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Ch 48 / A Journey into the center of Jognak’s Brain

Modry was curious to know the identity of that magician. None the less he didn’t leave his place. In the previous hours, he managed to acquire a lot of treasures from this monster’s body.

He wasn’t ready to waste any time for now. When he returned to Ronat camp, he would know the identity of this magician for sure. He didn’t suspect in Ibro for a second.

He was sure that one of his friends got lucky and got advancement in one of his skills. On another hand, Oya was frozen in front of this mighty hurricane.

Ibro’s combined skills made her feel fear. She felt deeply curious as to how Ibro managed to acquire such a tremendously powerful skill.

She decided to squeeze Ibro dry from his secrets when they leave this place and go back home. She wanted to be as powerful as him. Ibro himself was very astonished by the effect of his skill.

He didn’t imagine that using two skills at the same time would end in such a marvelous result. When he opened his skill window he found another pleasant surprise.

The duration of the one skill was 20 seconds, but now it became one minute. That made him more confident in his ability to reach this monster skull and find the hole he sought for.

The area was filled with explosive sounds and a huge cloud of dirt appeared to cover everything. He couldn’t assess his combined skill effect until it finished after one minute.

After one minute, the hurricane didn’t disappear suddenly but it weakened gradually. It took 30 seconds to completely disappear and everything regained its quiet state.

What remained was that dirt cloud which began to move away slowly with the wind. When Ibro checked the ground he found the original 5 meters wide pit transformed into 30 meters.

Its depth deepened from the original 15 meters to more than 100 meters. He felt it became like a long tunnel. At the end of this tunnel, he noticed a shiny reflection with apparent green color. He felt excited. He finally reached his goal.

“Let’s go.”

He said to Oya before jumping into the tunnel. He was eager to enter that monster’s brain again. This time he wasn’t forced to enter it but he sought it himself.

When he entered the tunnel he sneezed a lot. The space inside the tunnel was full of small dirt particles. The tunnel was funnel in shape.

The deeper it got, the narrower it became. He kept descending slowly with caution. Oya was just behind him. The two of them took nearly three minutes to reach the bottom.

When Ibro reached that four meters wide space at the bottom of the tunnel, he felt surprised. His huge hurricane caused considerable damage to the Jognak skull.

When Oya reached the floor, she looked at these green shiny bones with curiosity. She didn’t know yet what Ibro wanted to do, but these bones looked special.

She also felt a deep fear of it. If Ibro wasn’t beside her she would have left the place a long time ago. On contrary to her, Ibro was so excited. The bones in front of him showed some deep cracks.

These cracks were wide enough to let one person pass through it with comfort. His previous guess was right. Pnro entered the Jognak skull through here.

Ibro didn’t rush to enter any of these cracks, but he checked them one by one. The deeper the crack the brighter the green light was at its end.

He kept searching until he found one special crack. It was so deep that he couldn’t see its end. At the far end of it was a bright light that looked like a white light not green.

He was familiar with that degree of brightness. He checked the rest of the cracks but no one was like this crack. He chose it. Without saying anything he jumped into this crack.

Oya felt weird as she felt Ibro was excited. She was afraid of this place but she decided to follow Ibro’s steps, so she jumped in the same crack.

Ibro was sure that this crack was connected to the huge space inside the Jognak skull. He knew the spongy nature of Jognak brain, but he felt doubt.

When he came here the previous time, that monster was alive. Now he is dead, so his brain might lose his spongy nature. If both of them descended from this altitude towards the ground then they might die.

So he tried his best to slow down his descent. They took nearly half an hour to descend another 100 meters with slow movements.

What helped them was the nature of this tunnel. It wasn’t penetrating Jognak’s skull straight down but it was like a big curvy tunnel.

When Ibro reached the end of this tunnel he could see the ground below him with bright green light everywhere. He finally reached inside that monster’s brain.

He let himself through the opening of the tunnel. Unlike the previous time, he descended on his feet. As he expected, the ground wasn’t as soft as before also the light around him was dimmer than before.

