didn’t want to stop.

As expected, love made people fall from grace.

When Tang Tang heard he got punched, she was extremely worried. Soldier’s punches must be very strong. She once saw a soldier’s punch break a sandbag, and the sand was flying everywhere. If a punch like that ended up on a person, wouldn’t that be very painful, ah?

Tang Tang pulled Ji Yan’s clothes, “Did your chest get hurt? Let me take a look.”

Ji Yan didn’t refuse. Instead, he took the initiative and took his top off. He was like a rouge for baring his naked chest so simply.

There was nothing to complain about Ji Yan’s figure. After graduating from his postgraduate degree, he entered the military, and it had been ten years since then. After ten years in service, he was no longer young and inexperienced. He had become very manly. Apart from the honourable scars on his body, the rest was just muscles. His eight pack could make any woman shriek, and his sexy v-line would make women faint.

Of course, Tang Tang didn’t shriek as she has been drilled to be aloof since she was young, but her skin turned red. Her cheeks were so red that it looked like blood could be dripped out from it. Fortunately, her worry for Ji Yan kept her level headed. When she saw a large area of his chest was purple with traces of blood, she completely forgot about her shyness. Immediately, she went to find some medicinal liquid to rub onto his skin.

Normally, Ji Yan ignored these types of small wounds. But seeing Tang Tang rubbing the medicinal liquid on him so seriously, he suddenly thought it would be good to get his injuries treated in the future.

“Does it hurt?” Tang Tang rubbed while blowing on his skin. It was like she was afraid he was in pain.

Not mentioning how warm he felt inside, Ji Yan didn’t dare to scare her next time after seeing how worried she was. He gently stroked her cheek, “It doesn’t hurt at all. Don’t worry.”

Tang Tang thought he was just trying to comfort her. After all, how can such a serious injury not hurt? It must be really painful.

Ji Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and decided not to explain anymore. He would just enjoy the treatment.

Tang Tang rubbed in the medicinal liquid for half an hour, but she still wasn’t willing to stop. Seeing that she was tired, Ji Yan stopped her hand from moving anymore, “I’m fine now. It’s late. Let’s sleep.”

“Alright, I’ll do it again for you tomorrow.” Tang Tang was about to climb over Ji Xiao Zhuo again to her side. But who knew that Ji Yan would unexpectedly stop her.

Tang Tang was confused.

“Just sleep next to me so you can massage my chest when it hurts again.” Ji Yan’s expression didn’t change as he said something so shameless. If Dong Li or Zhuo Ji and the others knew, they definitely would be shouting that Ji Yan was possessed by a ghost.

Even though Tang Tang thought that Ji Yan had said something that would make others blush and heart race, she was worried about him, so she laid down next to him while enduring her shyness. Once again, she was sleeping in between the father and son.

Ji Yan switched off the lights. Then he touched Tang Tang’s hand in the dark and gently massaged her wrist. After all, she had just rubbed in the medicinal liquid for such a long time, her wrist must be aching.

Tang Tang bit her lips and let him massage her wrist. She only felt the numbness from her wrist spread to her body. Her entire body felt numb. She was glad that Ji Xiao Zhuo was asleep; otherwise, the little one would definitely think she was ill again.

Ji Yan patiently kept massaging her wrist as Tang Tang turned from nervous to numb. Then from numbness to delight and delight to happiness before she finally fell asleep.

Because Ji Xiao Zhuo drank water before he went to sleep, he woke up in the middle of the night again to pee. When he woke up, he saw his parents were intimately hugging each other again while he was like an orphan, cold and pitiful.

Ji Xiao Zhuo got angry like a little dolphin again. 

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