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Ch 46 / Searching for equipment

Everyone’s eyes were attracted to the shade of this girl till she disappeared. Ibro felt hot tears dripping over his cheeks.

When Oya saw these tears, she felt penetrating pain to her chest. Ibro removed these tears swiftly by his hand before he looked to everyone around him and said:

“I told you, Jognak the brutal is dead. We need to salvage anything we can get from his massive body.”

“You are right Ibro. I believe we have only one day to get all we can.”

Dozier was like he wasn’t listening to Ruliv words as he asked:

“Who was this girl?”

He looked at Ibro as if he was accusing him.

Ibro knew that this farewell sign coupled with his previous declaration of Jognak death would make them suspect him. But there was no obligation that could force him to tell them anything.

So, he just shook his shoulders in a sign he didn’t know anything and gripped Oya’s hand and moved forward in a fast pace.

Dozier looked towards Ruliv and other Shonty’s leaders waiting for their words and opinions. Every one of them knew there was a relation between Ibro and this girl.

Although this girl seemed to pass away, she was unknown to them. Everyone was afraid of the unknown. Ruliv decided to step in and said with decisive tone:

“Let’s not dig this matter for now. Ibro is our ally and he made many great contributions to our city and our world. When he wants to tell us he will tell us.

For now let’s respect his grief. As you noticed, he cried over this girl. This girl must have meant a lot to him. All we need to do is to trust him as he trusts us.

Now it’s not time for us to think about these irrelevant matters. This monster is now dead and his huge body is for us to take. Now we need to organize ourselves.

This monster body has a lot of rare resources that we all need. Dozier your mission is to go back to our camp and bring all you can get from extra soldiers to guard here.

Also send a word to other camps to send guards to. Send a message back home and ask to bring all the available lifestyle players here.

Don’t forget to bring all lifestyle players at the three camps here. We have a valuable chance that won’t come again. So we need to use it perfectly and not waste anything from it.”

Although Dozier was unsatisfied by Ruliv bias towards Ibro, he said in compliance:

“I will go now sir.”

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He moved fast to disappear from every one’s sight. Ruliv said to the remaining people:

“We all represent Shonty’s strongest players. We all had different gathering and collecting skills. We should use these skills and take everything from this monster.”

“We will do it at once Mr. Governor.”

They were like Dozier unhappy with Ruliv bias, but they knew the importance of this opportunity.

They already knew that this entire crimson pit was Jognak body. That meant all this huge area was a treasure trove for them.

They divided themselves at once into different groups, each headed towards different directions. Ibro was on his way running with his fastest speed towards the area of the gate remnants.

He already guessed that Jognak’s head was there near these remains. Although he took nearly three hours before he came here for the first time, he didn’t take half an hour to reach this area.

Oya was lying silently in his arms. She felt shock and sad at the same time. She realized that she didn’t know anything about Ibro’s private life.

She had deep feelings for him now, so she couldn’t neglect her feelings. She also felt his love for her. If that was true, then who was this girl then?

Why did he cry for her? Although she was dead now, she didn’t feel any relief. Her heart was in deep pain but she hesitated about asking Ibro about her.

Ibro wasn’t a fool. Although he didn’t have any love in his previous life, he could at least feel Oya’s pain and change of mood. He figured out the problem and then said trying to explain:

“Don’t think too much. She wasn’t my girl, she was my master.”

He tried to solve this problem without the need to delve deeper into the details of this matter. He wanted to keep this experience to himself alone.

All the info he got from Pnro wasn’t normal info. He didn’t want to make Oya feel insecure. He also couldn’t predict her reaction if she knew this dark history of this world.

So he decided to keep silent about this info and never share it with anyone for the time being.

“You say she was your master? How did you know her and when?

We didn’t play for so long in the game Ibro, so how did you meet her?”

Ibro knew how terrifying Oya’s Intelligence was. He began to organize his thoughts rapidly and replied:

“I met her before in one of my private quests. She told me a lot about Rioneed secrets. That will explain to you how I knew a lot of Rioneed game secrets before. She was my source.”

Oya didn’t comment on his words. She wasn’t totally convinced by Ibro’s reason. Although his reason looked flawless, he knew a lot of Rioneed secrets even before the start of the game itself.

How did he then know these secrets? How did he know her? She felt Ibro was trying desperately to keep something buried deep from her.

Although she decided to know this secret in the future, but for now she decided to go on in his little play.

“Did she teach you a lot of game secrets?”

“Yes, many secrets that I told you before and many more I didn’t tell you yet.”

“Tell me everything you know then.”

“I can’t tell you anything for now.

