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Ch 45 / Killing Jognak the Brutal Monster

Although she talked a lot, he still had many unanswered questions. So he asked his most important question:

“That means you killed Jognak the brutal, right?”

“You forgot that anyone who kills this monster will lose his life as a result.

A life for life! That is Jognak the brutal absolute curse. Although I depleted most of his powers, I didn’t kill him. He is still barely alive.

In fact you are now inside his skull and standing on his brain. Don’t worry I already in control of his brain by using one of my techs.”

Ibro felt astonished. He was inside Jognak’s skull? That meant these protrusions and depressions were his brain matter?

He would never have guessed this weird location. But if he was now inside this monster skull, then Pnro was the one who brought him here.

This skull was very huge which made him shiver. This was just the monster skull, then what about his body? How massive was this monster?

“Are you waiting for someone to come here madam?”

“You are right Ibro. I waited for someone like you to come here and inherit my will. My words are now safe with you so I can now die in peace.”

Ibro was about to ask in doubt if Rioneed was still alive after the passage of all those years but he stopped. Wasn’t she also still living after the passage of these years? Are they immortals?

“Is there any possible way to save you madam?”

“You are so kind Ibro to care for me. There is no way for me to escape this destiny.

I’m not sad, I have lived long enough. The only regret I have is me dying with Rioneed away from me. But I feel relieved now. I trust you Ibro.

Please tell him how much I loved him. Tell him to live well and never avenge me. Now I will teleport you out of here. Then I will get rid of this awful monster.

Remember, moleecian main teleportation gate still functioning. Every now and then many monsters will appear here from this channel.

Be vigilant and patient and never underestimate these monsters. Don’t leave your universe until you get enough strength to do so.”

“I will heed your words madam. How much power should I have before going out from here?”

“At least above level 400. Rioneed game contains a power measurement tool. When your power reaches a certain threshold, the game will notify you.

Don’t leave here before that notice. Remember my words, my will and your oath. Now I will teleport you out of here. It was really nice talking to you Ibro. Good luck to your adventure boy.”

Before he could say anything he felt the same tremendous power hitting his body without notice. His body moved with a very high speed out from here.

Everything vanished from his eyes and the sound of air was very loud like explosions of thunder in his ears. It took him long enough till he felt his body hitting the ground vigorously.

With his abnormal landing he felt huge pain then he lost consciousness at once.

He didn’t know how long he lost his conscious, but when he felt awake he opened his eyes and looked around in daze.

His mind regained its full function and those memories of his inside Jognak skull appeared clearly. He remembered his words with lady Pnro. He felt sad.

He felt as if he lost someone dear to him. He looked at those around him. He was lying on his bed surrounded by many familiar faces.

He felt a big surprise by one of them. He was at Ronat camp at Renalt World. How did she come here to this world?

“How did you find me here Oya?”

“Are you kidding? You lost your consciousness for a whole week Ibro.

I was dead worried about you. Tell me, how do you feel now? What happened to you?”

“One week?”

He muttered in shock. He looked around to those shontian leaders but they just nodded to him. He really lost his consciousness for a whole week.

But if he lost his consciousness for one week, then what happened to Lady Pnro a dream? But it felt real. He was sure it wasn’t a dream.

If this was true then he was there with his soul only. What was this lady power exactly? He felt relieved she was his friend not enemy.

“Did I lose my consciousness at that pit?”

Ruliv answered him saying:

“Yes. We were about to come back to the camp here when you stood in your place motionless. When we checked you, you fell to the ground losing consciousness. Since then you were here and didn’t wake up till now.”

He wanted to catch up with what he missed, so he looked to Oya and asked:

“How did you find your way here?”

“When I wake up I found you playing in the game. After a while I decided to return to the game. When I entered the game I tried to contact you but I failed.

I remembered you talking about going to this world so I went to city governor palace and asked about you. I got a return scroll to here where I met the city governor and told me everything that happened to you.

You scared me to death Ibro. Tell me what happened to you?”

He hesitated then decided to keep his meeting with lady Pnro a secret.

This meeting had many important secrets about the reality of this world. This info was very dangerous. He should keep them to himself for now.

“Actually I don’t know. Last thing I remember was being at the pit. Have you gone to Apidon Mythic City?”

He looked at Ruliv trying to escape this topic. Ruliv didn’t doubt his behavior as he replied:

“How could I go there and leave you like this? I was busy bringing all strong healers from Shonty city to here to check your condition.