Oya jumped after him. He was afraid for her so he jumped and held her in the air. Her level was weaker a lot than him. When he stood again on the ground, Oya felt severe pain when she tried to open her eyes so he advised her:

“Close your eyes and try to accommodate slowly to the light.”

She followed his advice as she felt he knew this place well.

How did he know this place? She thought. After 10 minutes she got used to the environment. She looked around with confusion.

She felt they were inside a huge cave. This cave had a smooth dome that felt like a mirror. That light was reflected upon this dome to light everywhere.

The ground was another mystery to her. She noticed Ibro was moving without any hesitation in the place holding her in his arms.

She became more confident about her previous guess. Ibro must have come here before. But when? That was the question.

“Do you know where we are now?”

“Yes, I do. We are inside the Jognak skull. We are now walking over his brain.”

She looked again around her. This place looked similar to any normal brain but it was much bigger. She felt more curious so she asked:

“Are you sure?”



“Because I met my master here.”

She felt more curious and confused, so she asked:

“When did this occurred Ibro?”

“I couldn’t explain everything for you now. One day I will tell you everything.”

She fell into silence while trying to suppress her desire to ask more.

She felt Ibro had changed a bit. The first time he was also secretive but he told her much info. This time she felt he was shielding himself and wouldn’t say a word.

She was right at her guess. Ibro really began to change. His previous experience with Shonty’s men made him aware of the importance of info, and its danger too.

He was moving in caution now because they were near him in this pit. Although he wasn’t sure before in his ability to manage things here, but now he knew he didn’t really need their help.

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He alone was more than enough. He also regretted telling the Armonians about this place and about the Apidon world. He should have kept these secrets to himself.

He was desperately looking for this equipment to safeguard against the future which he caused. Ibro began to change; he began to be more mature.

Responsibility was always the womb of heroes. She descended from Ibro’s embrace. As she felt the unique softness of the ground she muttered in deep thought:

“This land is very spongy. His brain is still alive?”

“I don’t know. It is harder than I felt before when I came here. He must be dying but not completely dead yet.”

She kept her silent thinking for a while before saying:

“You know that some special materials are useful to us. Do you think this brain here could be useful too?”

He didn’t think about this point before so he asked:

“Do you have a way to obtain some of his brain to check its effect?”

“Sure, I have a collecting skill. I believe this brain won’t stand a chance against my skill.”

She looked funny with her pride attitude. Ibro smiled and decided:

“Then you will stay here and try to collect as much brain matter as you can. I have a quest I need to do alone.”

Although she wanted to come with him, she knew he would refuse. She accepted that task and said inquiring:

“My Inventory can’t stock many of this brain. What should I do when it gets full?”

“Leave them on the ground. My inventory is big enough to hold many of this matter.”

She looked with female curiosity to him and asked:

“How many free spaces you got at your Inventory?”

He opened his Inventory and checked it carelessly then replied:

“I have more than 250 free spaces there.”

“How did you manage to acquire all these spaces?”

Ibro just smiled and then said while he was moving away:

“Don’t waste time. Do your task while I finish mine. You heard Ruliv, we only have one day to get all the resources from this monster. As we lost a lot of hours to get here, don’t lose any more second.”

While he was getting away from her she felt angry with him. He didn’t even tell her this small thing. She knew there were many ways to increase the Inventory capacity in any game.

Why was he so stingy with her? She clenched her teeth in anger and turned around to walk opposite to his way. If he was in front of her she might have hit him with her fist.

Ibro didn’t know anything about her anger, as his mind was set on finding that hill. That hill was something very important as it was the only strange thing here.

He also managed to speak to Pnro there. If that equipment was here it would be inside that hill. He remembered that strange coffin. He felt regret that he didn’t open it the previous time.

It might contain that equipment. He started his long search journey which made him feel he was looking for a needle in a haystack.