I promised my late master to keep these secrets to me and never tell anyone until it was necessary.”

He was lying. She didn’t need any proof to confirm her feelings.

She was a sensitive girl to liars. Though she faked anger and said in a serious tone on anger:

“You and your love for secrets. I’m tired of your attitude Ibro!”

“Don’t worry, when it’s time I will tell you secrets that you need. Didn’t I tell you many secrets already?”

‘You only tell me the scraps of secrets’ she said that in herself but didn’t say it aloud.

She only gave him a serious look and kept her silence as if she was mad at him. Their arrival to the gate area saved Ibro from Oya’s interrogation.

He stopped and moved slowly while he kept looking around in caution. Although he was sure of Jognak’s death, he wasn’t sure this area was monster free zone.

The previous shadows he had seen with Ruliv from far away were apparent to him now. He looked very small when he was standing in front of these gate broken pieces.

He imagined the original shape of this gate. It was like a giant arch in the air. He noticed the presence of unknown inscriptions on every part of this gate.

He stopped and let Oya descend from his embrace to look carefully at one of these giant pieces of stones. Oya didn’t know anything so she asked in confusion:

“What are all these huge stones?”

“They were part of a huge teleportation gate. This teleportation gate enables Pnroian monsters to enter the world to destroy it.”

“It looked pretty damaged to me. Who managed to destroy such a huge gate?”

Ibro leaned forward to look deeply with concentration towards one of these big stones.

He wanted to get any hint about the use of these inscriptions. He was sure these writings were words from moleecian language. He replied while he took few pictures of these strange writings:

“It was my master who destroyed it.”

Oya felt surprised when she heard him. Was his master really that strong?

She didn’t buy his reason before and thought he was trying to hide her true identity, but now she felt he was saying some truth in his previous claims.

She noticed Ibro left that stone and headed towards another big stone and started to check it in full concentration. She felt he was looking for something and not just curious about these stones.

“What are you looking for? I can help you if you tell me.”

Ibro didn’t stop his close observation of these inscriptions while he replied in a deep tone:

“The truth is I don’t know. All I know is that my master managed to destroy this teleportation gate. This gate is the weapon that these Pnroian monsters use to invade any world.

I want to look for the way she used to destroy this gate. If we managed to obtain this way, we will have a strong card to defend Earth from these monsters invasion.”

“You are looking for something you don’t know? That’s not the Ibro I knew.”

She laughed loudly then an idea came to her mind so she said:

“Hold on, isn’t it possible for your master to use a skill to destroy this gate? If that was true, then you won’t be able to find this skill.”

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Ibro just shook his head in refusal. He couldn’t find anything useful from this piece of stone in front of him so he moved to another stone and began observing it. He didn’t lose hope at all.

“From what I knew from my master, she managed to destroy this gate using a piece of equipment. We need to look for this equipment. This equipment is very important to us and to all humans.”

“I understand you. Do you know the shape of this equipment? Anything specific about it?”

Ibro shook his head again while saying:

“Unfortunately no. so we need to search for anything that looks suspicious in these stones. We might find any clue about the nature of this equipment.”

Oya understood his meaning. She didn’t stand still in her place but moved rapidly to observe another stone. Although she didn’t understand a word from these strange inscriptions, she kept observing them.

She knew the importance of such equipment and its tremendous effect on their future safety. Their search journey took several hours from them. Every now and then Oya would look at Ibro.

He was always observing these stones with complete focus. After a long time and great effort, they didn’t manage to find any clue at all.

Oya stood beside Ibro who was looking at these stones like he was trying to solve a difficult puzzle. Ibro didn’t lose hope but he felt a great challenge towards this mystery.

He must decipher this and find this tool. He started to remember every single detail about this place and his journey before inside this monster skull. He retrieved all the info he got from Pnro and that huge tombstone.

He started to walk slowly in the area trying to find any clue, whatever small it was. This tool was a crucial element in his defense plan against these monsters.

He couldn’t give up this equipment so easily. He squeezed his brain trying to find any hint that might accidentally appeared to him before through all these events.

Oya felt concerned about him. She felt his determination to find this tool even if he stood here forever. She tried to calm him and herself too by saying:

“Don’t worry. Even if we didn’t find any clue here, we might be able to find a clue inside this monster body. Shonty city governor and his top associates are now trying to salvage everything from this monster body.

Your relation with them is very good. So you can ask them if they found any strange thing in this monster’s body.”

Ibro’s eyes flashed with bright light and he stopped his walk aimlessly and looked straight to Oya while asking with eagerness:

“Can you repeat what you just said now?”

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