Moony City Police Case Files – MZR Incident

(More characters will be added as the story progresses)

Chief of Police:

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Chief Anton Karma – Chief of the MCPD, he hopes to rid the police force of corruption. He used to be head of Lieutenant Ahrest’s Homicide Department before becoming chief.

Major Officers:

Inspector Brad Polesse – Senior Inspector of the MCPD, he and his partner Lieutenant Invess were among the best officers in the force.

Lieutenant Gregory Invess (KIA) – Partner of Inspector Polesse who was killed while trying to catch the gunman during the MZR incident.

Lieutenant Yuville B. Ahrest – Head of the Homicide Department. He is assigned to solve the MZR Incident case once one of the main suspects, Mr. O’Nair, is found dead.

Detective Rodney – an independent detective working in the police force who gets assigned cases by the chief. He used to be investigating the MZR incident by himself, but now shares the case with Lieutenant Ahrest.

Doctor Ed Brown – New head of the Forensics Department. He is responsible for carrying out Mr. O’Nair’s autopsy.

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Other officers:

Sergeant Derek Tohr – the partner of Detective Rodney, and one of the first to find Mr. O’Nair dead.

Other characters:

Mill O’Nair (Deceased) – One of the three co-owners of Milzon Ruhr, he is found dead in his home just as he becomes a suspect in the case.

Tyler Krimzzon – Once of the three co-owners of Milzon Ruhr. Target of a failed assasination attempt during the MZR incident.

Mehr de Ruhr – Once of the three co-owners of Milzon Ruhr.

Adeline Ouise Burg – an old woman who is the neigbor of Mr. O’Nair. She is an avid collector of antiques, and the first one to find Mr. O’Nair dead.

Martin Jones – Supposedly a manager at Milzon Ruhr.

Manny Verin – A criminal arrested several times by Detective Rodney. He looks like Martin Jones, according to the detective.

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