He felt pressured by the small-time he had especially he knew the hugeness of this skull. He moved around with his highest speed trying to find any clue about that moving hell.

Last time it took him many hours to reach this hill so he was very anxious. Would he reach it in time? That was the only thing in his mind.

After a few hours of continuous search, he finally noticed a strange area. He stopped in his tracks and neared that area without hesitation. Opposite to what he expected, it wasn’t a hill but a deep depression in the ground.

He looked closely in this pit to find the hill he was looking for deep in it. He felt strange but he jumped to descend this pit. He stood over the surface of the hill.

When he reached there he discovered the second strange issue here. There was no coffin or that huge tombstone on this hill. He double-checked but there was nothing there.

He checked the hill again but it was really the same hill. He moved towards the place where the coffin and tombstone were. When he reached that area he found another strange thing.

There were two very deep tunnels with no apparent end. He noticed that their outlines were very similar to the outline of the coffin and tombstone. He reached a conclusion.

The coffin and tombstone must have descended deeply into the depth of this brain. If this was true then there was a high probability that either one of them was the equipment he was looking for.

His past experiences as human made him exclude the coffin ability to kill this monster. It wasn’t as sharp and powerful as that huge tombstone. He decided to check the tombstone first.

“The only problem is that this tunnel is so deep and at the end of it was that sold tombstone. If I jumped downwards I might kill myself.”

He felt hesitation. He wanted to jump at once and reach that tombstone to confirm his guess. But he was afraid of the impact of his fall.

In minutes he decided to risk it. He didn’t have enough time to waste. He was still thinking about the possibility his guess might be wrong.

So, in that case, he had to climb again all this distance and check the coffin pit. He jumped off the hill inside the pit. This pit was wider than him, and it was moving directly downward without any change.

Although he jumped near the sides of the pit, he felt as if he jumped straight at the center of it. His speed accelerated rapidly without end. He felt panic.

He tried to decrease his speed by touching the sides but it was in vain. If he reached the top of the tombstone with this speed he would die. At this difficult moment, he checked his skills.

He wanted to use anything to decrease his descent speed. He didn’t find anything that might help him here. When he checked his Inventory he found a lot of equipment that he got from monsters at his novice village.

He didn’t hesitate and began to use them one after another. He used the long weapons like swords and spears and attacked the sides of this tunnel with it trying to resist his descent.

His body felt severe pain each time and his HP lost some points with each hit. Every weapon didn’t last more than three attacks before it got destroyed.

He didn’t stop using all he had in his Inventory without any regret. His death now would be his only regret. After a few tries his speed decreased but not to the limit he could feel secure.

He continued madly to destroy one weapon after another. After a few long minutes and destruction of over 200 weapons, he finally saw a dim light in front of him.

He finally reached the end of this tunnel. Although his speed decreased a lot from before, his impact when he reached the top of this tombstone was really tremendous.

He lost more than half of his Hp. He only had less than 50 Hp when he stood finally at the end of this tombstone.

His body was full of pain so he leaned and sit on top of this tombstone catching his breath. He was exhausted.

He was relieved that he escaped death with a hairbreadth. He put his hands on the tombstone to feel its familiar cold touch.

He really finally reached this tombstone. When he touched this tombstone he felt a faint shiver under him. He doubted his feeling as this shiver was so short and very faint. Suddenly he heard a metallic sound echoing in his ears:

“Welcome. Dronil sensed the presence of an intelligent life. Dronil is making an assessment. Dronil finds that intelligent life is suitable for his binding.

Dronil is assessing the success rate of binding with this intelligent life. Dronil is assessing the conditions for binding.

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Dronil has no present bond with any intelligent life. Dronil assessed the intelligent life before and found it with no binding to any Bionilian tech.

Dronil finished his assessment. Dronil found the conditions is 100% met. Dronil found the binding process with this intelligent life had 100% compatibility.

Dronil found the success of this binding 0 %. Dronil is assessing the results. Dronil concludes the impossibility of binding with this intelligent life. Dro…”

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