Ch 47 / Finding a Way Back in Jognak Skull

When Oya heard his question she thought he was dazed and didn’t hear her words. She became angry at him and was about to yell in his face but she abruptly stopped.

She remembered an old incident between her and Ibro. At that time her words managed to remind him of a solution to his crisis. She repeated her words at once:

“I told you to not worry. If we didn’t find a clue here then this clue might be at the monster body.

I told you that Shonty city governor and his men were dealing right now with that monster body. We can go to them and ask them if they found something strange in the monster body.”

What was happening in front of her was an exact copy of happened before. She remembered the time when Ibro fell in the game trap and lost his direction.

It was her words that inspired him back then. Ibro started to move around in circles repeating the same phrase again and again like a possessed man.

Oya didn’t feel strange about his behavior as she knew he was about to figure out a solution. That feeling of her effect on him was so good.

She was really happy that she could inspire him and guide him in finding solutions for his problems. She wasn’t his associate but she was his partner.

“You are a genius!”

“I didn’t need you to tell me this; I already know I’m genius.”

He laughed at her comment. He was happy and felt appreciated to her. She was the reason for him to find a clue.

When he heard her words for the first time, he discovered he was searching in the wrong place.

When he glued the puzzle pieces together he figured out everything. Pnro told him that she was in control of the monster.

She made it fell into a deep slumber by her equipment. Then she used this equipment to kill this monster.

That meant that equipment was inside the monster’s body not outside it. Also, she might have left other tools that would be helpful to him if he found them.

Although he wasn’t sure of this clue, but now he had a clue. Having one clue is better than none. Now he had a way to walk onto.

The next question that popped up in his mind was about the best place to enter this monster’s brain. He looked around to feel how weak and small he was.

He was like an ant in this huge pit. This pit was around 500 kilometers in radius. Pnro was extremely powerful as she managed to get rid of this monster alone.

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He was in the gate remnants area which was the center of this pit. That meant the brain of that monster was under his feet.

He looked at the ground below him and noticed some differences from the ground of this pit. The color of this land wasn’t crimson red like other areas in the pit.

This ground had some faint green color to it. He remembered the faint pulsations in the brain of Jognak. His brain was near here.

Pnro must have entered Jognak brain from a hole. He must find this hole. He turned to Oya and said seriously:

“Look for a ground where the green color is clear than the rest.”

“Green color? All the ground here is red.”

“No, look closely. You will find a faint green color at some areas. I want to look for an area with the most apparent green color.”

“You want me to look at dirt?”

Ibro didn’t laugh over her comment but said in a serious tone:

“I don’t want you to look in the dirt. I want you to just notice the color difference of the ground. Forget about the green color.

If you found a region with faint red color just tell me.”

He depended on her eyes and senses to find his goal.

Females usually had a high sense of colors than males. She didn’t disappoint his expectations. After nearly an hour he heard her loud voice calling to him:

“I found an area that is similar to what you are looking for. Come here quickly.”

Ibro stopped what he was doing and ran rapidly towards her location. When he reached her he found that the zone she stood upon was really fainter in red color than other zones.

His eyes were used to the green color of Jognak brain, so he also noticed this faint green color which was pulsating.

This area should be connected to the inside jognak skull. This area was around two meters in diameter. It looked it a small dot in comparison to the huge size of Jognak head.

“This is what you are looking for, right?”

Ibro leaned forward to look closely at this spot. He said in a deep voice:

“Yes, it is similar to what I was picturing in my head,”

What was confusing to him was the size of this area?

He thought it would be bigger. It was only two meters in radius. That meant Pnro penetrated this monster skull with a very sharp tool.

He looked forward to this tool. What lied in front of him was the hole Pnro used to enter Jognak head.

If he could unearth that dirt then he could enter that hole and pass into Jognak brain again. The only obstacle between him and Jognak brain was this dirt.

How could he remove it? He didn’t have any skill he could use to remove this dirt, so he looked at Oya and asked:

“Do you have any skill that can remove this dirt from the ground?”

Oya looked at the ground around her in contemplation. She didn’t have any mining skill but she wasn’t inexperienced like Ibro. So she suggested:

“I don’t have any mining skill but I have a skill that could make a small hurricane in a certain area.

If I focused that skill on this small zone then it could remove the dirt efficiently. I didn’t try it before, but theoretically, it can succeed.”

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s put it to test then.”