No one could find a reason for your state. I was about to go to Apidon Mythic City and ask for the help of their leaders.”

Ibro was deeply touched by this city governor’s attitude towards him. In fact every time he dealt with this old man he felt more appreciation for him.

He was really kind to him. He revised what he experienced with concentration. All these strange information couldn’t be false. He wasn’t in a dream.

This lady and her words were true. He remembered her last words about killing Jognak. He looked to Ruliv and asked:

“What about Jognak? Had anything happened to it?”

“You mean Jognak the brutal? We agreed here not to get near its zone. I have no information about his statue right now. “

Ibro understood perfectly their fear. He also felt fear when he knew that massive endless cave was that monster skull. Such a monster was a nightmare to anyone.

But he knew more than anyone here. He knew that this monster was about to die. Lady Pnro will kill it now. He stood from his bed and ignored the worrying words from everyone around him.

He was in slumber for one week and now he wanted to leave his bed and move around, that was what they were thinking in their minds.

Ibro didn’t care, all he cared about right now was to check on this monster’s condition. He didn’t suspect Lady Pnro ability to kill this monster.

But he just wanted to check it by himself. He held Oya hand and went outside the place in a hurry. He didn’t say a single word to any of them who looked at each other in surprise.

Why was Ibro in a hurry? They thought of the same question at the same time. Ruliv ended this confusion and hesitation as he ordered:

“Let’s follow him. His last question about Jognak seemed suspicious to me. I hope he won’t get near that monster area.”

“If he dares to go near it, we must stop him immediately.”

Dozier words got the approval from everyone there. They left the palace and moved at once with high speed following Ibro and Oya footsteps.

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They soon reached the two of them. Ibro’s level was much lower than theirs so his speed was much slower especially when he was holding Oya within his arms.

He was heading towards the pit and that monster place. Ruliv hoped his conclusion was wrong. In time, he became sure his previous hunch was right unfortunately.

Ibro was heading straight for the Pnroian teleportation gate remnants and that monster place. Although he didn’t know the reason that drove Ibro to go to that place, he had to stop him at once.

They couldn’t face such a horrible monster. When Ibro and Oya neared the pit parameters, Ruliv gave his mark to those around him.

At once they surrounded the two stopping them from going a single step forward. Ibro knew what they were thinking in their minds.

He couldn’t reveal the presence of this lady to them as it would cause him more trouble. He tried to convince them without using lady Pnro name as he said in a hurry:

“Don’t stop me like that. Jognak the brutal is dead. Now it’s a huge chance to plunder all the available unique resources from its body.”

He tried to use something that might interest them. Ruliv didn’t fall for his trap as he asked in vigilance:

“How did you know this info Ibro? You were sleeping for a whole week and didn’t awake but now? We didn’t know such info. How were you so sure of this?”

Ruliv’s words were reasonable. He couldn’t argue with these facts except if he told them all he passed through. He hesitated. He would never tell this secret to anyone for now.

That was for everyone’s sake. He tried to think of a solution. When everyone noticed his hesitation they suspected him even more. They raised their vigilance towards him.

Ibro didn’t find any reasonable reply to Ruliv questions. He thought of trying to escape their blockade but he soon erased this idea.

There was a huge difference in both levels. If he did this he would risk his good relation with Shonty city and their leaders.

While he was in deep confusion a sudden earthquake appeared abruptly. It came from the Pnroian teleportation gate remnants zone. Ruliv looked at that remnants direction as said in great panic:

“Jognak the brutal is awake. Lea…”

He didn’t continue his own words before he was interrupted by great scream. With this scream the earthquake intensified.

In seconds, this huge earthquake had reached all the lands in this world. After long moments that felt like centuries, that scream stopped.

With its stop that weird strong earthquake vanished abruptly like it appeared. Every one of them was on the ground with pale faces.

When they were sure everything was over, they started to stand up with trembling legs. They were afraid and they should be. Ibro wasn’t concerned by all of that.

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He knew that scream and that earthquake were related to lady Pnro. She had killed that monster. He finally died. He held Oya again in his arms and was about to enter the pit to check on this monster.

The appearance of a giant ghostly shadow of a very alluring female stopped his footsteps. He looked at this lady like everyone around him. He knew who she was.

She was lady Pnro. Although he didn’t meet her face to face before, he knew her identity from first glance. She waved at him like she was paying him farewell.

She began to fade slowly until she vanished completely from this world. She was dead.

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