Oya didn’t say anything. She took her staff out.

Her staff was shorter than Ibro’s staff. It was the standard staff for beginners like Oya. It was no longer than 1 meter.

It was cylindrical with a very smooth surface with delicate pink inscriptions. Ibro didn’t know from where she managed to get this feminine staff with pointed end.

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Oya pointed her staff towards the ground and murmured:

“Skif hurricane skill.”

Suddenly Ibro felt a big MANA was gathering around Oya’s staff in apparent manner. He was a dark magician so he was sensitive to MANA changes.

A small hurricane was developed in an area with radius of 5 meters. It wasn’t moving at all but it stood in its place.

After 10 seconds the skill ended. He looked with Oya to the effect of her skill. It was pretty effective actually.

In this 5 meters radius, a pit of 2 meters deep appeared. Although it was a success, Ibro knew he was too far from his goal. He said to Oya which explained her skill:

“My skill uses a lot of my MANA. I can’t do it more than 5 times in a row.”

“It doesn’t matter. Just keep using it and I will figure another solution.”

He let her continue using her skill while he opened his skills tab. He found his usual skills which couldn’t benefit him here.

Suddenly he remembered the skills of Minior staff and shield. He just managed to wield them recently so he wasn’t used to these two legendary equipments yet.

He opened their pages and read their skills. He discovered he had a similar skill to Oya but he never used it before.

He wasn’t sure of its effect. What he was sure of was its effect was much higher than Oya’s skill. That difference came from the difference in grade.

Oya’s staff was copper grade staff but his was legendary grade one. He checked the MANA needed for this skill to feel relieved.

He could use this skill without stop. His MANA was very colossal. He checked this skill description to feel disappointed.

He couldn’t use it more than twice in one day. That was a big limitation to a skill like this. He looked at Oya who was releasing her skill for the sixth and final time.

Suddenly a thought flashed in his mind. If one skill wasn’t enough, then how about two combined skills?

There was no CD in this skill. So technically he could use two of it at the same time.

“I have finished using my skill Ibro. My MANA is depleted. The pit now was 15 meters in depth but I couldn’t see anything new down there. Have you found a solution?”

“I have thought of a solution but I don’t know if it will work or not. Now retreat backward just in case this skill of mine got out of control. It is my first time using it actually.”

Oya gave him a glance. She felt he was careless. Rule number one for any professional player was to experiment with his new skills away from battles if possible.

If he didn’t do it he would be like Ibro now. He wasn’t sure about his skill effect. That would be lethal in PvP.

Ibro ignored her gaze while his mind was set on something else. What if he failed to remove all this dirt? He didn’t want to ask help from Ruliv and his men.

Although they could remove this dirt rapidly and easily, he wanted to keep this hidden place he was going to secret from them.

He believed he would find a treasure trove inside. He also didn’t want for his meeting with lady Pnro to be exposed to them.

Once Oya distanced herself from him, he took Minior staff out. It was the first time for him to use it and was the first time for Oya to see it. She exclaimed loudly in surprise:

“What a staff! Is this your legendary staff? Are you able to wield it now?”

He ignored her comment and questions as he was fully concentrating on this small pit in front of him. He muttered with focus:

“Minior Hurricane skill.”

A huge MANA began to gather wildly around his staff.

Then it began to gather around him. Ibro didn’t allow himself to get distracted by this huge MANA or by Oya’s scream of surprise as he pointed his staff again towards the pit and said:

“Minior Hurricane skill.”

This time, MANA that gathered from his second skill caused a huge explosion from its massiveness.

This was a very wide and loud explosion that pushed Oya backward.

When she stopped in a rather safer zone far from her original location, she noticed Ibro was still standing still in his place motionless.

Around him, MANA was like an angry beast. She was able to see purple bubbles like boiling water but It was boiling MANA.

This MANA madness continued for two minutes before the formation of a huge hurricane that extended to the skies.

It nearly touched the clouds in Renalt sky. This hurricane was so big that everyone in the pit noticed it. Although it looked special but no one moved to its direction.

Every one of them expected it was a skill from one of Shonty’s city. From the strength of this skill, everyone guessed it was Modry who did this.

He was their strongest magician. No one suspected it wasn’t Modry who did this skill except Modry himself. Modry looked at this hurricane and muttered:

“It is a hurricane skill with a grade over legendary grade. I don’t know who else other than me can use such a high-end skill. Who is this genius?”

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